The Epiphanies Of The Extraordinary


It is funny how people attempt to go behind one’s back to do dirt, actually believing that the person that they are scheming against is unaware, or that they will never find out about the shenanigans that were done until it is far too late.

What if one is far ahead? Knowing and figuring out just about every detail of sequence that there is to an episode.

During negative instances of calamity some people will tend to believe that a person is oblivious as to what is going on around them if they appear to be undisturbed or unabashed.

Now, what is the definition of calamity?

Does what some people consider a loss, distress, affliction, or disaster actually account for what another person is actually going through?

The answer is no.

What if a circumstance or situation that is deliberately arranged for a negative purpose and outcome has absolutely no bearing or affect upon its inspired target?

What if an ordeal that had maliciously transpired in vain came to serve as an unintentional major advancement within that targeted person’s life?

It is strange and interesting to learn about the depths of gravity when experiencing the epiphanies that distinctly pertain to one’s own personal life.

I have recognized that in the times of my life that were to be altered by uncongenial people, I stayed intact.

I have noticed within the events that were suppose to cause me greats setbacks and downfalls that they were indeed just great pushes to send me up forward, and farther.

Extra Sensory Perception is a divine revelational attribute for certain people to possess. It is a very beneficial and resourceful gift for one to experience and to utilize.

In the present, through out, and over time, the past and the future will back set, set, then reset.

The reality that is set within and that is set apart from my own true world and within the world that we all live in proves to be at a direct seesaw level, a tug of war over the world and the accords that should inevitably win.

What I am innately surrounded by I intend to maintain. There is no other more appropriate outlet, or better way for me to survive. I live sustained by the natural desirable elements of my own existence my own pure deities, my own pure loves and lights, my own true fates.

Everyone has their own spiritual and nonspiritual beliefs. One person’s fact can be another person’s fiction.

As I have said before in the past, what is the truth to one person is sometimes foreign to another, yet both of their circumstances are real but not to each other.

Any claims that individuals do not come up into an agreement upon do not make any of those certain claims out to be false or non existent.

No one can touch or undue what is relevant and prevalent to and within one’s own special birthrights.



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Mechanisms Used Through The Use Of Black Magic/Witchcraft To Control One


There are all types of people in the world. All have their own different kinds of personality, attitudes, and demeanor.

As many people are unique and distinct within their own specific ways most people tend to be the same in the many of other ordinary ways when it comes down to socialization.

From an early age we as people are trained on how to interact with other people, how to cope with the cohabitation of the world and with society.

We are taught the basics of how to greet and to treat other people, how to respect and to be courteous toward other people, how to share with and how to accept from other people then how to mingle and to become engaged with other people.

However, what happens when one naturally does not want to behave or conduct themselves in the modes that are deemed standard or appropriate?

Every human individual cannot adapt to being trained or conveniently cultivated into something that they are not just to suit, or to meet the needs and demands of a swayed world and society.

A world and society that predominantly caters to familiarity to what primarily is within the general standpoint.

I know that I cannot and will not properly adjust to the things that are foreign to me without a bit of conflict and protest. I stand up for what I believe in and what I do not agree with at no matter what the cost may be.

If I were to give in to the specific moral or social requirements that innately are not of and within me then I would be giving up my true identity.

I am not an individual to compromise myself or any of my own set of rules and standards just to please or pacify anyone else.

Who has the authority to dictate to me how I should go about living or conducting my affairs within the certain orderly fashions?

A lot of people who refuse to go along with the programs that are designed by government or religious law are usually reprimanded and condemned, blatantly considered as an outcast.

Attacks are deliberated then made upon their character some even suggesting that these particular people were not raised or brought up correctly due to their parental guardians or environment, any and everything to disguise what is really at the root of the problem, the matter at hand, which is nothing more than the loss of control the inability to cause fear in one, the inability to influence, the inability to bribe, the inability to manipulate, the inability to coerce.

Too many people may have gotten offended or may have gotten their feelings hurt by some one who behaved too standoffish, spoke too much of their opinions, or who spoke too much of the truth.

There are numerous reasons behind what can get certain people up in arms and ready to underhandedly retaliate.

Nevertheless, when people fail at the psychological techniques of game playing by toying with another person’s mind they resort to the filthy and despicable.

When they do not succeed in trying to play on a person’s insecurities, or in trying to initiate a person into having insecurities, they then try to divert and tarnish by unnatural force.

A great deal of the world and society are under the influence and are being affected by evil black magic/witchcraft without even realizing it. Black magic is a negative form of magic that is derived from types of voodoo and witchcraft.

There is the positive side as well as the negative side within all aspects of life and the supernatural is no exception.

Not all voodoo or hoodoo (rootwork) is bad or negative. White magic/white witchcraft is done for positive and for good purposes.

As a person born of the caul/veil I innately possessed occult power that I had naturally utilized through my own Yoruba spirituality. I am an authentic and original voodoo priestess who does not follow the many general standardized traditional modes of worship.

I have that old time unique and potent power that I inherited through my beautiful family lineage of gifted priestesses. Which from an early age partly accounted for the evil black magic/brujeria that had constantly been done unto me.

I am protected as I venerate my ancestors and orishas yet there are many people out in the world who are very vulnerable and susceptible to such harsh and vile attacks.

Many things that appear normal and that appear to be a natural part of life are actually just indeed the interference of universal spirits, forces, and energies.

Supernatural influences that affect then maintain people’s circumstances, their situations, their minds, and their actions.

I have noticed a lot of things that go on that do not make any kind of sense, things that in my opinion give no reasonable explanation for certain behavior and circumstance.

However, those who may be of the same mentality or who may be involved in the same predicament will make agreeable rationalizations with one another, agreements that only make complete sense amongst their own type of crowd.

A sad fact, but a true one, is that most will go after the intelligent and productive people of the world who are strong, honest, and upstanding, because they have the power or ability to positively influence and make a significant change within the world and society.

I too often do not hear of people using evil black magic to apprehend and destroy the child molesters, rapists, and murderers of the world. However, they are quick to want to cause destruction to some innocent soul that they are jealous, envious, or intimidated by.

Our world and societies have many unresolved issues and discoveries that need to be dealt with and dug into.

Corruption is everywhere and the government also has a deviant hand in greed when it comes to control through the use of evil black magic/witchcraft.

Conjure is put into the things that we eat and drink, on our accessories, by our personal touch and belongings, through our names and dates of birth. And, so on.

As more and more people in particular are aware of how much of an intrusion that evil black magic is on the quality of life there should be a severe intolerance for these malicious burdens and blockages.

Positivity is indeed stronger than any form of negative deprivation.

Nevertheless, it takes a strong action just as well as a powerful reflective thought or meditation to attract a serious alternation.

Various measures contribute to the victorious defeat of those who connive through the cowardice mechanisms of evil black magic/witchcraft.

Whatever action that is spiritually appointed to one should always be done out wholeheartedly and sufficiently.

Any designated mission that is carried on with zeal and consistency guarantees the absolute win of each and every triumph that will never be overturned.



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Revelling In The Pure Ecstasy Of Positivity


It is not healthy to be around certain types of people. Environment is very important when one is happy and at peace they are surrounded by strong positive energy.

Negativity is like a poisonous thick gas that floats upon the air to make everyone sick and nauseous.

I have always been a loner but never lonely, outgoing but not too social.

People were attracted to my bubbly and animated nature yet I wasn’t the type who liked to be smothered by a crowd. I needed my space.

As an independent spirit I could never stand interference, the meddling of conflicted people who shared no spark ones who would carry their darkness everywhere around with them only to have their negativity attached to someone else.

Oh, what a drag.

People that want to ruin a beautiful smile. People who want to spoil a consistent joy.

I have never had any time for despair. Especially for a gloom that did not belong to me.

I find delight in the life that I am blessed with, in my unconventionality.

I stay true to myself, not bothered and affected by what is of no concern to me. Not influenced by other people, or by the ways of the world.

What is normal for a lot of individuals is completely abnormal in the things that I see, quite unnatural and undesirable very unsuitable for my taste.

I feel free, liberated, totally untouched by any fear.

I do not believe in being afraid, scared to indulge in the ecstasy of what calls to me from beyond. I reach out in full force with long, stretched open arms.

No worries. No pains. No problems. No regrets, just the day to day messages of certainty. The assurance in what is to come.

Every day is an adventure, a roller coaster ride of excitement, dangerous yet fun, dizzying yet educational. Tiring yet inspiring.

Even during my times of rest I travel in the unconscious state, passing through the realms of dreams exploring the other sides of existence, dangling in the mysteries of the mist then quietly falling back into my bed to awaken, into another reoccurring daylight of another extreme.



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Witchcraft People (Black Magic/Brujeria)


A very nice and dear viewer of my blog wrote to me. And I would not use this article to disclose what was written even though we had corresponded in public. I have respect for her and would never go to exploit her in any way whatsoever.

Any way, what I had expressed to this viewer could not have been better well said than to add to this particular subject.

Now as far as witchcraft people and the like go toward the good and those who are gifted, born of the caul:

“They are sick and they set out to devour people like us with their lies and schemes.

And in the process they steal from us. They try to take away all of our innate positive luck, energies, talents and mental capacity.

They are jealous and envious of our kind.

Many people fall for their schemes when we from the beginning knew what they were about.

Sometimes the ignorant people listen to them then turn against us and that is how they get over.

You know that it is sad but lies tend to spread faster than the truth and when the truth does eventually come out it is already sometimes too late because the damage has already been done.

I have went through this all of my life.

However, I learned that it was for a grave reason. I’ve known people like them for years, I’ve had people like them within my family.They are everywhere, so I know.

I’ve been blessed and watched out for due to my spiritual aspects and prevailed over them.

I am ahead of them because I have the gift of second-sight. I was given a message a while back to stop people like them, to get rid of them. And there is no one better for the job than I because I actually hate them and their kind with a great genuine passion.

We can kill them by truth-which is something foreign to them-and by our own natural spiritual power (voodoo magic if we choose to/we can do both).

