When I was a kid I remember hearing the notion of how we as people chose our parents/families and so on (such as also knowing and having to undergo situations and circumstances that we’d accepted through whatever mission, plan and/or celestial fulfillment and event) before we came into the world. Yet once we were born we no longer had any recollection of the incident.

However, I’ve often said that I’d never had agreed to come into this world the way that it is governed, the way that certain nature is derived and established, the way things occur, the way we have to live and cohabitate with other individuals that shouldn’t even exist to begin with and etc…

And if I in fact did ever agree to this I have said that then I had to have been tricked as to what was actually going to be.

As a very spiritually inclined person I lived in this world already knowing about life, people, conditions and many things that would happen beforehand as well as seeing into the past and beyond the scope of what is considered normal range.

So why and what is the point in going through a human experience that is beneath the level and highness that I have experienced intellectually and spiritually?

A place that I am familiar with but have no emotional or natural connection to?

As I am versatile and attached to what is intangible and flourish within energetic magnetism what is the point in indulging in an experience that I don’t care about within regards to it’s general ingredients and preparations, especially when I have a personal finishing touch that doesn’t need or require any undesired sortable mixtures?

I’d rather be within the genuine realms that have visited me within my dreams and visions, places with exact graveness and meaning compared to here in where things recycle and don’t have to actually be and surface unnecessarily for revelations that serve no true purpose to the advanced individual soul.