I Unlock The Doors With My Keys Of Faith


I believe in the things that I know are yet to come. I believe in what is. And I know that in which I am surrounded by has the faith in me to see things through.

I anticipate with confidence. Not bound by the ropes of any worry or fear. I look forward to what I expect.

For what is to be-already went to proceed.

Real faith is a very powerful tool. One should not underestimate the tenacity of the mind and spirit.

When something is consistent in nature it builds trust, loyalty, and/or presume.

However, to abruptly take things for granted can lead to one’s chilling disappointment.

In dealing with what is reliable we learn to depend.

And we should always appreciate what we can depend on with honor and grace so that we may continue to receive the most ultimate things that the universe has to offer.

When someone tells me that I cannot, faith tells me that I can. And I do, because I really knew that I could!

When someone says that it is not possible, faith tells me that it is. And I see, because I really knew that I would!

When someone wants me to not believe in what I know, faith tells me not to listen. And I hear, because I really knew that I should!

Faith knocks down the doors that are closed. Faith opens up the windows that are shut. And faith will fly us directly into the sky that is limited.

Without faith there is nothing. And for those who do not believe will receive nothing.

So I don’t believe that I have faith. I have faith in what I believe and what I believe-gives me the faith to continue to achieve.


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To see into the future and call it forth is not something that is out of the ordinary for someone who was born with a caul (veil).

There are many distinct powers that go along and that come from individuals who posses the natural inherited abilities of the caul.

True caul births are supposed to be a very rare occurrence. Not very often are babies born with the thin membrane enclosed around their heads and face denoting the signs of psychic talent. Yet there have been many who were delivered in this fashion, shining their lights upon the billions of people in the world who they are greatly outnumbered by.

Till this day-even in this day and age of modernly advanced times, there are still those other individuals who do not believe in omens of this kind. They pass it off as nothing more than superstition.

In spite of that fact, anybody with sense knows that just because something is not accepted by a certain percentage of people does not mean that it does not exist.

Everyone has their own beliefs, and system of belief. And that is a right that one is entitle to. However, no one is in authority to force any other into believing or not believing in what they see fit to call as truth.

For those who do know, believe, and understand. The experience of a caulbearer is a very deep and beautiful thing in my opinion-and according to what I have been through in my life.

I cannot and do not speak for all others who were born with the special abilities of the caul due to the reasonable fact that everyone is their own individual. And not everybody’s experience is or will be the same.

Gifts of this stature involve spirituality. A spiritual nature deeply rooted in the hidden knowledge and powers of a supernatural kind.

Extrasensory perception is mystical and exciting.

Looking at things through the third eye is quite astounding and wonderful. And when one feels, hears, tastes, smells and discerns some or all of the things that come along with the happenings they serve as great epiphanies.

So whether or not an individual chooses to use their abilities personally, professionally and/or spontaneously, they should never ignore the gravity that they hold.

Anybody can spread them self around idly and without regard to gain money or advantage.

There is nothing more common than immediate worthless profit.

Everybody, however, is not wise enough to benefit from what they keep sacred as they richly maintain purpose.

There is nothing more rarer than the delayed ends of meaningful satisfaction.



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Forget Me Not-Letters From The Valley


How could one forget one’s self? Turning away from whom and what they really are. I am not ashamed of anything regarding myself.  And I am not afraid to express what I’m about or what concerns me.

Freedom is a very powerful thing. Liberation is a privilege to take advantage of, yet many do not indulge in the opportunity out of fear, the fear to truly be themselves.

Some, who are different and unique in their behavior, appearance or preference and so on, would rather fit in with the general population than to endure the ridicule and rejection that many individuals face.

So instead of having the courage to reveal who they truly are they compromise themselves to gain acceptance.

In my opinion that is a very empty way to live and to conduct one’s life. It is also very sad.

To me, generality is boring. I find myself more interesting in being unique as I am like no other. I find delight and excitement in what I like even if nobody else does.

When one downplays what they are genuinely about they sell themselves short.

I wouldn’t want to be anything other than me, pretending just to satisfy and to get the approval of others.

People who stoop to that level do not deserve the blessings that come along with having true individuality.


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My Spiritual Clan And Our Family Tree

I have great love, protection, guidance and loyalty from my beloved ancestors and orishas. We are a complete spiritual team.

I call them “my spiritual clan (the orishas/loas and elemental universal forces) and our family tree (my ancestors/spirit guide energies)”.

They were always there for me. Leading me in my way and escorting me throughout my journey of exploration and discovery.

Things that I knew and perceived about life when I was a child were revealed, defined, and confirmed to me during the stages of my development.