I have these enemies still now trying to retaliate because spirit has me writing natural messages and insights of truth and it is bringing them all down.

I am sure as a spiritual person you understand what I mean and where I am coming from. Things and the universe work out then proceed in a way that average people do not understand.

People like us are here to make a change because we see, know, and understand what the rest of the world cannot.

The garbage type of people cannot destroy us unless we allow them to. We are much wiser and stronger than they are.

You just have to believe in yourself and within whatever may be around you (whatever faith or spirituality that you go with if any because I would never try to influence you about anything).

We are here to destroy them and take back our world and what belongs to us.”

By nature, I was born high class. Not rich, or having a large sum of money to frequently spend, but elegant and dignified although I still never did do without.

Some people have a false definition of what being high class actually is. Anyone could acquire a lot of money if fortunately they were born into a wealthy family, received an inheritance, won the lottery, or whatever other circumstance that may serve as a relevant example.

However, the possessions of financial wealth do not equate the possessions of a high class stature.

Many people walk around in pretense. Playing the part or role of what they consider to be refined and tasteful.

Most of them just put on an arrogant “uppity” air.

True high class nature is a state of mind an inborn attitude, an innate demeanor. Any gross income that is rewarded is just an enhancement to aid to a better well deserved life.

A well deserved life obtained through an honestly earned way of living.

I, like many other good, talented, hardworking people in the world knew what they were able to accomplish and knew what they were meant to have within their lifetime. Whether we dreamed our destined futures big, or whether we dreamed them small.

Nevertheless, there are the negatives that lurk, and the interferences that emerge from the darkness to devour.

They are the evil witchcraft people. Those demented and demonic souls who endeavor to hold other people back through the use of their wicked devices.

They try to harm and hurt yet they only bring pain to themselves. They are weak and wretched, full of heartaches and strains.

One can never take away from a person what they are, or what they are able to achieve. No matter what the circumstance.

The terms “you can’t turn a whore into a housewife”, or “you can take a person out of the street but you cannot take the street out of the person”, goes just the same for those who have been attacked by witchcraft.

They will not automatically be turned into what they are not.

People work witchcraft for many different reasons, however, the most common-and I know this from experience-is the sabotage and hindrance of the successes that are due to other deserving people.

Many who cast spells or who have others to cast the spells for them believe that if they take away a person’s lot (luck/fate) that they will lose sight of their hopes and dreams only to trot down to a path of repetitive disappointment.

Some people do give up then give in to the illusion of manipulative black magic; however, they are not always to blame.

Some people are not even aware that they may have been crossed up. They may not understand the concept or intent that is behind the certain forms and mechanisms of black magic.

Some even do not believe in the negative effects of witchcraft at all. They may just chalk up their situation to the notion of life not always being fair.

For those who do know and believe in the dark forces that are conjured to be placed and violated upon one know that where there is a will there definitely is a way.

They then fight their way through their ordeal by whatever means that is necessary.

White magic is a much stronger tool.

It is way more powerful and way more potent to use against black magic/witchcraft.

Especially while at the same time reversing all of the black magic straight back to each of the senders.

The universe works in wondrous ways. Not only just by karma, but by giving the negative witchcraft people an extra dose of their own well deserved medicine.

I personally recognized on my own that no one’s use of wicked device could ever kill my spirit, or kill any of my dreams.

Nor could the wickedness kill my peace and happiness.

Anything that anyone is able to take away is not worth having to begin with. Therefore I would really not want it. So there leaves within itself no loss.

In the like, anything that anyone is not able to take away has far great value. As it is equivalent to that particular one. Only set for that one, unwavering from that one. So there is much that is to be gained upon by that one.

There have always been people in the world who have sought out to bring other people down. And witchcraft has always been an option that certain people have resorted to whether it was out of extreme hate, or out of extreme desperation.

A low class mind is no match for a mind that is high.

A high mind is not preoccupied with the disapproval or the criticism of others but with the satisfaction that is found upon within one’s self.

A high mind is not preoccupied with the calamity of others or of the calamity that is wished upon from others but with the prosperity that is built upon by one’s own self.

A high mind is not preoccupied with the burdens of a dislike that holds one back but with the triumphs of a hatred that prevents one from being held back.

No matter how hard witchcraft people stalk other people. How hard they try to confuse other people. How hard they try to contaminate other people’s spirit. It is the high mind that will overcome and conquer.



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People Who Place Their Insecurities On Others: Everybody Does Not Get Their Feelings Hurt And Everybody Does Not Get Embarrassed



When I was ten years old I got hit by a car. The lady driving the car hit me on purpose.

It was an attack on my life but I survived without any broken bones or serious injuries. I was extremely lucky.

I flew up into the air hit the hood of the car then fell upon the street in front of my house right on my behind.

The first thing that I did was jump up to my feet and run. I ran to my back yard.

Later on I found out that amongst certain ignorant people my actions were considered as an expression of embarrassment.

If anything, I was in a state of shock, not at all embarrassed. Why should I have been?

I know that some people do try to play things off; however, I am tired of people trying to put their insecurities on other people.

I hate when others automatically place me into the category of what is general or generally expected within this society.

I hate to be generalized because I am my own unique individual. One thing that I have always hated within this society is the obstinate ignorance of others.

I’ve heard many people say that people just pretend that negative things or situations do not bother them. However, that is not true. People only feel that way because if it were them that were in those particular situations they would feel down and be hurt.

People tend to judge others by the way that they judge themselves. The world that we live in is indeed a very sick society.

It is even more of a problem if one is a woman due to the fact that a female is often considered as being too emotional or weak, especially when it comes into comparison with a male.

I cannot speak for every woman in the world; however, I have never been the weak or emotional type.

Many general and ignorant beliefs stem way back from the bible, a book that I have many disagreements about because it actually contradicts many of the things that I have experienced within my life.

(And I am not specifically speaking on the woman issues within the bible. I am referring to a variety of subjects. I know that weaker vessel actually means physical. I just wanted to clarify that because people tend to take things out of context)

As a woman or just as a human individual, when I had appeared unaffected by negative words, actions, or circumstances that had surrounded me at a point in time, some who had attempted to hurt or to bring me down had preferred to assume and believe that I was just putting up a front, acting on pretense.

This in fact was nothing more than a lie, just wishful thinking on their part because they did not want to accept the truth. They did not want to be outdone.

Jealous people who are inferior will accuse one of putting up a front due to a head game that they play. They play this game in order to try to get underneath a person’s skin because in actuality the strength is what makes them even the more jealous.

People who truly believe that everyone gets hurt or are disturbed in anyway by the negativity of others are just not that strong and are being naive.

I speak from experience.

That is the reason that people lash out at others to begin with. When they lie on one, call one names, and so on.

They do these ridiculous things because they think that their actions will hurt or bring the person down. It may work on some people. Not with everyone.

Not if they are strong and on a particular level.

Ignorant people are not equip enough within the mind to distinguish certain concepts. That is why they continue on with their nonsense.

I am proud that I have the knowledge and the strength to not be influenced by the many preconceived notions and misconceptions of the world.

Another thing that I hate within this society is how certain men, and certain women as well, actually believe that it is suppose to be devastating if a man refers to a woman as being a whore or a bitch, even worse, if a man expresses something derogatory regarding a woman’s sexual explorations, or things that regard a sexual nature.

Now I indeed know that a lot of women do get offended by these supposedly obscene names, however, not every woman is the same. Some do not even care. And I am one of them.

The word “bitch” has never bothered me. Neither has the word “whore”. People call people names that have nothing to do with them all of the time.

Words do not mean anything unless one gives to them a specific definition. It is how one thinks in their mind.

Some people believe that money is power but that is not true. Knowledge is power.

I am an intellectual, a writer, a person who analyzes.

I do not write to get things off of my chest or as a way to cope like some people do. I write because I have a gift. Natural born talents that I am suppose to use.

My spirit moves me to speak truth.

If certain individuals are able to relate to the things that I write about and choose to learn, be enlightened, or inspired, then so be it.

I talk a lot about life. I cannot help it. I self express. And I absolutely love it.

One can learn from the ignorance of others just as they can learn from the brilliance that is within some.

Some people even believe that if one continuously speaks on a particular subject that it means that it bothers them. Where do some get their information from?

Where is it said that everyone one says, does, or feels the same things for the same exact reasons?

If one would feel a particular way if they were to experience a circumstance or were to be in a situation that they may consider perplexing or hurtful then that is on them.

I am admired and appreciated greatly by those who are on my level, and I the same to them.

People who are on the level already know the real deal.

We recognize that there are people that exist who are not affected and disturbed by the negativity of others due to the fact that those people are us in particular.

So we cannot be the only ones.

We are also well aware and are in tune with ourselves and actually do not care what anybody says or thinks about us in the least bit.

If we did we would not continue to be ourselves and continue to do all of the things that we enjoy.

Strong people grow and become even stronger when going through times of challenge. The fragile allow themselves to be injured by giving certain people a power over them that they continue to use and abuse.

It is not about trying to be hard, tough, and having something to prove.

There are just people out there who are not preoccupied with conventionality or plagued by insecurity.

We all come from different backgrounds and some of us have the ability to endure the incredible due to whatever circumstance that we may have been through in life.

Just because people are very nice and kind does not mean that they are sensitive or weak. And just because someone is strong or resilient does not mean that they are cruel or nasty.

There are all kinds of people and all different types of attitudes.

Everything is not about being hurt or being false just because it goes against what is ordinarily common.

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The Beauty And Blessing Of Authenticity: Attacks On Character For Being Unique

281066_stemsI hate when people have the audacity to attack a person over something that they have known and have been doing for all of their life.

Where do they get the gall to doubt, accuse, or challenge someone about their motives and capabilities?

They come from out of no where. As if one were just born yesterday and not aware of anything within their surroundings or of how to survive.

Jealousy and envy are indeed an irrational sickness and ignorance among many.

