The Epiphanies Of The Extraordinary

The Epiphanies Of The Extraordinary


It is funny how people attempt to go behind one’s back to do dirt, actually believing that the person that they are scheming against is unaware, or that they will never find out about the shenanigans that were done until it is far too late.

What if one is far ahead? Knowing and figuring out just about every detail of sequence that there is to an episode.

During negative instances of calamity some people will tend to believe that a person is oblivious as to what is going on around them if they appear to be undisturbed or unabashed.

Now, what is the definition of calamity?

Does what some people consider a loss, distress, affliction, or disaster actually account for what another person is actually going through?

The answer is no.

What if a circumstance or situation that is deliberately arranged for a negative purpose and outcome has absolutely no bearing or affect upon its inspired target?

What if an ordeal that had maliciously transpired in vain came to serve as an unintentional major advancement within that targeted person’s life?

It is strange and interesting to learn about the depths of gravity when experiencing the epiphanies that distinctly pertain to one’s own personal life.

I have recognized that in the times of my life that were to be altered by uncongenial people, I stayed intact.

I have noticed within the events that were suppose to cause me greats setbacks and downfalls that they were indeed just great pushes to send me up forward, and farther.

Extra Sensory Perception is a divine revelational attribute for certain people to possess. It is a very beneficial and resourceful gift for one to experience and to utilize.

In the present, through out, and over time, the past and the future will back set, set, then reset.

The reality that is set within and that is set apart from my own true world and within the world that we all live in proves to be at a direct seesaw level, a tug of war over the world and the accords that should inevitably win.

What I am innately surrounded by I intend to maintain. There is no other more appropriate outlet, or better way for me to survive. I live sustained by the natural desirable elements of my own existence my own pure deities, my own pure loves and lights, my own true fates.

Everyone has their own spiritual and nonspiritual beliefs. One person’s fact can be another person’s fiction.

As I have said before in the past, what is the truth to one person is sometimes foreign to another, yet both of their circumstances are real but not to each other.

Any claims that individuals do not come up into an agreement upon do not make any of those certain claims out to be false or non existent.

No one can touch or undue what is relevant and prevalent to and within one’s own special birthrights.



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Mechanisms Used Through The Use Of Black Magic/Witchcraft To Control One

Mechanisms Used Through The Use Of Black Magic/Witchcraft To Control One


There are all types of people in the world. All have their own different kinds of personality, attitudes, and demeanor.

As many people are unique and distinct within their own specific ways most people tend to be the same in the many of other ordinary ways when it comes down to socialization.

From an early age we as people are trained on how to interact with other people, how to cope with the cohabitation of the world and with society.

We are taught the basics of how to greet and to treat other people, how to respect and to be courteous toward other people, how to share with and how to accept from other people then how to mingle and to become engaged with other people.

However, what happens when one naturally does not want to behave or conduct themselves in the modes that are deemed standard or appropriate?

Every human individual cannot adapt to being trained or conveniently cultivated into something that they are not just to suit, or to meet the needs and demands of a swayed world and society.

A world and society that predominantly caters to familiarity to what primarily is within the general standpoint.

I know that I cannot and will not properly adjust to the things that are foreign to me without a bit of conflict and protest. I stand up for what I believe in and what I do not agree with at no matter what the cost may be.

If I were to give in to the specific moral or social requirements that innately are not of and within me then I would be giving up my true identity.

I am not an individual to compromise myself or any of my own set of rules and standards just to please or pacify anyone else.

Who has the authority to dictate to me how I should go about living or conducting my affairs within the certain orderly fashions?

A lot of people who refuse to go along with the programs that are designed by government or religious law are usually reprimanded and condemned, blatantly considered as an outcast.

Attacks are deliberated then made upon their character some even suggesting that these particular people were not raised or brought up correctly due to their parental guardians or environment, any and everything to disguise what is really at the root of the problem, the matter at hand, which is nothing more than the loss of control the inability to cause fear in one, the inability to influence, the inability to bribe, the inability to manipulate, the inability to coerce.

Too many people may have gotten offended or may have gotten their feelings hurt by some one who behaved too standoffish, spoke too much of their opinions, or who spoke too much of the truth.