By nature, there is an unwavering consistency of character and affect between my spiritual connection and I.

I am a person of my word. One who is able to be relied upon. And a person who does not fail to come through if I am genuine and/or knowledgeable about the situation.

These responses are automatic and intense. And not only toward one another but within ourselves as “dependability” and “productivity” are our own natural inherited traits and ability.

My spiritual clan and our family tree are completely aware of every an all of the inside and outside things that are associated with the happenings of this life and can concurrently manage through any type of barrier.

I have confidence in them and their wisdom. They have proved so much to me time and again, upholding everything together and sharing with me a lot of hidden knowledge.

The loas are powerful supernatural beings, greatly differing in force yet not so foreign from us in attitude and reaction. They have dispositions that are very similar to humans.

My departed loved ones who lived as strong authentic Yoruba priestesses in their day an age work harmoniously in accordance with the loas.

Other noble relatives of mine who weren’t involved in the priesthood serve their purpose through various means of devotion.

And all of them are highly venerated. I am just as devoted to them as they are to me. All of my good ancestors, and the specific loas that are attached to me, are the loves of my life.

My ancestors and orishas have always had my back in what seemed like the most chaotic of times. Nothing was ever too big or too small for them all to handle. And I was always important enough to gain their solicitous and undivided attention.

That is what is so fabulous about the universe. It has the ultimate power to simultaneously preserve any situation at any time with anyone and anything.

My spiritual clan and our family tree know more about what I am capable of-than I do myself. And the overwhelming love and faith that they have in me is priceless/ irreplaceable.

The spiritual connections that cling around me and the energies that surround us are my greatest motivators and inspires.





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The Family Circle

It irritates me when a relative does not get acknowledgement because they are dead. Does their being deceased make them any less of your family, no way, certainly not!

(I am mostly unlike any of the family-but if someone were to mention oh she favors so an so in some form or another-that is because they’ve never exactly seen or came into contact with family that I actually do share similarity with)

I have relatives that are still alive here on the earth (and some distant relatives as well) whom I absolutely do not care a thing for or, about! And I do not take after anyone of them at all either-thank my lucky stars.

My dear family members that I truly love and respect have for a long time been in their graves, but they definitely are not forgotten. I see a lot of them in myself. We were all genuinely of one another. And we still are in spirit. And that fact is so sentimentally beautiful to me.

We can pick our friends; however, we cannot pick the families that we are born into. Yet those as humans should continue to be very selective when they hold a particular standard in regards to mating.

I am asexual, so would not definitely make the mistake of mixing with an individual of a lesser value. I still intend on going to a sperm bank if I ever considered to have a child.

I deeply wish that I weren’t genetically related to certain members of my “so-called” family (especially my father and one of my dead great grandmothers-which was my mother’s father’s mother. They were the two biggest mistakes that were made during the mating process). I can’t even bare to call them relatives.

What hugely makes up for the misfortunes though-is that aside from whatever else was created through the “runts” of the family-there is a solid foundation. Overall, my original family tree is a class of strong, authentic, intelligent, dignified and gifted people, individuals of pure integrity folks who are just like me who I love, and am proud of.

My ancestors and I have a very powerful bond that connects us together through my mediumship. Our strong relationship is built on genuine love and trust. They serve as my spirit guides along with other elements of the universe.

Our family circle is important to us as we are particular in which we surround. We hold each other near and dear forever and for always. We are tight knit and legit. And we never cease to quit.

I love who and where I come from because it is a part of what defines me. My lineage explains a lot of my spirituality, the gifts that I was born with, and the particular things that I am inclined to.

I am still my own unique individual with my own mind and beliefs. My family circle and I are all one in the same, with us all sprouting out from our very own distinct branches.

Even in their deaths they (my beloved ancestors) never left me. They remained around me as shields and resources, passing on to me the valuable assets of my birthrights.

Nothing and no one can ever violate our “family circle”.

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In A Day Dream


When we visualize our innermost deepest thoughts and desires with storyline we create a fantasy, a fantasy that many would consider to be unattainable. Which is why some of us tend to embellish what we know or think is beyond our reach.

Reality often confirms the impossibilities of bringing a fantasy into reality.

“That will never happen for me”, “it would be too good to be true”, some individuals relate to themselves.

Yet if you thoroughly analyze the situation, is it really that far fetched to have the highly elaborated details of ones fanciful come to life?

Could what we sometimes imagine actually translate into signs and clues as to what we are suppose to actually have? Leading the way to fateful pursuits that may eventually get us there?

I do believe so-because fate is also what one makes it. An individual is not always limited to what they are born into and are able to create their own fate as long as it corresponds with the alignment of the universe.