I have been the object of such attack by a chosen number of few in particular who believed that they were better than what they actually were. It had went on since I was a child and escalated as I became an adult.

Those type of people who feel that they are more sufficient and able to outdo someone else who is really the more qualified and the more innately equip.

I’ll admit that the instance use to anger me due to the fact that I knew the real deal behind the situation. That they were the ones who were inadequate and indeed acting out on preconceived notions and misconception.

They had inadvertently deceived and revealed themselves all at the same time. These people could not compare to me at what I knew or what I did in the least bit.

It would take them a while to discover that revelation and then to accept that fact. Yet it did not stop their disdain. And I really did not care.

A lot of the time when I had made an impression or an accomplishment, of course, they would have to downplay my achievements as being of no serious or legitimate value.

The mystery to this particular circumstance is, however, that I could instantly and accurately pick up on these people right off the back. The abilities that they lacked as well as their true ulterior motives.

The affirmation of their inferiority. Their states of being a bunch of nothings and nobodies. People of no real value. Of no grave importance. However, they would always continue to go on with their own fantasy and delusions.

They weren’t even on my level when it came down to intelligence and discernment. They did not have anywhere near the knowledge, strength, or power that I had.

All that they really had to show for anything was the bunch of skeletons that were in their unsightly closets.

Just because someone is older and so called more experienced in doing something does not necessarily mean that they are more efficient. They may just have not come across the right person to show them what certain things really mean and how certain things are really to be done.

To each his or her own. What goes for some people absolutely does not go for all.

I have an old soul. I have been here before. I was born with a caul. Just because someone is different does not give anyone the authority to underestimate and discredit them.

Some people will often deny or refuse to admit to the existence of what they may have never heard of or what they may have never come across.

These type of people really kill me when one does not behave in accordance to their specific standards. Usually in regard to the things that supposedly correspond with the approval of general society.

Conducting one’s self in any other opposing mode is considered by some individuals as reflecting an apparent stupidity or incompetency.

Tell me though, who is really the uneducated one? The one who is limited in their particular information or the one who is broader within their own mental horizons. I do not even need to ask a question to an answer that I already cognize.

No one can tell me anymore about myself than of what I definitely know.

If anything, I could tell them more about themselves that they’d never recognize to know.

The ridiculous crap that I have had to put up with certain people.

People who did not know me personally or even well enough. Just judging me with their infantile minds.

I never had to prove anything to anyone. And I never tried. However, the universe has abundantly brought me out into the open for all of the world to see just like the many others in the world who have a distinct and special purpose to fulfill.

My great ancestors and orishas have got me up on the top. Publicly rubbing my success in all of my haters and down-players  faces.

My enemies were always jealous of me. Scared of me. And desiring to become like me.

They did not want me to recognize myself for the person that I actually was. They never wanted me to seem as if I was good enough. When in actuality they were the ones who did not have the capacity to measure up.

I am very unique.

There is no one else out there in the world who is like me. Though there are those who are similar. Real children of the caul/veil are rare in character.

That is what makes me so honest. So genuine. So Authentic.

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First Thought/Second Guess?

1270904_interior_designHow many times have we dismissed our first thought just to find out that we were right all along?

Sometimes we as a people are incorrect at a thought or idea that we may gather from an encounter with someone or with a situation that we were made aware of only to find out that we were wrong.

That mistake happens. It is understandable. None of us are perfect yet we should not always be so assuming and quick to judge anyone.

In general though, my mother told me to always trust in my first thought. And she was right.

I cannot count how many first impressions that I had of people and situations that I had later found out to be accurate.

Since I’ve experienced this circumstance quite often I am unjustly sometimes considered as being judgmental toward others.

It does not take me a long time to read and to pick up on people. Some times I am able to discern the traits of a person’s character within an instant of coming into physical or mental contact.

Whether I see the individual in person or speak to them over the telephone I can read them like a book.

I have always been a good judge of character anyhow.

Second guessing our first impressions can sometimes get us into trouble if we are not carefully paying attention. We learn from the times when we do not heed to the inborn instincts of our nature. We also learn to trust within ourselves more confidently.

It is great to know that we have innate built in modes of warnings and protections that continue to lead and to guide throughout the journeys of our life.

We have our five and even sometimes sixth senses that help us to survive to yet another tremendous extent. And we would barely be able to live without any of them all put together.

One things is for sure and one thing to be taken as a word of wisdom is to not so often or at all second guess what momentously first comes into mind.

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Opinions Or Facts?

864739_elegant_hallwayAny one can make a judgement. People do it all of the time. Even if what they base their impressions on is unreasonable.

Many people do tend to generalize then make assumptions without actually getting to know the character of a person. Which is sometimes wrong. Individuals erroneously read other people and situations frequently. It is not always wise to act out in haste yet it is done on numerous occasion.

People will judge a person by the company that they keep. By the rumors that they may have heard. By the amount of money that that person may have and the material possessions that they may own. By the way that they look or dress, and so on.

None of which circumstances call for a definite affirmation as to anything that is concrete. Unless one takes it upon them self to dig further and deeper into a particular situation.

Still some people choose to not listen or learn. They do not want to hear anything other than the opinion which they have formed up in their mind.

Yes, there is, and will always be, those pigheaded difficult people who cause us to classify them as being ignorant, however, we all can be a little lacking in areas of knowledge regarding certain situations.

Aside from the instance of taking things by semblance (face value) or influence we should evaluate and recognize when exceptions are required to be made.

What if the conclusions that we draw up originate from insight and experience? Does that still make our determinations more of an opinion rather than just mere fact?

We all get hunches, gut feelings that most of the time turn out to be right if we just trust in them with an assurance.

Some of us have the gifts of insight. And some of us just know our own wit by gathering much experience throughout the years of interaction between the many different types of people that are in the world.

A lot of people do not like to be figured out. Especially when they are in the wrong. They cannot stand to get caught up in their own iniquities. They get mad then resent the person who may have exposed them and their schemes. And they then desire to retaliate.

That is where the sickness comes in.

The people in particular know that they are wrong within their circumstance but place blame on the one that was able to detect what they were about.

When some people are justifiably judged or criticized harshly they prefer to ease their minds by going into denial. Accepting their personal or general impressionable views as nothing more than bias opinions. With no inch of truth.

Whether some people like it or not. Whether some people want to hear it or not. Opinions based on experience and substantial verified claim can without a doubt be considered as a fact.

Experience is a teacher. Experience is real. And that is just not my opinion. It is the most convincing fact of life.

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Living Life As A Spiritual Person


Psychic ability definitely does exist. The phenomenon is real. I know this due to the fact that I am clairvoyant.

As the times change and our world continues to evolve in correspondence more and more things are coming further out into the open.

Of course, there will always be those phony scam artists or those insecure wannabees that have that obnoxious desire to gain money or to attract attention. However, they do not spoil the reality of ones who are genuinely born with the preternatural ability, and who are authentic.

Pretense can only last for so long.

I do not understand why anyone would want to pretend that they are psychic or clairvoyant in the first place. Especially when they indeed know that they actually are not. I mean what really is there to gain, unless they’re looking for some type of praise.

One cannot fake supernatural ability. Not all of the way. There are spiritual manifestations that occur in the lives of those who are truly encompassed.

They occur within the body as well as around within the environment.

Everyone with psychic or clairvoyant ability also are not all alike. They have their own distinct characteristic traits about them.

Many spiritually gifted people need and reach out to one another for enlightenment. No matter how far advanced it is that they may be within their insight or abilities.

The development of knowledge and power is a never ending one whether the information comes from a mentor or by natural magical means. Self discovery and self growth is a lifetime learning lesson.

I myself am constantly aided by my ancestors, orishas, and spirit guides along with the interaction of the great universe.

I indeed know what is and what is possible. And I have the confidence and the strength to back up that experience.

Through our own gradual process of paranormal transpires we learn to better discern, trust, and then build upon those situations and circumstances that are vaguely and obliquely set before us.

Many people claim to have been born with the caul the caul which is also referred to as a “veil”, a part of the amniotic membrane that occasionally envelops the head and face of a newborn, is a representation that signals the bestowal of supernatural association.

There are many instances that go along with being born with a caul.

Luck, a connection to the spirit world, and different types of psychic power is just a few of the things that are imparted to the people who are born in this fashion.

Those that possess genuine caul birthrights are very special and unique. They are very wise and mysterious.

They see visions through their third eye.  They tune themselves in by magnetizing their radar. And they battle out the evils that are within the world.

I have heard that some consider their particular gifts and identities to be a burden. I, however, do not.

Everything that I have written is what I know from my own personal happenings and I have had extremely grave, deep experiences that I consider a blessing. Both the negative and the positive because the experience further opened my eyes to the specific matters of life.

I also could never imagine having an identity other than what is already of my own. I was born and connected to the things that sustain me. Paranormal is who I am.

And these gifts will never serve to become a burden.


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Jealousy And Envy: Knowledge, Creativity, And Gifts

492650_viewI’ve always been far ahead of my time. There are people who have constantly come after me unjustly.

They then in return paid for their shenanigans severely. Whether they had suffered quickly or at a more distant time.

All of my young life I have been the object of many peoples envy and jealousy.

Jealousy and envy are two of the most ugliest things that are in existence. These negative emotions are also a very irrational sickness within many people.

When certain individuals are blessed and have a lot of fortunate advantages going on for themselves there will tend to be much havoc or conflict through the malicious means of other not so fortunate people.

I self published an autobiographical novel stating my experiences along with the incidents that had went on around my family as I grew up as a child.

The book, of course, did not explain my entire life story because I was only twenty-three years of age when I had wrote it.

And because there were still certain pieces of my life’s puzzle that I had to put together to analyze more clearly and correctly. So I did not make known every detail of my early trying occurrences altogether within my autobiography which was a very wise decision and action that was made on my part.

After my book began to circulate there was even much more intense gossip, rumors, and lies spread about me than there was ever beforehand within and around my old neighborhood that I use to live in.