There are numerous reasons behind what can get certain people up in arms and ready to underhandedly retaliate.

Nevertheless, when people fail at the psychological techniques of game playing by toying with another person’s mind they resort to the filthy and despicable.

When they do not succeed in trying to play on a person’s insecurities, or in trying to initiate a person into having insecurities, they then try to divert and tarnish by unnatural force.

A great deal of the world and society are under the influence and are being affected by evil black magic/witchcraft without even realizing it. Black magic is a negative form of magic that is derived from types of voodoo and witchcraft.

There is the positive side as well as the negative side within all aspects of life and the supernatural is no exception.

Not all voodoo or hoodoo (rootwork) is bad or negative. White magic/white witchcraft is done for positive and for good purposes.

As a person born of the caul/veil I innately possessed occult power that I had naturally utilized through my own Yoruba spirituality. I am an authentic and original voodoo priestess who does not follow the many general standardized traditional modes of worship.

I have that old time unique and potent power that I inherited through my beautiful family lineage of gifted priestesses. Which from an early age partly accounted for the evil black magic/brujeria that had constantly been done unto me.

I am protected as I venerate my ancestors and orishas yet there are many people out in the world who are very vulnerable and susceptible to such harsh and vile attacks.

Many things that appear normal and that appear to be a natural part of life are actually just indeed the interference of universal spirits, forces, and energies.

Supernatural influences that affect then maintain people’s circumstances, their situations, their minds, and their actions.

I have noticed a lot of things that go on that do not make any kind of sense, things that in my opinion give no reasonable explanation for certain behavior and circumstance.

However, those who may be of the same mentality or who may be involved in the same predicament will make agreeable rationalizations with one another, agreements that only make complete sense amongst their own type of crowd.

A sad fact, but a true one, is that most will go after the intelligent and productive people of the world who are strong, honest, and upstanding, because they have the power or ability to positively influence and make a significant change within the world and society.

I too often do not hear of people using evil black magic to apprehend and destroy the child molesters, rapists, and murderers of the world. However, they are quick to want to cause destruction to some innocent soul that they are jealous, envious, or intimidated by.

Our world and societies have many unresolved issues and discoveries that need to be dealt with and dug into.

Corruption is everywhere and the government also has a deviant hand in greed when it comes to control through the use of evil black magic/witchcraft.

Conjure is put into the things that we eat and drink, on our accessories, by our personal touch and belongings, through our names and dates of birth. And, so on.

As more and more people in particular are aware of how much of an intrusion that evil black magic is on the quality of life there should be a severe intolerance for these malicious burdens and blockages.

Positivity is indeed stronger than any form of negative deprivation.

Nevertheless, it takes a strong action just as well as a powerful reflective thought or meditation to attract a serious alternation.

Various measures contribute to the victorious defeat of those who connive through the cowardice mechanisms of evil black magic/witchcraft.

Whatever action that is spiritually appointed to one should always be done out wholeheartedly and sufficiently.

Any designated mission that is carried on with zeal and consistency guarantees the absolute win of each and every triumph that will never be overturned.



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Revelling In The Pure Ecstasy Of Positivity

Revelling In The Pure Ecstasy Of Positivity


It is not healthy to be around certain types of people. Environment is very important when one is happy and at peace they are surrounded by strong positive energy.

Negativity is like a poisonous thick gas that floats upon the air to make everyone sick and nauseous.

I have always been a loner but never lonely, outgoing but not too social.

People were attracted to my bubbly and animated nature yet I wasn’t the type who liked to be smothered by a crowd. I needed my space.

As an independent spirit I could never stand interference, the meddling of conflicted people who shared no spark ones who would carry their darkness everywhere around with them only to have their negativity attached to someone else.

Oh, what a drag.

People that want to ruin a beautiful smile. People who want to spoil a consistent joy.

I have never had any time for despair. Especially for a gloom that did not belong to me.

I find delight in the life that I am blessed with, in my unconventionality.

I stay true to myself, not bothered and affected by what is of no concern to me. Not influenced by other people, or by the ways of the world.

What is normal for a lot of individuals is completely abnormal in the things that I see, quite unnatural and undesirable very unsuitable for my taste.

I feel free, liberated, totally untouched by any fear.