The circumstance is no different than someone overcoming a negative childhood to become one of the greatest success stories in their adulthood.

An earnest desire followed by distinct visualization can inadvertently draw up the patterns that result into reality.

Just like the ole saying “be careful what you wish for ’cause you just may get it”!

I have visualized and received. Nothing that has brought me great wealth yet I have experienced the extraordinary.

Sometimes what one needs is not precisely what one wants at that specific time. As periods of life go by stripping away what is paltry, we learn that the things that we may have wanted we really do not need.


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The Art Of Talent


Energy is a great motivator when it comes to achievement. When we set a goal it is usually brought on by desire an intense desire that causes us to be inspired.

Creativity stimulates the mind to express the designs that come out through ones talent.

There are all types of ability that many individuals possess. Writing is one of mine. It is my passion, an uncontrollable urge that I cannot stop once I get started. And my writing is automatic.

When you take great delight in something that you do whatever the pursuit may be, it becomes less of a chore and more of a sport.

Writing to me is fun, relaxing, and constructive all at the same time. I don’t ever have to plan ahead or contemplate subjects to compose. Ideas and input come frequently and spontaneously.

We are given gifts for a reason and our talents are to be used for ourselves and to the best of our ability.

As we grow we enhance. And when we explore we discover, and sometimes change.

Art is a reflection and expression of what we see, live, learn and know. Vision makes the art come alive through provoking the imagination. Vision lets the skill decide how to describe what is conceived. And aptitude brings the final result out into existence.

True talent is indeed an art. And an art that is to be mastered through gratified consistency.


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My Candle Burning Magic


There is genuine “magic” that generates in the burning of candles. And that magic is “energy”.

I have a richly set up altar which is dedicated to my ancestors, loas, spirit guides, and myself. And I do grave (serious) rituals that require more than just the use of candles.

Nevertheless, candles are a vital part of spell work. They set the tone when creating, conducting, and maintaining a condition.

I feel a major difference within myself whenever I burn my candles. They heighten my own energy fields just the same as when I am around bodies of water. And I am not limited to these two elements alone but also to the earth and air itself.

So even if I do not burn a candle I am naturally able to radiate extra energies through any one single element. It is an automatic occurrence that consistently happens all together with me. It is a part of me, a special piece of what I am.

Just imagine how much I and the things that go along with my spiritual energy escalate-when all of the elements of fire, air, water and earth combine as they unite together with my spirit.

Other than using our minds as a magnet to reflect back responses from the universe, candles also serve as an aid to enhance in the process. They enforce and bring forth.

What is exactly yielded is up to the true intent, desire and faith. These three things all go hand in hand when sending out and then gaining or regaining energy in return.

Burning candles is one of the necessary tools for my spiritual devotions and stimulation. And it is a tool that definitely “lights up my life”.


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The Visit


I love to dream during the times when I am asleep, especially when I have the precognitive dreams.

In my own personal experience with my level of elevation, the dream state is often better than the waken state of reality.

At times my dreams are so beautiful, so satisfying and so serene that I wonder what is really the point of me waking up to come back into this worldly realm.

I have learned the answer to this mysterious question that I’d rather not share as it would be giving out too much information regarding what is only relevant to me and extremely private for myself.

Therefore, it is very appropriate to acknowledge that it is definitely not the time for me to leave the earth. My transition is not ready yet. And I can accept that as I know in do time the everlasting beauty that awaits me.

In my dreams I interpret and experience a lot. I have meaningful visits with my beloved departed ones as well as relations and revelations with the universe just as I do here on earth. The supernatural makes connections within all aspects of consciousness.

Dreams are very valuable to us. They share with us the unknown, and they serve many imperative/vital purposes.


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The Whispers In My Head


When spirit (divine or departed spirits) speaks I do listen to each and every word, attentive to correctly discern whatever message, warning, blessing or deception that I may be receiving.

There are some individuals who definitely suffer from mental illness. They hallucinate and have delusions. They see and hear things that have not actually occurred and they hold on to a reality that does not exist.

Do all people who claim to have had a paranormal experience suffer from some type of mental disorder, absolutely not! In fact, I honestly believe that a great number of people have erroneously been committed into psychiatric institutions due to the fact of their preternatural abilities.

And after they’ve been hospitalized over periods of time and heavily medicated some then began to acquire certain mental disorders.

So many innocent individuals have been so wrongly misdiagnosed as schizophrenic and/or bipolar (manic depression) all because they were born with gifts and because of the ignorance and haste of narrow minded doctors who were quick to act out on their own generalized notions and assumptions.