The jealousy and envy that the people had already felt towards me had skyrocketed to all new heights.

My enemies took their negativity to a whole different level of insanity.

Relatives of mine were absolutely no exception regarding the situation. In fact, they were the ones who had initiated the entire ordeal amongst the majority of these people in the first place.

A lot of envy and jealousy starts within the home, within the family unit.

I grew up living in a household full of drug addicts and alcoholics so I wrote about those circumstances.

Years before I had ever thought about writing or publishing an autobiographical novel my certain relatives were going out into the street speaking abusively about me.

They spread both silly and vicious lies.

I was just a child. What harmful things could I have possibly done? How bad could I have actually been?

These deliberate slanders had come from hardcore drug users who had done every mischievous act that was known to man yet I was the one who was being put on trial.

My family’s fellow degenerate associates had the nerve to take their words/lies as “gospel” then adhered to harass me with their taunts of ill-minded ignorance.

The most ridiculous gossip and rumors were continuously being spread around about me. Things that had actually nothing at all to do with the truth regarding my life.

These people just intensified and perpetuated the contempt and low regard that I had felt prior for them.

I was never fond of their kind/class of people.

I hated them even more. And I considered them even more dim-witted and invaluable than I had ever thought imaginable or deemed possible.

That accurate impression that I have of those degenerates will never leave my mind. They are sick-minded beyond reason.

Problems and insecurities that my relatives themselves indeed had had been conveniently placed onto me through their deceitful tactics.

Insinuating to others that their particular complexes or hang ups were those of mine. Troubles that I within myself struggled with.

They were very manipulative of circumstances and situations. Practitioners at undermining.

I could write a many of books about the treacherousness of my no good family members. They have made attempts to kill me. They have made attempts to get me raped. They have made attempts to make me lose my mind.

All because they and the other people were jealous and envious of my character.

They resent me for my upstanding dignified nature. They resent me for my sharp wit and intelligence. They resent me for the spiritual gifts of second-sight that I possess. And they resent me for being a person who is not afraid and who cannot be influenced, manipulated or controlled.

I am too strong and too confident within the mind.

Even with my ambitious ventures upon the internet there are green eyed perpetrators who are involved with the conspiracy.

Once my first published book hit the market my great grandmother who is now deceased lied and said that my mother had given me the information to create my “fabricated” tale. Which was far from the truth because my mother had no idea as to what I was going to write in detail.

I wrote and created my own novel all by myself without the help of anyone.

In fact, til this day, my mother has never even read my book. She does, however, know what my autobiographical novel was based on.

When I verged onto the internet with my blogs I was criticized by a chosen number of few. Particular foes who had heard of or knew of me.

They insolently made attempts to discredit my knowledge and capabilities by accusing me of presenting inaccurate or false and dangerous misinformation to the world of online viewers.

They did this only because they were liars who were use to intimidating and coercing other people into going along with their program. And because I knew things that they had no knowledge regarding.

That was the way that these people operated and they still do.

They resort to all types of crazy schemes. They prevail doing various kinds of malicious dirt. Their motives are to rise in social stature. Social standings and positions that they do not deserve in life.

They are nothing but crooks with checkered pasts and presents.

I do not speak on what I do not know. I speak on facts through definite experience, communication, and the accurate studies of life.

There are degenerate people in particular who continue to try to discourage me from writing on the internet as of now. My truths about life and what negatively goes on amongst what is kept camouflaged and indirect is too much of a reality check for them.

They desperately and intentionally look out for flaws or incompetence within my works. They hope for the opportunity to poke and pick at what they are so jealous and envious about.

I know that I am not the only person in the world to experience this sick dilemma. The beautiful outcome regarding these circumstances though is that I am in no way whatsoever affected by the nonsense.

It does not bring me down. If anything it elevates me because I am such a positive and level minded person of productivity.

We are all faced with certain situations and circumstances within our lives. The challenge is not to make the best out of them but to take the worst out from them then conquer.

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The Advantages Of Blogging

36778_flowersI love to write. I am a natural born writer. I have been writing ever since I was a child.

I had the opportunity to get a book published by a mainstream publishing company when I was about ten or eleven years of age.

Since then, I actually have gotten two books self published.

I have been a blogger on the internet now for seven years straight. I first started on a site called Blogsource but they had eventually shut down.

So I moved on and found an even better platform at WordPress.

All writers need a solid place to express themselves and to release their talents. Building a foundation is essential. Once established, one endeavors to find sustainment.

Whether they want to maintain a specific literary venture, a creative practice of their skills, an experimentation, or so on.

My writing calls out to me. It is automatic. It is spiritual as well as occupational.

Aside from the natural desire to write as a hobby and as a career, there are the obligations that will sometimes occur.

The binds of censorship.

We are not always at liberation to convey our views, discoveries, or messages just anywhere.

It is very nice to be able to get paid a little or a lot of money by doing something that one loves to do if the investment of time is well worth the effort.

There are plenty of individuals who find what they do so rewarding within itself that they are not really too concerned in earning such a large sum of money for their accomplishments.

It is not always about the money with all people. It is more about the satisfaction of personal achievement and fulfillment. To gain even further through earning a significant figure just adds to the venture being absolutely grand.

In my judgment, and also as a fact, one can go quite far pursuing their writing aspirations on the internet.

Now exactly what route that one should take is absolutely up to the individual person because what will work out for one will not necessarily take at hold for another.

These many particular write to get paid websites on the internet are a very constructive and productive mode of sharing and promoting our literature.

The only downfall is that all writing sites that claim to pay are not always effective.

When one has found one to best suit their need that is a great and beneficial advantage.

Another possible drawback is how much leeway a site may give in regard to the particular content submitted from a member.

Some write to get paid sites are lenient while others are quite strict with their rules.

Most of the time these certain guidelines and restrictions cater to the quality of the website. And that is fair and understandable. However, some are just not worth the inconvenience.

That is why I continue to love ordinary blogging.

On a personal blog one is totally free to self express without limitations, except for extremely obscene or vulgar content.

I often write subjects that are written in a controversial manner-yet I do know how to curb and moderate the things that I put out into the open when it is appropriate professionally.

There are instances when we have to make allowances.

I am blunt. Very candid. I do not hold back on anything. Well, mostly anything depending on what I am motivated by.

I do not entirely let out everything within my words of wisdom and insight. Every single acknowledgement is not meant to be shared or told. A lot of statements are just better left unsaid.

Nevertheless, I speak the truth and I do not care who does not like it.

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Red Lobster Versus Home Cooking

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYears ago, I use to pay frequent visits to Red Lobster.

I loved to sit in the dim lit atmosphere of the restaurant, whether I sat at a table amongst a crowd, or singly up at the bar catching a view outside the large picture window at Times Square located in Manhattan, New York.

I loved eating the cheddar bay biscuits as I awaited for my first order of chicken finger appetizers.

When the main course would come I’d indulge in the consumption of the scrumptious rice pilaf and jumbo butterfly shrimp that I would always continue to order.

Especially when Red Lobster had constantly ran that two dish meal for twenty dollars. I had taken advantage of what I ate there for that price.

My bill never went all the way over thirty dollars.

As a young person I loved to go out to enjoy the scenery every now and then. I still do.

However, I am not as enthusiastic about eating out at my certain restaurants as I use to be.

It was a stage that I eventually grew out of. And it transpired naturally as I progressed within my lifestyle.

We all tend to change a bit here and there.

What had got me to begin to think when it came to Red Lobster though-because Red Lobster was my number one top favorite restaurant once upon a time-was how I could come out much cheaper by making a purchase at my local grocer, to then go home and cook my own rice and shrimp dinners.

It was a fabulous idea of mine that had actually worked out for the better.

I bought the vegetarian suitable “Near East” brand of rice pilaf. And a box of Gorton’s jumbo butterfly shrimp.

The Gorton’s popcorn shrimp would do just as well as an alternative.

By the way, Gorton’s fish sticks and breaded and battered fish fillets are also delicious and to die for. I have eaten those seafood products for years and with much delight.

Any way, to add an extra bonus to my discovery my rice and seafood dishes had tasted extremely better. And they were more wholesome than compared to whatever products that Red Lobster had used then served.

I would also have portions of my dinner left over that I could graciously eat at a more later or convenient time. Red Lobster was stingy when it came to supplying generous amounts of food per servings to a plate.

Ever since then, I have not visited the restaurant on a regular basis.

Now when I do go it is only on occasion. Like if I get hungry while I am out and about and, there is a Red Lobster somewhere near around.

I rarely eat out at restaurants now, period.

I prefer to prepare my own foods at home. I believe that I come out much safer and healthier that way because I am the one who is doing the cooking.

I know exactly what is being put into what I eat and I know for sure that everything that I consume is sanitary.

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503182_neurtal_viewpointThere are people that exist who are absolutely not interested in sex at all.

There are certain men and women in the world who do not have any sexual desire or attraction toward one another whatsoever.

And I am one of those particular individuals. I was born asexual.

I had known about my sexual identity ever since the age of fifteen. Some people claim to have never heard of the term “asexual”.

Many who have heard unfortunately have a lot of misconceptions as to what asexuality actually is and means.

Asexuality is not equivalent to celibacy due to the fact that one does not choose to become asexual.

Celibacy is a personal choice that some people make when they decide to abstain from having any type of sexual relations (intercourse).

Asexuality is only similar and a form of being celibate for those who do not engage in a lifestyle that includes having sexual intercourse.

Some people who are celibate still have a sex drive.

They tend to be lustful with desire they just refrain from the indulgence in sexual activity for whatever reason that they may have chosen.

With asexual people there is no sexual appetite.

There are asexuals who have had sex before within their lifetime yet they did not acquire an enjoyment or satisfaction from the experience.

Just as each human individual is different so is that of those who are of an asexual nature.

We do not all fall and fit into the same category.

Certain asexual people do yearn and look for the companionship that is within a romantic relationship. Their lack of interest in sex does not mean that they have a lack of emotional feeling or affection.