I do not believe in being afraid, scared to indulge in the ecstasy of what calls to me from beyond. I reach out in full force with long, stretched open arms.

No worries. No pains. No problems. No regrets, just the day to day messages of certainty. The assurance in what is to come.

Every day is an adventure, a roller coaster ride of excitement, dangerous yet fun, dizzying yet educational. Tiring yet inspiring.

Even during my times of rest I travel in the unconscious state, passing through the realms of dreams exploring the other sides of existence, dangling in the mysteries of the mist then quietly falling back into my bed to awaken, into another reoccurring daylight of another extreme.



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Witchcraft People (Black Magic/Brujeria)

Witchcraft People (Black Magic/Brujeria)


A very nice and dear viewer of my blog wrote to me. And I would not use this article to disclose what was written even though we had corresponded in public. I have respect for her and would never go to exploit her in any way whatsoever.

Any way, what I had expressed to this viewer could not have been better well said than to add to this particular subject.

Now as far as witchcraft people and the like go toward the good and those who are gifted, born of the caul:

“They are sick and they set out to devour people like us with their lies and schemes.

And in the process they steal from us. They try to take away all of our innate positive luck, energies, talents and mental capacity.

They are jealous and envious of our kind.

Many people fall for their schemes when we from the beginning knew what they were about.

Sometimes the ignorant people listen to them then turn against us and that is how they get over.

You know that it is sad but lies tend to spread faster than the truth and when the truth does eventually come out it is already sometimes too late because the damage has already been done.

I have went through this all of my life.

However, I learned that it was for a grave reason. I’ve known people like them for years, I’ve had people like them within my family.They are everywhere, so I know.

I’ve been blessed and watched out for due to my spiritual aspects and prevailed over them.

I am ahead of them because I have the gift of second-sight. I was given a message a while back to stop people like them, to get rid of them. And there is no one better for the job than I because I actually hate them and their kind with a great genuine passion.

We can kill them by truth-which is something foreign to them-and by our own natural spiritual power (voodoo magic if we choose to/we can do both).

I have these enemies still now trying to retaliate because spirit has me writing natural messages and insights of truth and it is bringing them all down.

I am sure as a spiritual person you understand what I mean and where I am coming from. Things and the universe work out then proceed in a way that average people do not understand.

People like us are here to make a change because we see, know, and understand what the rest of the world cannot.

The garbage type of people cannot destroy us unless we allow them to. We are much wiser and stronger than they are.

You just have to believe in yourself and within whatever may be around you (whatever faith or spirituality that you go with if any because I would never try to influence you about anything).

We are here to destroy them and take back our world and what belongs to us.”

By nature, I was born high class. Not rich, or having a large sum of money to frequently spend, but elegant and dignified although I still never did do without.

Some people have a false definition of what being high class actually is. Anyone could acquire a lot of money if fortunately they were born into a wealthy family, received an inheritance, won the lottery, or whatever other circumstance that may serve as a relevant example.

However, the possessions of financial wealth do not equate the possessions of a high class stature.

Many people walk around in pretense. Playing the part or role of what they consider to be refined and tasteful.

Most of them just put on an arrogant “uppity” air.

True high class nature is a state of mind an inborn attitude, an innate demeanor. Any gross income that is rewarded is just an enhancement to aid to a better well deserved life.

A well deserved life obtained through an honestly earned way of living.

I, like many other good, talented, hardworking people in the world knew what they were able to accomplish and knew what they were meant to have within their lifetime. Whether we dreamed our destined futures big, or whether we dreamed them small.

Nevertheless, there are the negatives that lurk, and the interferences that emerge from the darkness to devour.

They are the evil witchcraft people. Those demented and demonic souls who endeavor to hold other people back through the use of their wicked devices.

They try to harm and hurt yet they only bring pain to themselves. They are weak and wretched, full of heartaches and strains.

One can never take away from a person what they are, or what they are able to achieve. No matter what the circumstance.

The terms “you can’t turn a whore into a housewife”, or “you can take a person out of the street but you cannot take the street out of the person”, goes just the same for those who have been attacked by witchcraft.

They will not automatically be turned into what they are not.

People work witchcraft for many different reasons, however, the most common-and I know this from experience-is the sabotage and hindrance of the successes that are due to other deserving people.