Luckily, I’ve never had to go through such an ordeal of that nature, but I personally know people who have. And I have had a similar situation with an ignorant doctor at gynecology who looked at me as if I were crazy when my stomach continued to move on its own (push in an out from negative energy) due to my extreme spiritual sensitivity.

There are also conspiracies geared toward those who possess forms of psychic ability.

Sometimes people seek out to intentionally have clairvoyants/psychics committed only to have them experimented on and damaged in an attempt to alter or completely destroy their paranormal gifts (it was tried on me as a young teenager; however the plot ended up in failure).

Voices from the spirit realm often come across as soft spoken whispers. At other times they may come across as clear normal vocal tones or through sound tones-where one would have to make out their words through harmonic/cognizant interpretation.

There is contact that can also be made by “energy” communication, natural forces of the universe.

Messages can and do come in distinct noises and musical tones just as well as the regular vocal ranges.

Sometimes spirits speak out all at once making it rather difficult to completely understand what they are trying to relay.

And this may seem annoying or torturing while in the early stages of development as the mind continues to race with a combination of experiences.

Sometimes the spirits even converse with one another, and talk over one another, each one anxious to get their point or message across.

Over time the strong and disciplined clairvoyant learns to become accustomed to the voices along with the other paranormal things associated with the gifts that are bestowed.


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Turn Me Inside Out


My healthy and vegetarian lifestyle:

I became a vegetarian at the age of fourteen. And back then when I started out I was a very strict one, only eating fruits, vegetables and grains and just drinking water.

At the age of nineteen I began to return back only to fish/shrimp, poultry and dairy products. I absolutely sustained from any type of red meat or pork.

I am thirty seven-years old now and am still happily carrying on with my extremely healthy lifestyle.

I don’t eat just anything. I refuse to put any sort of garbage inside of my body. In attaining certain foods I always examine the product and check out the ingredients. I’ll even do some research on the company in which particular items are processed from.

I am very careful about the cheeses that I eat as some are made with pig enzymes. The “boar’s head” brand cheeses are suitable for vegetarians and are high in quality. I love the American and Swiss flavors. I also love and eat their pepper turkey and roasted chicken.

“Perdue” is another quality source product. I like that the chicken is packed pretty clean as there is not much messy slime to rinse and wash off. And their chickens are fed vegetarian diets and proteins. So not only after cooking does Perdue make for a delicious meal but an honest one. You don’t have to worry about no animal by-products hormones or steroids.

When it comes to my ice cream “haagen dazs” definitely does it for me. Vanilla and butter pecan are my favorite flavors. Not only does the brand have such a delicious distinct taste compared to other ice creams out on the market but the ingredients are to die for-purely natural.

I love “near east” and “uncle ben’s” brand rices. They are both very vegetarian suitable, very high in quality and are also delicious in taste.

I do not eat any type of breads which contain mono diglycerides. My one and only favorite purely natural bread is made by “nature’s pride”, specifically the honey wheat and whole wheat flavors.

I could sit here all day acknowledging and explaining my favorite brands of foods and why I like them so much since I am so particular about a lot of things, however, I will move on now with all of the benefits that comes along from watching what we eat.

Lemonade is one of my favorite drinks and fresh pineapples are one of my favorite fruits. I only drink juices that are 100% natural and fruits that are fresh. And I love salads, and so on.

I also take the finest quality vitamins.

A lot does have to do with our genetic make up and metabolism but I am in the best of health and shape.

I am very youthful in appearance. I have the body of a young teenager, and I feel just great.

By eating right we constantly and continuously rejuvenate ourselves. Our cells function more properly, we heal better and faster, and we look better.

How we treat ourselves on the inside compliments us on the outside.

The vitamins and minerals that we consume actually can and do cure certain body ailments if we maintain excellent eating habits.

We are still able to enjoy and love our sweets. Just make sure that they are healthy wholesome and beneficial sweets. “nature’s valley” brand has great crunchy granola bars. I love the maple and peanut butter flavors. I eat oatmeal raisin cookies and yellow cakes and coffee cakes, I just make sure that the ingredients coincide with what I prefer to intake.

Chocolate and coca cola is something the doctor told me to stay away from as a very young child due to the fact that they gave me terrible unbearable stomach aches, so no chocolate cakes cookies or candy bars for me! And I haven’t drunk a soda in years; there is no real nutritional value in them any way.

So to wrap it up, living healthy attributes to being wealthy incredibly rich with the excellent rewards of a lifestyle that is dedicated to loving one self and treating oneself right with the ultimate respect.


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Fruits Of Life


“Good eating” pertains to more than just a physical nourishment and source of energy that contributes to good health and longevity.

A healthy constitution involves and caters to the mind and spirit as well as the body when one is living a salutary lifestyle.