While some will submit to sexual activity on account of pleasing a partner. There are others who indeed will not.

I, for instance, am totally turned off by romantic gestures and sexual intimacy. I never felt the need or desire to get involved in a relationship with anyone-male or female.

I am not and have never been attracted to men or women.

Although there have been quite a few men who had sought after me diligently without having much luck or success in the process.

When it comes to a man I am naturally not the emotional and affectionate type.

As I am considered “frigid”, cold in both my attitude-mentally and physically-as well as emotionally, I do not have a problem with that. I feel no remorse.

I am very proud of who and what I am as a person. I love my nonsexual, independent lifestyle.

In a highly sexualized society I find a freedom and liberation in being asexual. There is a power that reigns from within, and that shines.

My own asexuality defines a great part of who I am. And I would not have preferred to have been designed in any other way.

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The Right Career Path

1169981_windowchairNo matter what. And if it is possible. One should endeavor to be satisfied within them self and within their life.

It is very important to never give up on the most passionate desire.

Many people know what they are and/or what they want to become at a very early age.

I definitely knew what I was born to be.

Even if one temporarily loses focus due to whatever circumstance that may come to be their purpose-if truly meant-will eventually find it’s way straight back to them.

Throughout our journey here on earth we go through experiences and are given many opportunities.

It is up to us to make the right decisions and to learn from our certain mistakes.

What I have recognized about myself and within my life is that-if there is something or someone that my heart really is not into-then the situation will not at all turn out for the best.

In spite of any efforts that were made to persuade or to change my mind regarding particular circumstances, I stood firm and unyielding.

I refused to submit to the interference of others.

I was absolutely clear on what I did and did not want within my own life. And I was always correct in my judgment.

I have worked for employers. Holding down positions that were just a waste of my time. That were beneath me. And that were not allowing me to exceed to my fullest potential.

Although I had been recognized and honored at my jobs they did not at all do me any justice.

I knew that I was capable of achieving a whole lot more due to my talent, knowledge, and abilities.

I am extremely independent so I had to work to keep myself occupied.

I made good money-even sometimes working two jobs-to support and to provide for myself the things that I had needed.

I am not the type to sit around to do nothing. I am very constructive and productive.

At the same time, I am not the type to sit around and let my true destination run by pass me.

Not after my purpose had called out to me then stared me in the face.

No way. I am a fighter.

I chase after what I want. Then I take what is mine. I took pleasure in the occupations that I had. However, I was in no way dependent upon any of them.

I could become much more successful in doing what I was made to be, what I was born to do.

I had plenty of jealous and envious people along down the road, striving to hold me back from advancement and success-even still til this day- yet I knew that they would fail. And they did whatsoever.

Life is extremely deeper than what many people can see.

One cannot ultimately stop inevitability. Especially when there lays truth, discovery, and then change.

Perseverance is highly underestimated.

When one is steadfast and determined nothing and no one will be able to stand in their way.

They will prevail. They will succeed in whatever mode for them that is possible. I absolutely know because I am living proof.

Never give up. I did not. I never will. Not on anything that I genuinely believe.

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What I Put On My Plate

stock-photo-14768251-shrimps-in-tomato-garlic-sauce-with-basil-flowersIt is vital in this day and age for us to take care of our health. In the inside as well as on the outside.

Many things that are made out on the market today are filled with hazardous chemical ingredients and artificial matter.

When I go shop for food I look for quality. I am very particular about what I purchase.

I constantly check the product labels, ensuring that what I eat is appropriate and in accordance to my specific diet.

I love to eat, however, I do not always like to cook.

So I often search for foods that are already prepared or that just have to be heated up inside of a toaster oven.

Healthy items such as bread, crackers, peanut butter, certain frozen foods, and so on.

I just keep them handy for those times when I get lazy or not in the mood for laboring over a stove.

I’ve been a vegetarian for exactly twenty-three years. I started out back when I was fourteen. I will turn thirty-eight this year in the month of may.

When I first began this particular lifestyle I was a strict and pure vegan.

I absolutely consumed no type of animal products. No dairy foods or beverages. No poultry. No seafood. No beef (red meat). No pork (the other white meat).

Just fruits, vegetables, grains, natural juices and water.

All of that changed during my late teens. I became a vegetarian who only refrained from eating beef and pork.

I do not eat any of the substances that are derived from those two animals.


I eat dairy once in a while. Not as often as I use to. I love all natural ice cream, though. I am more of a chicken, shrimp, and fish eater. I only like the whiting in particular.

I am crazy about any vegetarian dish that is complimented with a serving of rice.

Whatever it is that I consume it has to be both hearty and nutritious.

I do not eat at just anywhere or from just anyone. When I choose to dine out the restaurant has to administer elegance as well as quality.

My two favorite places to go eat at were Boston Market and Sbarro.

Years ago (at Sbarro), I’d eat the delicious tasting pasta dishes that did not contain any beef or pork such as baked Ziti, and a many of the other variety of foods that they had available, everyday during my meal when I was at work.

Sbarro is quite expensive, depending on how much food is placed and being weighed on a plate, however, the extra amount was well worth every penny that I had to spend.

They had so many good things to choose from. Salads, fruits, potatoes, rice, chicken dishes, and so on.

A Sbarro is nowhere near my vicinity as of now but I live right near a Boston Market.

I have ate at Boston Market for over a decade. The taste is distinct yet just as great as Sbarro without being as expensive.

I have indeed enjoyed quite a few other lovely establishments that catered to serving acceptable quality food.

Til now-and yet for always in the future-I will acquire to put nothing but exceptionalness up upon my plate.

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Up In Age People And Their Hygiene

1353242_bubbly_and_bubbly_iiSome years ago I took a trip down to Barnwell, South Carolina. I visited a family of distant relatives.

Upon arriving, I noticed a very heavy set woman who was about in her sixties at the time.

When I met and greeted the woman she was sitting on a chair with her thick size legs propped up against an ottoman.

I stayed at this person’s house for a whole week before returning back home to Queens, New York during the winter time.

For the entire week that I visited there at the old woman’s home I noticed that she would never get up to go bathe or wash. She carried a terrible stench that traveled throughout the area of the living room where she’d lounge around from for day to day, and night to night.

The odor that exuded from this large sized woman’s body was very loud and offensive. The smell was so bad and had made me so sick that I would have to leave out of the living room every now and then.

What created an even worse situation was the fact that this older lady would continuously urinate on herself, allowing her bodily fluids to absorb into the fabric of the chair that she obstinately sat in.

Her sisters, brothers, nieces, nephews, and grandchildren would come by the house where she lived to occupy sometime yet no one spoke a word to her about her hygiene or nasty behavior.

This woman knew how to constantly eat, gossip, and cause conflict but did not know how to properly take care of and respect her body.

It was not as if she was an invalid who could not do for herself. She was just lazy and unclean.

So one night the old woman and I had got into a confrontation due to her attitude and something else that she lied on me about. One or two days later the woman overheard me in the next room talking very negatively about her over the telephone.

The next thing that I knew I had witnessed her coming out from another room a day later with a damp washcloth hanging over her shoulder. The odor that had once clouded up the whole living room had suddenly began to fade and disappear.

It was a sad shame that I had to speak about her circumstances in such a harsh way before she took action then accepted the responsibility for her own personal hygiene.

I do not understand why-however-a lot of older folks go around to neglect their bodies. It is not something that should be ignored by bystanders who are relatives either.

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I Write What I Want To Write

872463-200I believe in the power of freedom. And I believe in the privilege of liberation. I also believe in the importance of self expression.

I am one who has never suffered from fear. The fear to be truly who I am.

Authenticity is a very powerful thing. Especially in a world that is dominated by conventionality.

I take advantage of my originality.

Facing possible ridicule or rejection from anyone or anything in general has never discouraged me from continuing on with being innately different and unique.

I find excitement and much delight in the things that I like even if or when no one else does.

Generality is boring to me.

Some people let certain others influence them. Then dictate to them how they should go about conducting and maintaining their own lives.

I do not.

Never have. Never will. I have my own way of thinking. My own style. My own way of approach. And I have never been afraid to speak my mind.

I-and I only-decide what is and what is not beneficial to or appropriate for me within my own life.

I have always enjoyed the literary craft of writing. One of the most artistic modes of personal and creative expression.

I have the gift of automatic writing.

A natural, energetic talent that has followed me from childhood to adulthood. Words and sentences just flow about in accordance without the use of previous contemplation or strenuous efforts.


My spontaneous, various thoughts and ideas have a distinct life of their very own.

They are lively and eager-all waiting to be born. Each a reflective production of the mind and of the spirit.

Both active and consistently ready to give birth. Their remnants survive then multiply by the marks that are left in the signature of their celestial prints.

If I dared to compromise my genuine identity. My true inner voice of supernatural magnetism.

I’d only be defying myself. My own grave and special purpose.

I would never downplay or sell myself short to please anyone. I will never change or alternate my writing techniques for any amount of money, weak authoritative power, or shallow misplaced prestige.

What I am surrounded by is not cheap and easy to buy.

It is a spirituality, a force that constantly exudes richness, strength, veneration, and loyalty.

Sustained by foundation.

Tied to what I am honestly of. With the desire to never disown where I come from and what has gotten me here today.

I recognize and treasure all that great beauty.

I’ll never pretend to satisfy or to gain the appreciation of others who do not matter in the least bit to me.

I am led by my connection to the universe.

To share and to spread my accurate knowledge, experiences, analysis, unconventional lifestyle, and perspectives on life, and society.

To indulge in the urges of my constructive passion. The mastering of my arts. The aptitude of my gifts.

And I do not care who does not like or agree with the many forms of my content.

I am a fighter, a survivor, a truth teller.

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Pretentious People

728823-200There are people who suffer from low self esteem and feelings of inadequacy. Some of them are easily influenced by the fads of our culture along with the human beings that are not afraid to display their own particular individuality.

As they are full of envies, jealousies, and admiration toward those who may fit in with popularity or originality they compromise themselves in order to gain the approval and acceptance that coincides with the general population.