Many who cast spells or who have others to cast the spells for them believe that if they take away a person’s lot (luck/fate) that they will lose sight of their hopes and dreams only to trot down to a path of repetitive disappointment.

Some people do give up then give in to the illusion of manipulative black magic; however, they are not always to blame.

Some people are not even aware that they may have been crossed up. They may not understand the concept or intent that is behind the certain forms and mechanisms of black magic.

Some even do not believe in the negative effects of witchcraft at all. They may just chalk up their situation to the notion of life not always being fair.

For those who do know and believe in the dark forces that are conjured to be placed and violated upon one know that where there is a will there definitely is a way.

They then fight their way through their ordeal by whatever means that is necessary.

White magic is a much stronger tool.

It is way more powerful and way more potent to use against black magic/witchcraft.

Especially while at the same time reversing all of the black magic straight back to each of the senders.

The universe works in wondrous ways. Not only just by karma, but by giving the negative witchcraft people an extra dose of their own well deserved medicine.

I personally recognized on my own that no one’s use of wicked device could ever kill my spirit, or kill any of my dreams.

Nor could the wickedness kill my peace and happiness.

Anything that anyone is able to take away is not worth having to begin with. Therefore I would really not want it. So there leaves within itself no loss.

In the like, anything that anyone is not able to take away has far great value. As it is equivalent to that particular one. Only set for that one, unwavering from that one. So there is much that is to be gained upon by that one.

There have always been people in the world who have sought out to bring other people down. And witchcraft has always been an option that certain people have resorted to whether it was out of extreme hate, or out of extreme desperation.

A low class mind is no match for a mind that is high.

A high mind is not preoccupied with the disapproval or the criticism of others but with the satisfaction that is found upon within one’s self.

A high mind is not preoccupied with the calamity of others or of the calamity that is wished upon from others but with the prosperity that is built upon by one’s own self.

A high mind is not preoccupied with the burdens of a dislike that holds one back but with the triumphs of a hatred that prevents one from being held back.

No matter how hard witchcraft people stalk other people. How hard they try to confuse other people. How hard they try to contaminate other people’s spirit. It is the high mind that will overcome and conquer.



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People Who Place Their Insecurities On Others: Everybody Does Not Get Their Feelings Hurt And Everybody Does Not Get Embarrassed

People Who Place Their Insecurities On Others: Everybody Does Not Get Their Feelings Hurt And Everybody Does Not Get Embarrassed



When I was ten years old I got hit by a car. The lady driving the car hit me on purpose.

It was an attack on my life but I survived without any broken bones or serious injuries. I was extremely lucky.

I flew up into the air hit the hood of the car then fell upon the street in front of my house right on my behind.

The first thing that I did was jump up to my feet and run. I ran to my back yard.

Later on I found out that amongst certain ignorant people my actions were considered as an expression of embarrassment.

If anything, I was in a state of shock, not at all embarrassed. Why should I have been?

I know that some people do try to play things off; however, I am tired of people trying to put their insecurities on other people.

I hate when others automatically place me into the category of what is general or generally expected within this society.

I hate to be generalized because I am my own unique individual. One thing that I have always hated within this society is the obstinate ignorance of others.

I’ve heard many people say that people just pretend that negative things or situations do not bother them. However, that is not true. People only feel that way because if it were them that were in those particular situations they would feel down and be hurt.

People tend to judge others by the way that they judge themselves. The world that we live in is indeed a very sick society.

It is even more of a problem if one is a woman due to the fact that a female is often considered as being too emotional or weak, especially when it comes into comparison with a male.

I cannot speak for every woman in the world; however, I have never been the weak or emotional type.

Many general and ignorant beliefs stem way back from the bible, a book that I have many disagreements about because it actually contradicts many of the things that I have experienced within my life.

(And I am not specifically speaking on the woman issues within the bible. I am referring to a variety of subjects. I know that weaker vessel actually means physical. I just wanted to clarify that because people tend to take things out of context)

As a woman or just as a human individual, when I had appeared unaffected by negative words, actions, or circumstances that had surrounded me at a point in time, some who had attempted to hurt or to bring me down had preferred to assume and believe that I was just putting up a front, acting on pretense.

