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Special Delivery

envelopesI remember when my great grandmother (my mother’s father’s mother who passed away about six years ago) called up our home one evening asking my mother to refresh her memory by telling her when our birthdays were (me, my mother and one of my aunts).

When I heard my mother giving her grandmother the exact dates over the telephone I exclaimed at her “Don’t give her nothing. You shouldn’t have told her anything!”

It was too late.

My mother hadn’t suspected anything she thought that the inquiry was harmless I on the other hand knew instantly the moment that I heard and discerned my mother’s words relating the information back to my great grandmother although I could not hear what she actually communicated over the other side of the line.

When my mother got off of the phone I explained from my immediate perception of the situation that Amanda had just wanted our dates of birth to try to perform a design of witchcraft on us through another person who was actually going to conduct the ritual or spell.

And I was correct within my conceived notion.

A few weeks later a letter in the mail arrived that was saturated with remnants of voodoo black magic witchcraft matter all over it’s contents. That was just one of my great grandmother’s “method of operation” sending voodoo through the mail and it definitely is able to be done and it had been attempted within the past by others who had tried we just knew better than to open up the occasional ominous envelopes.

Once though my mother had gotten curious and opened up a letter that was sent by her grandmother that we’d usually throw away even if the correspondence was packed with money (my great grandmother always thought that she was slick by mailing us money anybody else would have accepted the currency but we constantly threw it away along with the price of being evilly crossed up that had came with it) and got hit with an envelopment of morbid vibration as a negative magnetism of energy had flown upon her directly heading straight on through and making it’s way into her body while I had also caught a slight whiff of envelopment as I sat behind her on the bed after she’d opened the letter when the negativity had entered into me through the chest area of my body.

inkThe only thing at the time was that I was protected from any form of evilly conjured magnetic vibrations yet she wasn’t so it made no difference if I had come into contact with any of the sorcery because it would not have stuck to me permanently or even significantly.

The first and foremost thing to do if or when in that situation is to get the conjured items out of the house so that it may return and backfire unto the sender or for it to just return back unto nature and to help to further expel any of the negative entities and energies out of the household and/or from the personal presence of ones self then take it from there by developing or seeking out a cleansing or a removal plus a type of spiritual shield if one is unprotected.

The Perfect Combination

Shepherd DogThe very first pet that I ever had within my entire life back in 1982 was a pure breed male German Shepherd puppy.

Three years later I adopted a seven week old German Shepherd/Rough Collie mixed breed from North Shore Animal League that lived for seventeen years and whom would have still been alive if I did not have her put to sleep due to her hind legs giving out from arthritis.

“Brandie” had the best of both worlds having been born of exceptional and beautiful of a breed of dogs physically and mentally; her personal distinct traits were wonderfully compatible with one another and within harmony with our family unit.

rough collieThere were no temperamental conflicts or conflict within the relationship between family and dog/pet.

As an extremely intelligent canine being Brandie was very adapt to learning and therefore instantly became very well trained even at a very early age and never grew too old to be challenged and to grasp onto newer things.

She was loyal, sweet, creative, bold, strong, confident and adorably bashful at times, humorous, playful, caring, energetic and quite spiritual.

sturdy shepherdMany dogs have that psychic intuitive ability and are able to see into the unknown and into the above, not to mention, what they can also extra ordinarily sense and feel by what they naturally pick up on and Brandie had a multitude of that intangible power.

Brandie was amazing and she was so inquisitive and observant, she had a beautiful glossy white, tan and black coat that she proudly wore and strutted around with from her fortunate gene pool of breed along with the most pretty bright set of darling brown eyes, she was so perfect to and for me.

Dog ShepherdEverything about my half Shepherd half Collie mix was beautiful mentally, physically and spiritually as I am still gratefully impacted and touched by her till this day.


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