I made an observation many years ago.

I noticed that certain insecure people actually thought and believed that a sudden fashionable alteration in appearance could bring to them an automatic uprise within their stature or status.

Just by merely switching from shabby or hand me down clothes to pristine and stylish apparel gave them a sense of pride and a feeling of elevation.

I’ve often seen this type of behavior particularly within the low scale degenerate community.

These class of people usually overdue their activities.

Their modes of conduct become exaggerated. Pretentiously affected, trying to be more than what they are.

And at the same time they make a complete fool of themselves to those who are able to see right on through to them.

It is indeed a sickness.

The transparent ostentation-a psychological inferiority complex-that incites them to impress or measure up to a caliber in which they are unable to obtain, is a natural result from their own taunting bouts with a poor self image.

These people do not have their own identities.

So they attempt to adopt the more appealing and desirable personalities that are fortunately encompassed in certain others.

Wardrobe plays a factor mentally to these people because they perceive outward appearance as a definition and description of character, substance, or importance. And also as a doorway to confidence or self esteem.

In reality, occupation, money, clothing and material possessions absolutely do not define or make anyone more worthy, valuable, equal, or better than anybody else.

It is our own natural, true character that really makes us who and what we are as people.

The depth of our individuality.

Our genuine demeanor. How we carry ourselves.  How we respect ourselves. What we stand for and what we believe in.

The dignity that ultimately resides.

Self esteem, confidence, and strength comes from within. One could be wearing what may seem like the most atrocious looking articles of apparel, depending on opinion-yet be feeling the most proudest and superior about their entire state of being.

That would generate from an individual that is extremely secure within self and within purpose, and who would obviously not care to place insignificant value on what is considered to them as paltry.

No one has to go around purposely dressing up in a tacky manner to prove that they are self assured. However, if they do, it does not always imply that they are down on their luck or, down in the dumps either.

When one feels good about their self though they do sometimes tend to show it off on the outside.

And not for the attention of others or to impress anyone specifically, but as an appreciation for the elegant taste and style of refined self expression.

A lot of people cannot afford to buy the latest or expensive clothes. Some have their own particular preference.

Some who even do have the money to purchase the high quality fashion articles just prefer not to.

Whatever a person wears will not give them any more or any less capacity than that of what they already possess. And walking around to play the part of dress up will not equate for veritable means.

Counterfeit is exactly what it is no matter how hard one puts on a disguise. The truth inevitably reveals. Clearly-and all throughout to the surface.

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True Crime Novels


I love things that are real. And I like to get down to the truth of any matter. Most of my favorite television programs involve dramas that are based on fact, whether it is the actual dialogues and footage or the reenactments of the true events themselves.

We mostly all love “America’s Most Wanted”. I had watched that show since it first aired back when I was still a child.

I have enjoyed years as I devoted my spare time religiously watching True Crime series such as Forensic Files, The Investigators, Body Of Evidence, Snapped, Dominick Dunne’s Power Privilege And Justice, and certain other attention grasping programs that I cannot remember to name right at this moment.

However, there was a more recent True Crime series called “Final Witness” that had debuted and aired every Wednesday night around 10p.m. this past summer. I hope that ABC television station eventually renews the drama for future seasons to come.

One of my favorite hobbies is reading good books. My number one favorite type of books to read is, of course, True Crime novels. I am particularly fond of the “St Martin’s True Crime Library Series”.

Those books as I have once said before do literally keep one up all night long! I know this from experience. In my opinion, they are so darn good. The content inside of those fact based novels are so shocking, so interesting, so gruesome-and I just love them!

Not only are they entertaining but also informative, educational, and resourceful.

It is always intriguing to take a dive into the tragic and mysterious lives, minds, and experience-as well as the events-of others. Especially if what we are observing is relatable or foreign. It is often incredible and unbelievable the things that can and do go on around and within the world.

Things that we do or do not understand things that are insane. Things that we ourselves would not even imagine making transpire.

Some people are so crazy and bizarre that there is a certain humor to be found within them along with the pity or hatred that one may feel towards them and the acts that they carry out.

There are those who do not have the tolerance or desire to read the gory details that hold my attention in my hand picked favorite True Crime novels. The pages are nothing different from the dangers, violence, and negativity that are being written all among us every second, minute, hour, week, month or year during our critical times.

It is just actually what is and nothing to be oblivious of. In fact, many of us need to continue to stay up to date.

There is no doubt that we all cannot believe everything that we hear on the news and by word of mouth, that we see on the television broadcast, or what we read in some books. However, we can use our good judgment to discern, analyze, distinguish then further learn and investigate.


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Measured Success/The Many Definitions Of Success

file0001680678086Success is many things to different people. To some, success may be fame. To others, success may be fortune.

To me, success is truly accomplishing the many things in life that serves to our purpose and that brings to us fulfillment.

If no one knew about any of our talents and gifts-the abilities that we have, the things that we are capable of doing, the things that we can achieve-would that make us any less able? Absolutely not!

People tend to underestimate the qualities and sufficiency of those that have yet not been discovered.

There are many everyday people within the world who are just as much knowledgeable, equip, and naturally endowed as any judge, lawyer, doctor, scientist, teacher, journalist, actress, singer, dancer, and so on-if not more so.

Often times it is just a chosen number of few close by relatives, friends, or mentors that are aware of a particular individual’s potential.

One does not have to be famous and rich to validate their importance, value, or worth.

There are plenty of rich and famous people in the world that are not really so talented and who do not really have anything vital or beneficial to offer to society, or even to themselves.

There is nothing wrong with gaining encouragement and inspiration from other people. However, what happens when or if there is discouragement from the negative people?

I know that I do not need the approval and acceptance of certain others to define what I recognize within myself.

Yes, sometimes there are those individuals who can see things in other people that they are unable to see within themselves. At the same time, no one knows us better than we do our own selves.

So just as long as we as people are satisfied with the outcome of efforts, the drive that creates determination, and the personal rewards of accomplishment-whatever it is that that may be-there is significant gained success.

True happiness comes from within.

Money, home, and occupation are indeed vital necessities that we all desire to maintain in life.

Nevertheless, in which way that we prefer to receive these establishments differs and varies depending on each individual person.

Knowledge is power.

It does not take a whole lot to make some people happy. An abundance of money is just an enhancement to those who are already content in their surroundings.

I personally am very successful. Gratified in my state of being. Just by doing and enjoying the things that I love, and having the access and platforms in which to do them. Any further advantages will all come in do time.

Before one can become a success throughout their venture they must have a secure structure and foundation within them self.

Only then will they definitely know how to measure the true depth of what their success actually means as opposed to what is ordinarily generalized.

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No Man Can Control Or Destroy Me

789200-200I was born asexual by nature. Not having any sexual attraction or desire toward any male or female is something that I am very proud of. My asexuality is a part of my identity as a female human being.

Men are an issue that I gladly never had to deal with. Especially as far as romantic relationships were concerned.

The only major problems that I ever had with particular men was those ignorant undesirable ones who resented me for rejecting them.

They were so very insecure and resented me so much that they sought out revenge on account of their feelings getting hurt along with their egos getting bruised.

To me, the entire situation and circumstances were ultimately ridiculous.

There were three of these degenerates all together about a decade ago who went around and spread rumors about me in an attempt to bring me down. The three of them all failed within their endeavors, of course.

They had tried to ruin my life through the use of evil black magic/Brujeria because they could not destroy me naturally. I was too intelligent, confident, and too strong of a female.

None of my character changed one bit while these three scumbags all attempted to alter my individuality and destiny.

I’ve always had jealous, envious, miserable people who worked witchcraft against me all through out my life-including my no good family members. They were the ones who had started all of the trouble to begin with due to their own feelings of ill willed jealousy and envy.

So when the three guys had come after me there was a team effort going on with the rest of my enemies (the trash).

What was so absurd and obnoxious about this whole ordeal besides these people not wanting to see me get anywhere in life or wanting to see me down and out and unhappy, was the fact that they had this sick infinity with my indifference toward men. And they still all do.

I innately lack care and concern for men within the intimacy department. Along with holding them as insignificant and bearing no importance to me.

I was genuinely born this way.

My apathy toward men is not spiteful or done out of any past hurt because I have never been in any passionate love relationship nor had I ever had any real deep feelings for a man.

There are men in the world who do not have any real desire or feelings for women. They just use some of them for sex, money, and whatever else.

I do not have a problem with that. I do not find this offensive in the least bit. It has absolutely nothing to do with me or my life so why should I care? To each his or her own.

Years ago before when I thought about the idea of having a child I said if I could not afford to go to a sperm bank that I would use a man for his sperm then go about my business without looking back.

That is just the way that I am. No strings attached, no emotional attachment, no nothing. There is no type of physical, mental, emotional, or sexual desire, need, or attraction for a man that is within me whatsoever.

I, however, do not plan to ever have any children. If I did, i’d definitely resort to the sperm bank. A man would never be one of my sacrificial options. The act would be too much of a turn off for me, considering the way that my mind operates. Penis and balls do not work for me.

Til this day, even after ten years an some change (a little over ten years) later, I am still being targeted.

The major issue and problem regarding my enemies and those three guys were the fact that I had never gotten done in or dogged out by any man before. I know that this sounds sad but this is the mentality of the average degenerate.

Flower_04Women within their category are jealous of me because I never had to go through the things that they had went through and had allowed themselves to go through with particular men. They all have regrets and insecurities that I will never have and experience, and I can talk about the instances.

The men within their category are jealous and resentful because they cannot talk about me in any derogatory manner unless by telling a bunch of negative outrageous lies. And because they feel that I am riding too high for a female.

Back during the time my enemies were spreading their gossip, rumors, and lies they had to use their black magic tactics in order to try to make their slander appear genuine and legitimate.

They even tried to make me fall for their sick illusions and delusions. They actually expected me to believe things, feelings, and acts about myself that were nowhere near the truth.