This in fact was nothing more than a lie, just wishful thinking on their part because they did not want to accept the truth. They did not want to be outdone.

Jealous people who are inferior will accuse one of putting up a front due to a head game that they play. They play this game in order to try to get underneath a person’s skin because in actuality the strength is what makes them even the more jealous.

People who truly believe that everyone gets hurt or are disturbed in anyway by the negativity of others are just not that strong and are being naive.

I speak from experience.

That is the reason that people lash out at others to begin with. When they lie on one, call one names, and so on.

They do these ridiculous things because they think that their actions will hurt or bring the person down. It may work on some people. Not with everyone.

Not if they are strong and on a particular level.

Ignorant people are not equip enough within the mind to distinguish certain concepts. That is why they continue on with their nonsense.

I am proud that I have the knowledge and the strength to not be influenced by the many preconceived notions and misconceptions of the world.

Another thing that I hate within this society is how certain men, and certain women as well, actually believe that it is suppose to be devastating if a man refers to a woman as being a whore or a bitch, even worse, if a man expresses something derogatory regarding a woman’s sexual explorations, or things that regard a sexual nature.

Now I indeed know that a lot of women do get offended by these supposedly obscene names, however, not every woman is the same. Some do not even care. And I am one of them.

The word “bitch” has never bothered me. Neither has the word “whore”. People call people names that have nothing to do with them all of the time.

Words do not mean anything unless one gives to them a specific definition. It is how one thinks in their mind.

Some people believe that money is power but that is not true. Knowledge is power.

I am an intellectual, a writer, a person who analyzes.

I do not write to get things off of my chest or as a way to cope like some people do. I write because I have a gift. Natural born talents that I am suppose to use.

My spirit moves me to speak truth.

If certain individuals are able to relate to the things that I write about and choose to learn, be enlightened, or inspired, then so be it.

I talk a lot about life. I cannot help it. I self express. And I absolutely love it.

One can learn from the ignorance of others just as they can learn from the brilliance that is within some.

Some people even believe that if one continuously speaks on a particular subject that it means that it bothers them. Where do some get their information from?

Where is it said that everyone one says, does, or feels the same things for the same exact reasons?

If one would feel a particular way if they were to experience a circumstance or were to be in a situation that they may consider perplexing or hurtful then that is on them.

I am admired and appreciated greatly by those who are on my level, and I the same to them.

People who are on the level already know the real deal.

We recognize that there are people that exist who are not affected and disturbed by the negativity of others due to the fact that those people are us in particular.

So we cannot be the only ones.

We are also well aware and are in tune with ourselves and actually do not care what anybody says or thinks about us in the least bit.

If we did we would not continue to be ourselves and continue to do all of the things that we enjoy.

Strong people grow and become even stronger when going through times of challenge. The fragile allow themselves to be injured by giving certain people a power over them that they continue to use and abuse.

It is not about trying to be hard, tough, and having something to prove.

There are just people out there who are not preoccupied with conventionality or plagued by insecurity.

We all come from different backgrounds and some of us have the ability to endure the incredible due to whatever circumstance that we may have been through in life.

Just because people are very nice and kind does not mean that they are sensitive or weak. And just because someone is strong or resilient does not mean that they are cruel or nasty.

There are all kinds of people and all different types of attitudes.

Everything is not about being hurt or being false just because it goes against what is ordinarily common.

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The Beauty And Blessing Of Authenticity: Attacks On Character For Being Unique

The Beauty And Blessing Of Authenticity: Attacks On Character For Being Unique

281066_stemsI hate when people have the audacity to attack a person over something that they have known and have been doing for all of their life.

Where do they get the gall to doubt, accuse, or challenge someone about their motives and capabilities?

They come from out of no where. As if one were just born yesterday and not aware of anything within their surroundings or of how to survive.

Jealousy and envy are indeed an irrational sickness and ignorance among many.

I have been the object of such attack by a chosen number of few in particular who believed that they were better than what they actually were. It had went on since I was a child and escalated as I became an adult.

Those type of people who feel that they are more sufficient and able to outdo someone else who is really the more qualified and the more innately equip.