I have a natural course of drive and determination that has followed me all through out my life. And my innate hunger for liberty, selection, and flourishing-is non stop and inevitable.

I love to eat food. Not just any kind of food but good food. I was brought up on eating the best of things from a very young age.

I tend to eat things that are delicious yet at the same time very healthy. It is said that the things that taste the nastiest are the best things for us health wise, and that is very true. However, there are plenty of edibles that we can consume that attribute great taste along with essential benefits.

Let’s take fresh fruits for one. The “granny smith” green apples, watermelons (also honey dew and cantaloupe), pineapples, oranges, grapes, cherries, strawberries, plums, peaches, pears and bananas are great tasting and very nutritious.

Eating good also makes you feel and look good. I have tremendous energy, and my body glows with youth.

When one constantly intakes vital nutrients the body returns the favor by cleansing and detoxifying, resulting in regularity and better circulation and rejuvenation of cells.

Nothing is perfect, though; excellent lifestyle choices are the definite starts to building satisfying eating habits, and ones that will always bring back great rewards.

And all of those examples work out just the same when it comes to maintaining the proper functionality of one’s mind and spirit.

In my particular case, environment is vital. The “body” cover in which holds mind and spirit:

Having a clean and peaceful surrounding free from contamination (negativity, polluted people and etc.) and disturbance (energy disrupts, social commotions and etc.).

The internal “flesh” that engulf mind and spirit when it is and becomes nourished:

Having the things that I want and things that go my way for significant reasons one does not necessarily have to go through nasty and distasteful ordeals in order to gain strength or to further build character.

Sweet and delightful modes of pleasure can be just as effective an intense in means of fortifying resilience and structure of disposition.

In fact, happiness is the key and serves a far more greater purpose than what comes along to make us unhappy. I for a very long time have noticed that if there is something in life that I do not want or do not want to do, then it absolutely will not work out favorably.

There is nothing wrong with getting everything that one wants if it is in their best interest and they are able to get it. There is a big difference between being “properly spoiled” and having an arrogant sense of “entitlement”.

The love and spoiling in which I received contributed to my self confidence (self sufficiency, security within myself) and independence. I am very stubborn to do for myself and to work for what I want on my own rather than to get and take from others. However, I can accept a gift (token of appreciation or nice gesture) of kindness from someone yet it does not bring me a needed gratification.

When mind and spirit is attentively and thoroughly taken care of through the special quality natural nutrients (ingredients including earth, water, fire and air) that it deserves and needs they consistently revitalize and in return sustain us altogether within any and all ailments and affliction.

The ultimate rewards promote the enjoyment of salutary habits, again igniting the cycle of continuity and ultimately extinguishing the causes of impediments.


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My Ambition

I am and have always been very ambitious. I have an uncontrollable fire that burns intensely inside of me.

I am full of reasonable optimism but far from naive. I do believe that anything is “possible” and nobody knows that better than me as I have experienced the “incredible”.

When you have true faith and are open to new ideas and unconventionality there is no limit to what one can achieve. And as a spiritual person with experience and perseverance I can attest to that.

My bubbly nature (high-spirited attitude) has allowed me to approach life with excitement. A great enthusiasm to conquer whatever may stand in my way, to challenge myself, to discover and explore, to expand and create, to be all that I can be and accomplish.

I love powerful “momentous” things that provoke change and stimulate improvement. I like to analyze and exchange ideas/perspectives, and thoroughly evaluate circumstances.

I am in connection with the universe and just have that continuous zest.

My spiritual nature undoubtedly accounts for most of my inspiration and motivation as “energy” is a positive generator of productive activity.

Sometimes our spirit leads us into opportunities and destinations before we ourselves become fully aware of what we are suppose to do or where we are suppose to go (and be).

The most vital things in life are to love and respect yourself, to be true to yourself. To believe in yourself and to not sell yourself short by not at least endeavoring to make the great efforts of attaining a well deserved and fulfilling goal.

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“Do Not Bully Me With Your Bullshit!”/Bullying Comes In All Forms (The Many Forms Of Bullying)

I never imagined that I would ever write a post regarding being bullied because I have never been a candidate when it came to that particular situation.

I have always been a leader and not a follower. I have never been afraid of anyone or anything. And I have always had much innate confidence and strength within myself which consistently showed all throughout my unique personality.

According to the dictionary the definition of a bully is someone who is habitually cruel or overbearing, especially to smaller or weaker people.

And that is a generalization that our society often makes. However, that is not always the truth.

I am small in size and very soft spoken but absolutely in no way am I a pushover or anyone’s fool for that matter (some individuals still insist on taking kindness for weakness at times).

