I’d Rather Be Hated For Who I Truly Am Than To Be Loved Or Respected For Who And What I Am Really Not

1148027-200I was told more than once that if I were friendly I’d have an enormous amount of friends.

And that statement is very true. People have always taken a liking to me. I am the type who would attract legitimate and genuine friends for life.

A neighbor of mine bought me a brand new computer years ago just because she knew that I was a writer. There was no special occasion. It was not my birthday. It was not Christmas. It was just out of the kindness of her heart. To me, her gift was a very nice gesture especially since I hadn’t ran into her so often.

There are also other people who have went out of their way to do nice things for me with no ulterior motives whatsoever.

There are a lot of good nice people living within the world. And kindness is absolutely not to be mistaken for weakness.

I unfortunately had to encounter and experience more negative people than positive due to the circumstances regarding jealousy within my family. They were jealous of my character and did not want me to be around other people who were of my class and stature.

My so called relatives had intended for me to become a low life just the way that they were. Doped out. Cracked out. Whored out. However, none of those things came to be for me because it was not within my nature and celestial plan.

My great grand mother, one of my aunts, and other jealous scumbags went and had evil black magic/Brujeria conjured on my mother and I to try to block us in all aspects of our lives.

It did not work out to their advantage yet the war still persists. My great grand mothers is dead and some prefer to continue on in vain hoping to eventually succeed in bringing me down to their level or lower.

This, however, did not in any way spoil my outlook on people in general, it just made me sort of an expert about the psychological behavior of degenerates and the like, from having been frequently around them.

I have always been a loner. Very independent. And very particular about who I associated myself with. I am very perceptive, and I am a very good judge of character. I can read and spot people right away.

I’ve never had a problem getting along with anyone. Certain people have just always been jealous of me, the things that I had, and the things that I was surrounded by such as love and potential (talents/strength/confidence/smarts).

I, however, do not get a long with people if my spirit does not take well to them. If I sense or feel negativity, or character traits that I may find revolting and in conflict with mine, I just keep at a distance.

I do not like ignorance. I do not like liars. And I do not like jealous and envious people.

I detest individuals who relish in the tarnishing of positivity.

I’m the unconventional type. I am a very honest person. Some times brutally honest. I’ve even been considered cold at times. I do not have patience for nonsense. I like to have good fun. Laugh, listen to music, watch interesting films.

I am not the partying type but I do enjoy high class outings-a nice restaurant (not expensive/good quality food), a day or night out on the town especially when the weather is beautiful.

If one is able to, they should be able to pleasure themselves in anyway they see fit, even if it is just every now and then.

I live a very nice quiet life.

Nevertheless, there are and will constantly be those degenerates who won’t want my life to continue to be so nice.

If or when certain people do not like and/or will not accept the other less desirable types of people, they will sometimes tend to cause problems.

They set out to make life hard for the people who do not approve of them. They try to turn people against them. They try in numerous ways to interfere with whatever it is that one endeavors to achieve.

Some people will ingratiate. They’ll be extra courteous to people like this in order to keep on good terms with them-only because they do not want to deal with any conflict. They don’t really like or respect these people they just do not want to bring trouble to themselves or to their loved ones.

It would turn me off to have to come down to the level of a degenerate just to keep the peace. I am sorry but that is not my style. I do not and never have catered to the nonsense of low scale Individuals.

Once people begin to yield and submit to the intimidation and manipulation that is brought on by certain others they get accustomed to the program. They then think or believe that all that they would have to do is to use their coerces and inspire fear. And therefore prompt their targets to comply.

Send people after me. Turn people against me. Do the ultimate to try to hinder my opportunities. I will not under any circumstances change my ways or my attitude.

If no one liked me. That is completely their problem because I like and love myself-and that is all that counts.

A lot of people place too much emphasis on the acceptance and approval of others. So much so that they deceive and sell out their own selves. I cannot do that. It is not within me. Self esteem does not place more value on others over ones own self respect.

I never acquired stability or support from other people. I never ran to anyone during certain times of challenge. There was nothing in my life that I couldn’t work out for myself.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with those who seek or who offer to help those who are in need. Though when it comes to backbone-I can and have always stood alone, holding my own. I was just born that way.

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No One Can Stop Me From Anything That I Want To Do

Message StonesThere are a lot of people who try to discourage other people from moving forward in life. They do not like or want to see them get anywhere.

There are also the certain types of people who underestimate the abilities and potential of other people and will do everything within their power to try to downgrade their efforts or aspirations.

No one knows us better than we know ourselves. And absolutely no one can tell us what we are and are not capable of doing or accomplishing.