I thank my most beloved ancestors and orishas for loving and respecting me enough to not let any of that garbage affect me and manipulate my mind. I just had to give them that praise along with my strong mind and spirit.

Now to the ignorant and weak minded individuals who may have believed or fell for the lies and innuendoes that were being circulated that was totally their problem.

I never cared what people said or thought about me. Just as long as nobody put their hands on me. Otherwise there would have been some serious backlash.

Nevertheless, my enemies all knew what they had done. The black magic/brujeria, the slander, the harassment. They only hurt themselves though. None of them had gotten what they wanted out of the entire ridiculous ordeal. I did not come down. I did not care.

If anything, I grew, expanded within self, then retaliated with my spiritual gifts.

My life has been enriched. My horizons are broadened. I am so very grateful for the experience that taught me the depth of how grave my purpose is in life.

This morbid conspiracy amongst some of my enemies along with the males who could not handle my strength, knowledge, confidence, honesty, and rejection of them and their kind is completely insane. I know what it is all about anyhow. This is a sick society that prefers to keep certain people restrained and under the control of the corrupted.

I am thirty seven years of age now but I had been told years ago that I had a lot on the cap for a young girl-which I had already known.

I knew things that a lot of other people didn’t learn until they reached a certain age. That was all due to me being born with a caul/veil.

And that was another reason why my enemies tried to get over. Thinking that because I was young people would believe their lies since most people assume that the young are inexperienced or lacking within knowledge. And because I had the gift of second-sight for those who knew about it.

My enemies from time to time try to get inside of my head. They still attempt to change my way of thinking. They try to break my resilience. They try to weaken my senses. All to get me to submit to the so called “superiority of a man”.

I do not understand why they believe or assume that it is possible for a man to destroy me if I were to get involved with one due to the negativity or particular circumstances.

No one can control or destroy anybody unless one allows them to.

Anyway I am not the type that a man would be able to destroy. And no type of evil witchcraft or black magic will help out in the process either.

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Relations Dilemma

12064704-lovers--interracial-sensual-couple-making-love-in-bed-mystery-love-woman-in-mask-holding-gunI do not understand certain females who when they end up pregnant they don’t know whether or not they should choose to keep their babies.

They did not have a problem on deciding whether or not to have the sexual intercourse that could inevitably result in their possible conceptions.

I remember a female associate of mine called me up one day telling me that I was right.

“Right about what?” I said.

“You told me that I was going to get pregnant and I did. But I don’t know if I want to keep it”, she said in return.

I told this associate of mine at the time that she should keep her baby because she was still young. And that because she may not have wanted to or been able to have had another child during a later time within her life due to the lifestyle that she lived.

I also gave her a bit more of my reasonable and beneficial advice, and she listened to me, then made the decision to give birth to her baby.

The female acknowledged to me though that she would lie to another guy that he was the father instead of revealing who the actual biological father really was-so that she could get money out of him. That is, however, an entirely different story altogether, and one that I could care less about.

To me, that was her baby and her prerogative. Anyway, nine months later along down the line she had pushed out a little baby girl.

Another female that I know of wanted to keep her child once she found out that she was pregnant. Yet the guy that she conceived the baby with wasn’t so enthusiastic about the situation. He had “forced” her to undergo an abortion.

And she definitely did get rid of the fetus on account of her sex partner’s demand.

This particular female that I speak of was indeed a young loose whore just as the other one was, nevertheless, neither of them appeared to know the difference between the whole within their vaginas from a whole within a wall-or what it was meant for and what could come out from it.

They were too busy spreading their legs. Frivolously worried about being desired and admired, pleasured by their temporary outbursts of lust then tortured by their long term trials of being skanked.

In my opinion within my own knowledge I always believed logically that a woman should not have sexual relations with anyone that she would not consider marrying or having a child by.

Any other motive for intercourse with someone is just pure disgusting. I personally think sexual intercourse within itself is just pure nasty anyhow-but that is just my perspective.

Now I am not at all saying that one has to or should get and be married in order to engage in sexual activity or to make a baby because I do not feel that way whatsoever.

I do not even believe in the marriage union for myself. The concept does not make any sense to me. I do not agree with that two joining together to become one flesh. As a woman and a female I am naturally whole and complete.

I just believe that a sensible person of character should be very particular about who they would allow within their personal vaginal territory.

Many women who sleep around whether it is with many, just a few, or just on occasion do not automatically lose their value.

Having sex does not make a female any less than what she is. Intercourse does not take anything away from a woman. Certain females just do not value themselves enough depending on their particular circumstances and situations.

One does not necessarily have to want and desire a man that they conceive a child by, however, their choice needs to serve a grave purpose or value. Done for a constructive, meaningful purpose.

Some years ago on a job where I use to work at an eight-teen year old girl had complained to her peers that she was pregnant.

The guy who’d she’d been involved with left her for another girl so she felt that without a man in her life she could not have the baby.

And it just so happened that this female was another loose one.

I heard this revelation through her own words, through her own mouth. “I was a wild child”, she uttered to her peers.

There was even another young female coworker there at the job who was further along pregnant than she was. This girl was obviously showing. Her belly had stuck out very firmly.

The next thing that I knew she had underwent an abortion.

I overheard her telling her other female associates that she had been embarrassed about her pregnancy and that she did not want to be seen in front of the guy who had gotten her pregnant.

As a female and woman myself these other females minds and way of thinking is totally foreign from mine as well as society’s view, outlook, and standpoint regarding this particular subject and more.

A very long time ago there use to be “shotgun weddings”. Females who were unwed and pregnant were considered a disgrace then had to quickly get married to not be frowned up upon by ignorant judgmental people.

Then there is the case where a woman-who supposedly has “too many children” by “too many different men”-is considered as an inappropriate candidate for the position of activist, advocate, politician and, of course, proper role model.

What about the woman without children who may have been with far more men than the woman who decided to keep her children? She just didn’t have any children to show for her indiscretions.

So which of the females are really the better of than the other?

Sometimes maybe it is neither any one of them. However, i’d count on the one with the children having the better character.

What does how many men and children that she may have had have to do with her knowledge, competence, or qualifications compared to someone who just appears to look the part, fit the part, and sound the part on the outside-yet not actually measuring up to anyone of those vital standards and capabilities?

This sick world and some of the people in it need a reality check.

Unwed pregnancy is not an embarrassment. To me, I would be proud and take pride in becoming and being a single mother if I had wanted to.

No one could ever make me get an abortion if I did not want to have one. That is just completely insane.

Why is it a disgrace to get pregnant but to not have sex?

No one really forced anyone to get married after losing their virginity but instead forced those in particular to get married after conceiving a child.

How did one happen to get pregnant in the first place? Through sex, of course!

A male neighbor of mine from my old neighborhood told my relative that if he’d known ahead of time about the pregnant condition of his eighteen year old daughter during her early stages, he would have quickly made her abort the baby.

This man’s reaction was out of his own shame, disappointment, and embarrassment. Not to mention his male bias ego crap that many men do possess. He also conveyed to us how his daughter had “sold her royal oats”. So her pregnancy may have added more fuel to the fire.

It all has to do with the mentality and the level that one is on.

He had the nerve to also tell my relative that he should have brought his daughter over to talk to me ahead of time, thinking that I could have possibly prevented the situation since I was someone closer to his daughter’s age that she respected and could relate to.

He knew at the time that I did not deal with men and that I was not sexually active. However, the thing that he did not know though was the reason why I did not deal with men.

Either way, I would not have been able to have made much of a difference. And I would not have been able to had helped his daughter because I am asexual.

There is absolutely no desire or attraction within me to any male. So it would not have been the same for me to give out any advice to her when I did not care and understand the amorous relations one way or another, and to begin with.

Although I do know many things about a lot of men. I know the games that they play. I know their ulterior motives. I know the ways in which they think, and so on.

A female does not actually have to get involved and be intimate with men to know how they are and to know how they operate. Especially if one has the gift of natural born “insight”.

I know plenty of females, even those who were up in age, who have dealt with men yet did not know their certain types, attitudes, ways of thought, patterns and schemes.

My old neighbor’s wife had kept their daughter’s pregnancy a secret until a more later, convenient time.

The girl had her baby which was a female child.

The boyfriend that the neighbor’s daughter had had at the time-which was also the father of the baby-claimed that he would marry her within a five year period. He never actually did marry the girl. Fives years came and went. And he went and eventually got another girlfriend.

This baby drama. Relationship drama. Stigma drama. Generalization drama. Statistical, social, and society drama is often so sickening and outrageous.

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Immovable And Firmly Fixed Is Who I Am

SpaI definitely know who I am as a person. Indeed I’ve always have. I just continue to grow and enhance then learn even further things about and regarding myself.

I absolutely know who I was born to be, what I was born to do.

I do not know how to be anyone or anything other than who I am. I do not want to be anything other than my own true self, and I will not.

There are many sick, envious, jealous people around who endeavor to change my life destiny, my character, all of my positive and distinct circumstances.

They make numerous attempts to put negative, deceptive thoughts into my mind. Wanting me to believe that I am the complete opposite of who I really am by trying to persuade, manipulate, and discourage me through the use of evil black magic tactics.

The more that these people fail within their accomplishments the harder they try to maneuver and deceive me.

I do not even understand where those undesirable and inadequate people get the idea that it is even possible for them to coerce, intimidate, and stop me by the mechanisms of their witchcraft.

Obviously these idiots know that my mind cannot be swayed or easily influenced through anyone or anybody who I have come into contact with so for years they have resorted to the negative energies that are derived from ominous black magic.

I, a female individual, born with a caul and gifted with the many abilities of clairvoyance, am far more advanced and way ahead of all my jealous, envious enemies and attackers.

Even though I am able to naturally “feel, hear, see, and know” any of the negativity that may be around me-that negativity cannot and will not touch me. The evil energy is unable to affect or invade my life  because I and what spiritually surrounds me is much more stronger, powerful-and much more deeper.

I have a special purpose within myself to continue to fulfill-and absolutely nothing will ever get into the way of that beautiful design.