The strong often fall prey to the domineering tactics of the insecure, so all of those stereotypes need a thorough reality check.

By nature, I have always been very strong-willed and very stubborn. I’ve always had a mind of my own and nobody could ever control me. And what I have learned is that my character (my strong personality) has made me a target for indirect bullying.

I have quite a few enemies do to jealousies and envies, my straightforward unapologetic attitude, and so on. The bottom line is that I do not bow down to anyone. And certain sick people just can’t accept that. They endeavor to have it their way, and in any way possible.

When people cannot do anything with you they want to hurt you.

I was always meant to be successful in whatever I was suppose to do in my life, and as I am not limited to just one thing but many, there has been constant interference.

I am a go getter. One who does not stop. So my enemies are using an age old weapon to make me stop-“black magic”.

I have for years been a victim of black magic that I continued to defeat through my own will and ability. But never had I got the feeling of being bullied as I do now.

It started last week, on Wednesday. The evil focused on trying to make me have fears, an attempt to deprive me of my confidence and strength. It even wanted me to cry. These were not my own natural feelings of course; it was a negative spiritual manipulation that I gave absolutely no energy to.

In the process of all of this I could feel the genuine fears and regrets that my enemies had of me.  They were in for more than what they could handle yet they did not want to lose.

I am an intimidation to them. So they have to try to intimidate me, because some individuals do often fear what and who they do not understand.

Today my enemies tried to put negative thoughts into my mind to discourage me from continuing on with the daily activities of my life. This is my creative works, my work endeavors, my plans that I have for the future and so on. They are threatening me through spiritual means in a vain attempt to break me.

Again, I gave no such energy to that bullcrap! There is a big difference between “feeling” what one is trying to do against you compared to the actual attacks having a legitimate “affect”.

I believe my bullies do not know the difference, let alone the way that a spiritual person can operate. To some of them it is all one in the same, to those of us who know better it is looking directly at them through a mirror to watch them hang themselves.

I went on about the rest of my day unaffected but further enlightened of how one is able to be relentlessly harassed and bullied to a more revolting level.

I do whatever it is that I love-however and whenever I want to do it-now and until I am satisfied. No one will take any of my jobs away from me. I am my own boss.

Whether it is face to face or in spirit don’t nobody bully me with any bullshit that I will accept and bow down to that just pisses me off.

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There Is Way Much More To Me Than What Is In A Dream

I believe that ignorance is and becomes a sickness when those in particular refuse to rise above their lack of knowledge or understanding regarding any specific subject matter that may be at hand-by not endeavoring to learn and explore more thoroughly.

When one acts out on something continuously and without purely thinking it all through, and weighing out all of the factors, they are headed for perpetual downfalls and disasters.

And while I do understand that some are not equip enough in the mind to always efficiently establish a keen comprehension of things, these types often tend to ignite much trouble.

As where some have the desire and aim to grow and move forward by further educating themselves through communication and experience, there will be those who will remain incessant, constantly relishing in their stagnancy.

When some do not recognize a particular logicality they can become highly irrational during certain situations.

And what can we do about individuals who have and exhibit this kind of personality and behavior, sometimes absolutely nothing. We just have to let their narrow mindedness run its course. Some people will never change. And the ignorance totally reflects upon them.

Jealousy and envy can and will spark up denial and make one not accept or believe what they do not want to acknowledge or hear as truth.

We all go through things in life. I have never had any real major problems or issues with individuals who were of substance. It has only been the ones of a lower class, lesser value, who make attempts to cause me turmoil.

It is sad but some people set out to harm other people like me because of what we know and what we possess.

Yes, I have always dreamed things that have inevitably come true for all of my life. It is an irreversible part of my nature, and one that is trying to constantly be tampered with by perpetrators.

There are these two guys in particular who continuously use witchcraft as a tool to scramble my brain and dreams (oh when will they learn that they can’t?).

These two guys who do not even know me personally but know of me and have approached me in the past are scared of the things that I know, dread the good things that are to come to me, and desire to drain me of all the natural good luck and positive “energies” that I encompass  by destroying me.

I am very experienced in my paranormal abilities and many steps ahead of them, in fact. They think by interfering in my dreams by causing confusion through skewed foreshadows that I would not be able to figure out what is going on around me. It is not at all hard to figure out that they consider a person in their sleep to be a vulnerable target, which is quite the contrary in my case.

While using oblique techniques to distract my dreams from the realities that they usually confer, these two guys manipulate the dream state, sometimes even making scenes of their own personal appearances themselves.

When the mirages in which they create prove to be non affective they then attempt to block out my dreams completely, thinking that I will not know anything at all.

