My/Our Psychic/Clairvoyant Faculties


A lot of people stereotype or associate psychic ability with Crystal balls, Tarot cards and the like. Everyone does not partake in the use of those symbols or devices.

My clairvoyant abilities have always been very strong and on point.

I never needed Tarot cards or any other so-called divination tool to aid me in knowing or seeing into the unknown.

My gifts were and are totally natural from the beginning of my birth as the faculty of extra sensory perception ran through both sides of my family.

God has given me and blessed certain others with these gifts for a reason unto the uniqueness of our being as well as to be used as an example of his power and shown for his glory.

My faith in God and within the awareness of spirituality and spirit matters would not be as strong as it was/is if I were not spiritually inclined the way that I have been.

This occurrence has served to be a great advantage for me.

We all have free will but regardless- God’s spiritual gifts are irrevocable.

One does not have to use their abilities for profit in the way of devil worship by casting evil spells, manipulating destiny to set others back, or so on with other wicked deeds and things not necessarily seen as wicked behavior by an individual’s erroneous mindset.

Some people were not even born with genuine faculties. They received or developed their doings through the devil- which is not true talents.

My knowledge, discernment and bestowment of second sight is a part of who I am. It is what I am in combination with my purpose here in life.

As a rare human being who possesses unique and special talents altogether, I am one set apart from this world.

Though, I am one who did not ever think like the rest of society as I always had a mind of my own and did things in my own way according to the nature of my character.

My identity does not come from this world and is not defined by others.

I am defined by the one who created me as I was signed and sealed by his divine signature.

I remember sitting in a restaurant during lunch with another female one day two years ago.

I met her at a church we attended during Alpha where it was suggested I could be a team lead.

As we talked, I spiritually picked up on another lady she brought up and began to discuss. Before she could start to go on- I told her major information/details regarding this negative woman in totally accuracy.

The female was excited and went and told her sister the things I knew through the spirit while I never met or seen the woman she spoke of before.

This is nothing out of the ordinary for me as I have experienced the extraordinary time and again since childhood.

To whom much is given much is required- this female quoted to me from scripture one night at the church back then.

The reminder of wisdom that we are held responsible for what we have whether blessed with wealth, talents, knowledge, leadership etc…. God expects us to benefit others.

I was never the type who set out or desired to save the world or to be an intentional source of help to others by lending myself.

Nevertheless, I believe God does use us even when we are not trying to be used.

He works through us by us just being us in the things we go through in life and by living out our interests that lead or follow through design.




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