I am prompted everyday in my mission to prevail and succeed. I was not born or meant to be or become a failure. My ancestors and Orishas will not hear of it nor will they ever accept that falsity that is not created within my nature.

Anyone who tries or attempts to set out to cause my destruction and demise will inadvertently cause their own. I’ve already seen it happen on many occasions.

Logic cannot always be explained to sick or ignorant people who do not seek to better learn or understand but who prefer to remain hindered and stagnant within their incessant mode of living.


My enemies do not like the fact that I am strong willed, have a mind of my own, and that I cannot be controlled. They hate the fact that I am unique within my state of being, thinking patterns, spirituality, and mode of conduct.

I do things on my own terms. I refuse to follow what does not inspire or apply to me.

I do not live to or attempt to impress anyone.

Everything that I am motivated by comes from within through my strong energetic spirit, the universe.

I am “in tune” with nature, the spirit world, and everything that is associated with the supernatural and the occult-and I absolutely love all of my special spiritual connections.

That is where I have originated from and in which I will return once I am finished here with my session down upon earth.

I am firmly grounded. I am at peace.

My enemies have peeked into my pleasant present and prosperous future. And-under no circumstances-are they able to tolerate such fortunate positivity or productivity that they know they will never encompass and ever obtain.

I have no sympathy for any of my foes nor will I ever accept them or their kind. I hate and resent their existence. They’ve turned me off since the very first moment I ever came into contact with their types during childhood.

They have never had the power to hurt me in any way possible.

I am not of them, and thankfully, I never will be. No matter how hard that they unnaturally try to convert me or my life’s destiny.

They are nothing to me. They are just a bunch of “poop”.

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Undesireables/Man And Woman Drama

523051-200I am very attractive. Very smart. And I am asexual. I have never been attracted to or ever in any romantic relationship with any male.

Through out the years there have been particular men who have pursued me.

However, I was not fazed in anyway whatsoever. I did not see the point in being with a man as there was nothing that one could do for me mentally, emotionally, physically, or spiritually.

This is a huge world that we live in and everywhere that one turns around there are many people who are in relationships for many different reasons and purposes. Whether it be for emotional stability, financial stability, companionship, attraction, sex-and maybe even love.

I grew up in a single parent home with my mother and her relatives.

I would not have had the circumstances any other way except for having to live with the certain other members of our family, however that is an entirely different story all put together.

At a very early age I did not even think that there was a such thing as a father. I guess that was because I was a female who naturally did not have the need for any male figure.

When I first saw my father at the age of seven-actually recognizing him for who he was-I immediately identified him as a piece of trash. He’d been around me before while I was a baby but I had not been cognizant of him during those particular times.

I could not for the life of me, and even til this day, understand why and how my mother could have actually been bothered with something like him. He was a person who did not deserve a female within her category. Mind-wise they were on totally different levels.

And I, even though unfortunately biologically related to my father am nowhere near his class. My father is not at all within my stature.  I completely take after my mother’s mother’s side of the family.

Growing up I had always been around and had come into contact with different types of men. And I had an uncle who was drug addicted and who would physically and verbally abuse all of the women that he got involved with.

I did not understand why these women put up with him. There was nothing desirable or alluring about my uncle. The only reason that I could think of for these women to tolerate his behavior was due to the fact that they suffered from low self esteem and/or was just as low scale as he was.

I look at a lot of females within the world. How they fight over men, cry over men, and even buy over men with their hard earned money, disability checks, or welfare checks.

In my opinion, no man is anything to fight over, to get hurt over, and darn sure nothing worth spending all of one’s money over.

I would never dream of giving away any of my money to anyone-male or female.

If there is a mutual compliance between people, one doing for the other, sharing due to both who give and take it is alright-but a one and majority sided issue is far off the radar.

The women that allow men to abuse them out of fear and insecurity are also crazy. Especially when they have their children around and they become the next victims. In this day and age, though the world is still unfair and corrupt, there is no reason for anyone to have to endure any form of domestic violence.

These circumstances and situations also have to do with the state of mind that these women and individuals are in because I know that if a man or anyone else tried to abuse or put their hands on me I would kill them. Even if I had to wait to catch them within their sleep. That is just a natural, automatic, instant response on my part.


I am sure that it would inspire tremendous anger in anyone to have someone strike or attack them. The immediate reaction would be to hit and attack them right on back.

However, there are all kinds. Everyone is not the fighting vengeful type.

I cannot logically place undesirability on all men. Nor was I inferring to. There are some distinguished and intellectually vigorous men that exist yet they do not always come around too or very often.

They have their share of poor bred women who consistently bestow havoc and unreasonableness upon them.

The circumstances and situations do fall both ways.

I do believe that there is still an ignorant double standard when it comes between the sexes.

I remember when I was in my early twenties and a female neighbor of mine asked me if I had a boyfriend. I had told her “No. I don’t want no man sitting up underneath me every day”.

The lady was tickled because she thought that my response was funny coming from someone so young. Also because the average females that were in their early twenties were usually very man hungry. I was only food hungry.

I’ve been told that by nature I think like a man. I regarded that statement as an insult. It is an insinuation that by nature the female mind is not suppose to be so ordinarily nonchalant, emotionless (cold), and strong. If I was born the way that I am my gender is irrelevant.

I hate when strong females get stereotyped as trying to be or be like a man. That is definitely a bunch of crap. I loved being a little girl and I enjoy being a woman. And “real women of substance” are naturally strong and independent due to the fact that they are able to give birth and have babies.

There is nothing more stronger than the love or bond between a mother and their child. The nurturing, the protecting, the connection. It all starts and ends within the mind as well as the heart.

No penis can compare to the stature of being a real woman who is encompassed with a brain and self purpose.

There are genuine females who use men for sex whether it be for pleasure, for money, or just to conceive a child then they go and walk away having no remorse and conscience whatsoever.

There are women who do not desire a man who has ran around with a bunch of other women, they are considered “used goods” or “tainted”. Who knows how many diseases those men may have picked up along the way?

All of these true instances are not women who are trying to be or be like men. These are just particular individual human beings who think and feel the way that they do who happen to be of a female gender.

Only narrow minded people think and see things from an ignorant and negative point of view/perspective.

Yes, there are those women who get strung out, whipped, and screwed up within the head. Nevertheless, they do not represent the entire female species. There are plenty of men who fit or fall into that category as well and sometimes they are even much more worse.

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Bodacious Biohazard Booties


I watch the news and I listen to the radio just about every day. This past Wednesday night channel Fox 5 did a breaking “shame on you” report regarding illegal butt injections.

The story followed a particular female who was selling dangerous and deadly black market cosmetic enhancement procedures.

The news report also covered other women who had been responsible for engaging in the illegal activity of booty injections. Some who had even caused the deaths of their victims.

When I viewed the segment of the “Shame On You” news report I thought about how sad and ridiculous the entire subject was and the motivations that were behind them.

Some people are so displeased with their bodies that they are ready, willing, and able to modify and risk disfiguring and damaging themselves in the process.

It is bad enough that certain women pay and spend fortunes of dollars on visits to the doctor on account of reconstructive and enhancement purposes.

Surgeries and procedures that they do not really need but want due to bouts with low self esteem, insecurity, or peer pressure.

A lot of females prefer to have bigger or huge derrieres in order to satisfy their boyfriends and male counterparts. They’d rather sacrifice themselves just to please someone else or what is considered more appealing and acceptable to a percentage within society.

I may be in the minority when I say this, however, I am a female who is not particularly fond of the “bodacious booty” syndrome and I have never desired one.

During my teenage years I was very solidly built. I was thick and very well proportioned. I had nice shapely big legs and, a nice thick shapely designed behind-yet my lovely figure was nothing that I needed to flaunt around to anyone.

In fact, when I became a vegetarian I lost all of that weight. And I much better liked the way that I appeared compared to beforehand. I am sure that there were some who had known me back then at that time that may have preferred that particular look on me. Nevertheless, that all just reflects on preference.

What someone prefers or does not prefer on me has absolutely nothing to do with what I prefer on myself. Unfortunately everyone is not so self assured, self confident, and self secure as I am within myself.

I love being slim, thin, and trim. I have nothing at all against other voluptuous or heavy set individuals. I believe that beauty comes in all races, colors, shapes, and sizes. I just feel that the ultimate beauty comes natural and that what comes naturally should not be tampered with.

What possesses some women to become so desperate enough to seek out the aid of a black market procedure is beyond me.

Money that could have be spent on food, rent, and other things that are more constructive and valuable is taken and being used on frivolousness. Just as foolish and unreasonable as the “hair weave” phenomenon.

The only difference between the “fortune-spending” weave nonsense and the cosmetic enhancements is the dangers and damages that are caused by the indulgence.

At least with a hair weave what you see is what you get. However, with an injection of some sort one could be receiving anything.

And that is exactly the case when it came to what was being reported on the channel fox 5 news. Women were unwittingly having their butts shot up with hazardous substances and chemicals that are dangerous and life threatening.

They were told that their procedures would include medical grade hydrogel, which indeed was a lie. What they were actually getting and being inserted with was agents and matter such as “fix a flat” tire repair product, rubber cement, heavy mineral oil (intestinal lubricant), adhesive caulk, and liquid silicone that was traced back to the Dominican Republic.

How pathetic and sick can all of these people be?

Then after the black market illegal bum job butt injections “spring a leak”, the women are told to seal up their holes and leakages with Krazy Glue.

Photos of particular women who had been physically disfigured and damaged due to scars and amputations that resulted from these types of butt injections were alarming and disgusting.

The female that was featured and responsible for her involvement in the black market procedures was set up and caught on tape yet blatantly denied any connection to such incidents. She had even herself admitted to using butt enhancing injections.

And in my opinion, from what I saw, her behind was nothing attractive to look at.

The prices that some people pay in an attempt to appear better-in reality-only make themselves come out to appear worse. Things that are fake and unnatural never last or turn out completely right.



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