The both of them are drug addicted (currently indulging in the usage and abuse of dope and cocaine and some other street drugs of choice or dependency) which explains why their brains are not functioning correctly aside from sheer stupidity.

Nevertheless, there is way more to psychic/clairvoyant/medium ability than what is in a dream and in me.

Everyone is their own individual, capable of whatever they were born with and also whatever else that may come to them later on in life and with age.

Certain people are not limited in what they are able to do and accomplish.

Empathy “to feel”, clairvoyance “to see and know”,  clairaudience “to hear”, and telepathy “to communicate back an forth through the mind”,  are just a few of my very strongest points of awareness and they are to not be underestimated as those in particular often interpret more than others would ever really imagine that they could.

My dreams are mine and for me alone. And absolutely no one can significantly alter them or take them away from me. When one is grounded and has developed a higher sense of self and a foundation around them which serves as a guidance and a protection-there is no room for interference.

The distractions merely become and serve as acknowledgements of warnings, lessons to evaluate and to use for one’s own advantage at the perpetrator’s expense.

When one is in tune, in balance, and aligned with their nature, the great universe will continually work on your behalf automatically placing shields and positivity and removing blockages and negativity.

I feel nothing but goodness, luck and happiness around me. And it feels beautiful and endearing.

I have no pity for those two guys (my perpetrators).

They are like leeches. They won’t back off of me because I am a female which is so ridiculous. In their evil, they seek to prove to themselves as males that they are more powerful than a “woman” (these two are also guys who beat up on their girlfriends to prove their manhood).

Between them and I there really is no comparison.

In reality they are fighting on their own, against themselves. My gender is irrelevant when it comes to spirit. I have a very strong spirit.

And authenticity is what makes one ultimately powerful. Vile strength comes from love. And I have nothing but pure love that lingers all around my spirit.  Genuine hatred can also serve as a strength. I know how to level/balance both love and hate together as a whole.

Yet I still have love. And I am greatly loved.

So what it all balls down to for me is not a battle against those males and (myself) a female-even though I know that they do not look at it that way- but against good and the bad. And that type of evil definitely has no chance against someone like me.

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Facebook/Spiritual Network

I am not and have never really been interested in facebook. The social network never attracted my attention.

I recently got listed in a particular blog directory that required one to have a facebook account in order to sign up. I already have a twitter account which is purely dedicated to sharing links from my “my voice weblog” a personal blog that i truly love and enjoy speaking nothing but the truth on- about my life, life in general and my unique experiences.

If i could have just signed up with my twitter account i would have but that wasn’t an option. So i just went and opened up a facebook account and in the process created a facebook fan page dedicated to my very first blog that has lasted for six years straight and which has over one hundred seventy posts written by me.

(i don’t even care if anybody would be interested in the fan page or not-it was done purely for my expression of creativity and awareness and if so be it certain others are interested then any one is welcome).

As i was getting familiar with facebook and how it works-because i learn things very quickly (almost instantly)-i began to enjoy setting up my page and decided that the site is not all so bad, considering for what i am using it for. I am extremely creative and can make the very best of things as i am motivated with much ambition.

I thoroughly designed my facebook fan page down to my liking and i am very satisfied as to the way that it turned out-it is as if the page was meant to be and i realize that now, another extension of literary construction to keep me flexible in my creative mode.


Last week was a very strange week for me-as if anything in my life is really so called normal anyway-because i went and did something that i do not normally do and that was join a social network.It was done more out of curiosity than anything else and i had made the right move. It was a spiritual network dedicated to the spiritual people who have special spiritual gifts to share and connect with one another.

Something for some reason led me to post a topic in one of the forums and i got legitimate feedback confirming what i needed to serve as a reminder (as i sometimes forget) and as also a source of reflection.

Some things happen and come about not always for permanency but just for a run through to take with you through further acknowledgement. And that is great because that is how spirit sometimes works.

The forum connection/conversation my forum topic titled:

Spiritually Inclined/when it comes to sharing intuitive knowledge

And I started off by saying:

I am a clairvoyant and i am extremely sensitive. I pick up on the slightest things and from the farthest of places. Nothing is too big or too small. Whether i know a person personally or not i will receive information about them, whether i work with them, see them on television, a picture of them, talk to them over the telephone, online and so on. And the same goes for objects that i may see or touch, and energies that i see and feel. It is not something that i can just always turn off and on.

The thing is, i believe there is a time to share and a time to keep things to oneself. I blog, and i have the gift of automatic writing and am often inspired to share by one of my ways of connecting with the universe. There is a power that comes through from my writing that serves me a significant, beneficial purpose.