I’ll admit that the instance use to anger me due to the fact that I knew the real deal behind the situation. That they were the ones who were inadequate and indeed acting out on preconceived notions and misconception.

They had inadvertently deceived and revealed themselves all at the same time. These people could not compare to me at what I knew or what I did in the least bit.

It would take them a while to discover that revelation and then to accept that fact. Yet it did not stop their disdain. And I really did not care.

A lot of the time when I had made an impression or an accomplishment, of course, they would have to downplay my achievements as being of no serious or legitimate value.

The mystery to this particular circumstance is, however, that I could instantly and accurately pick up on these people right off the back. The abilities that they lacked as well as their true ulterior motives.

The affirmation of their inferiority. Their states of being a bunch of nothings and nobodies. People of no real value. Of no grave importance. However, they would always continue to go on with their own fantasy and delusions.

They weren’t even on my level when it came down to intelligence and discernment. They did not have anywhere near the knowledge, strength, or power that I had.

All that they really had to show for anything was the bunch of skeletons that were in their unsightly closets.

Just because someone is older and so called more experienced in doing something does not necessarily mean that they are more efficient. They may just have not come across the right person to show them what certain things really mean and how certain things are really to be done.

To each his or her own. What goes for some people absolutely does not go for all.

I have an old soul. I have been here before. I was born with a caul. Just because someone is different does not give anyone the authority to underestimate and discredit them.

Some people will often deny or refuse to admit to the existence of what they may have never heard of or what they may have never come across.

These type of people really kill me when one does not behave in accordance to their specific standards. Usually in regard to the things that supposedly correspond with the approval of general society.

Conducting one’s self in any other opposing mode is considered by some individuals as reflecting an apparent stupidity or incompetency.

Tell me though, who is really the uneducated one? The one who is limited in their particular information or the one who is broader within their own mental horizons. I do not even need to ask a question to an answer that I already cognize.

No one can tell me anymore about myself than of what I definitely know.

If anything, I could tell them more about themselves that they’d never recognize to know.

The ridiculous crap that I have had to put up with certain people.

People who did not know me personally or even well enough. Just judging me with their infantile minds.

I never had to prove anything to anyone. And I never tried. However, the universe has abundantly brought me out into the open for all of the world to see just like the many others in the world who have a distinct and special purpose to fulfill.

My great ancestors and orishas have got me up on the top. Publicly rubbing my success in all of my haters and down-players  faces.

My enemies were always jealous of me. Scared of me. And desiring to become like me.

They did not want me to recognize myself for the person that I actually was. They never wanted me to seem as if I was good enough. When in actuality they were the ones who did not have the capacity to measure up.

I am very unique.

There is no one else out there in the world who is like me. Though there are those who are similar. Real children of the caul/veil are rare in character.

That is what makes me so honest. So genuine. So Authentic.

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First Thought/Second Guess?

First Thought/Second Guess?

1270904_interior_designHow many times have we dismissed our first thought just to find out that we were right all along?

Sometimes we as a people are incorrect at a thought or idea that we may gather from an encounter with someone or with a situation that we were made aware of only to find out that we were wrong.

That mistake happens. It is understandable. None of us are perfect yet we should not always be so assuming and quick to judge anyone.

In general though, my mother told me to always trust in my first thought. And she was right.

I cannot count how many first impressions that I had of people and situations that I had later found out to be accurate.

Since I’ve experienced this circumstance quite often I am unjustly sometimes considered as being judgmental toward others.

It does not take me a long time to read and to pick up on people. Some times I am able to discern the traits of a person’s character within an instant of coming into physical or mental contact.

Whether I see the individual in person or speak to them over the telephone I can read them like a book.

I have always been a good judge of character anyhow.

Second guessing our first impressions can sometimes get us into trouble if we are not carefully paying attention. We learn from the times when we do not heed to the inborn instincts of our nature. We also learn to trust within ourselves more confidently.

It is great to know that we have innate built in modes of warnings and protections that continue to lead and to guide throughout the journeys of our life.

We have our five and even sometimes sixth senses that help us to survive to yet another tremendous extent. And we would barely be able to live without any of them all put together.

One things is for sure and one thing to be taken as a word of wisdom is to not so often or at all second guess what momentously first comes into mind.

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