My psychic abilities are very intuitive. And through out the years of my life and as i look back, i see just how accurate i have been, even when i was sometimes uncertain. Some things are not so easy to discern right away. Messages can be complicated, depending on how they are addressed.

I have always been able to sense things about people and life that other people could not. And the things in particular would turn out to be true.

Now where i am getting at is when we receive true revelations and things that are controversial, and that we know may/or will greatly be opposed by the general society/public, causing us to be ridiculed and/or ignored would you keep quiet even though there could be someone else out there who may need the information for further enlightenment or confirmation?

I personally and usually do speak out about what i discover within hidden knowledge if i am divinely inspired to, i never worried about who would or would not agree because it wasn’t about that. It was about my spirit being led to do something at the given time that was beyond me. On the other hand, there are things that are better left unsaid just for our own evaluation and resource even though it does concern the world and what is going on inside and around it. (i am not the type looking or interested in saving the world or anyone for that matter. I am just an instrument by the universe sometimes being used in my writing as a messenger)

I have read and got clarification from spiritual people who weren’t too cautious and who shared. And it helped me out a lot. However, i am not talking about private conversations in the privacy of our spaces i am speaking about publicly.

Would it be hard to put yourself out there regarding (reliable) insights that are considered taboo even if you couldn’t prove it by obvious means?
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It must be wonderful to have such strong senses, i myself have only ever really had trickles of information – mainly directed for my own personal use not for sharing with others so i have not faced your dilemma. Speaking from my own intuition and spirit now i would reply as follows:

Level of experience: if you are an experienced medium you will know the difference between messages from pure spirit as against messages from misguided/mischievous spirit who might just be giving you things because you are ‘spiritually open ‘ to receive it. I went through a phase in my life (when i was rather angry at someone) and i got loads of messages, however, i was not very good at discerning what i was receiving. Because of my personal state, i should not have even really been allowing spirit to communicate with me. This was a phase in my life where i was ‘taught’ how to discern between messages that needed to be shared and those that didn’t.

Protections: if you are going to be a medium and communicate for the good of everyone then you need to be disciplined and do the basics which include protection and inviting in your spiritual guides to bring you messages from the highest source. There are many mediums on here who can share their experiences much better than me. I don’t consider myself a medium – i get information to help me on my journey not for global sharing.

Sharing generally: my day job is one where i have to make judgements about what i ‘must’ share with families and what i should ideally share for maximum benefit. I have to recognise that sometimes the person i need to share with, is not ready to receive the message. You inidcated that some of the information you are getting could be considered ‘controversial’ – do be cautious that your message is from pure spirit. However, i would also say that ‘controversy’ is often required to take people to a new level of understanding. In the uk we had a wonderful man who has, with the support of his family, put assisted death on the agenda by going through the courts process and ensuring that the media pick up the story. Sometimes societies stay too quiet about things that are important – we only have to read the world news to know that! At the end of the day you need to be guided from your heart.

Good luck in your journey of sharing

Light and love
latoya lawrence
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First i just want to say to you that your feedback was excellent. Your words were honest and well thought out. That was very nice and considerate of you to take the time out to thoroughly analyze the situation and then share examples of your own personal experience. Thank you.

Yes, protection is very important. And it is first and foremost, and i do surround myself with it. I do have a shield around me and know how to ward off negativity. And i have my true spirit guides, loas and ancestors who have been with me since my birth. So i have always had a strong and secure foundation.

When you said that there are other mediums who can share their experiences better than you and that you don’t consider yourself a medium. I want to speak on that from my heart, mind and spirit. We are all unique and all have our own special abilities and different levels of experience. And i know that there are others whom i could surely benefit from in certain areas of discovery.

What i want you to know and realize is that you in your response gave me the perfect answers. My spirit led me to reach out to make a connection and here you come, the person who graciously reached back. I didn’t need you to be a particular medium, i just needed you and your insight.i read your message that specifically pointed out exactly what i was suppose to receive.

I encounter certain things and people for a reason, and at this time right now with something that is going on in my life you brought me a clarification. So even if you may not see how much you’ve done i want to let you know by commending you.


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Glad to have assisted. I too go to the posts that i ‘feel’ (i’m most strongly clairsentient) need my support.

I ‘feel’ you are ready for communicating through writing (possibly a book) and if that is the case you will have to judge what you believe needs to be shared as against what a publisher might want to ‘sell’ to a certain market.

Blessings on your journey x

latoya lawrence
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I’ve already published two books years ago when i was in my early twenties. I have been writing since i was ten years of age and had the opportunity back then to get published by a mainstream publisher.writing is definitely what i am suppose to be doing. It is one of the things that i was born to do.

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