Some people kill me. How they will just come along, not really knowing anything about one personally, yet think that they can sum up their life story within an instant or after a few encounters.

Some people treat others as if they were just born yesterday. The stupid people always think that they have all of the answers. They think that they know everything.

When one who actually does have more knowledge about particular things than they do they do not want to hear it. They will not listen.

It may take them a while before they realize that they were wrong. One would think that they would learn from their mistakes and lack of intellectual acuity. However, they always do not. And they get angry or vindictive when someone else is in the right.

They often try to force their ideas, thoughts, and opinions on a person who refuses to accept what they do not agree with and/or knows that is wrong.

Some will admit to their fault. Some will just try to deny that they had made a certain judgement or determination to begin with because they do not want to feel and appear obtuse.

Many of them want to be looked up to. They want appreciation and gratitude. So sometimes their overbearing attitude is more of a need for importance rather than insolence.

On other occasions it is pure ignorance on their part. They are too stubborn to consider another point of view. In fact, if another person’s knowledge or point of view is something that is authoritative, too heavy for them to comprehend, and maybe even foreign, they get offended and defensive. And ready to retaliate by downgrading one to a further extent.

Later down the line though these people do experience what others could perceive and distinguish earlier on in regard to their circumstances and situations.

The predicaments that they fall under more than makes up for the aggravation and trouble that they may have caused to other people. Incidents and occurrences often come and bring to them humiliation and embarrassment.

And the ones who they had belittled, underestimated, or tried to discourage are the same ones that they would have to bow down to.

I hate pompous people who think and try to be more than what they are. Usually they are the ones who have had the most dirt on them. Having done the most atrocious of things yet they have the nerve to want to downgrade someone else. They love to tear and put people with upstanding character in positions where they do not belong.

These individuals are so absurd and obnoxious.

When people are unable to affect a person in the mind they attempt to do other things. Such as cause harassment.

It is very important in life to never under any circumstance allow anyone or anything to hinder a progression. If it is within one’s power to do so there is no other choice but to fight. Surrendering is not an option by any means.

Whenever someone endeavors to interfere with my life-the things that I am meant to do and achieve-the way that I am suppose to remain and become. It only sparks a fire within me. Naturally and passionately inspiring more determination. A higher and more intense motivation to succeed. I’d die before I give into anyone or anything that I am opposed to.

I do not believe in compromising any of my standards. I will not accept half way. Alternatives. Or a redo. When it is in regard to my destiny it is all or nothing.

And nothing is just what those in particular would get who dare to stop me from attaining anything in life that I genuinely earn and deserve.

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Quality And Substance


There are people who are nothing. They were not born to be anything. All that they do is take up space. There is a lot of garbage in the world.

These particular people that I speak of I have encountered all through out my life since childhood.

I grew up within a family of some of them, occupied a neighborhood where a lot of them resided, went to school with quite a few of them, and had to work around the majority of them.

Most of them are not on the level intellectually. They are ignorant, insecure, jealous, deceitful, miserable people with nothing going on for themselves but a bunch of negativity, negativity that they like to inflict upon other people who are of substance.

“Trash” is what these people are considered and called amongst those who do not fit into their category. Amongst people who are of a higher class and stature.

When I mention stature and class I am not referring to money or material possessions and social standings. I am speaking about character, the quality of a person, their mentality, and demeanor.

There are good and positive people who come up in the world and who want to contribute to society by living out their purposes in life whatever it is that that may be.

Some have skills, talents, trades, and they work hard to try to make a way for themselves to survive-at the same time looking to enjoy all of what their lives have to offer.

Life is already bad enough with all of the negative things that exist and transpire. Who needs or wants the interference of undesirables?


They initiate trouble. They cause confusion. They lie and cheat their ways through life. They take from others to bring themselves up. They kill for other peoples possessions.

They look for free rides in life due to the fact that they are not equip in many areas or fields. They do not measure up to certain standards and requirements that are needed to excel and advance.

When they see and recognize the sufficiency within other qualified people they attempt to emulate. However, imitation can and will never compensate for what is genuine, especially when it is exaggerated and merely done for show.

Copycats and things that are fake do not last.

Ostentation offers no real value. And the particular things of that nature are very revolting and transparent.

Undesirable people are mentally and emotionally disturbed, they are not hard to spot either, if one is familiar with anyone of their kinds, and knows exactly what to look out for within their appearance and/or behavior.

They indeed do have a specific look and mode of conduct. It is very obvious in their body language, mannerisms-and definitely in their conversations and how they go about expressing themselves.

A lot of them are very distorted and twisted very sick within the mind, especially if they have been on drugs and alcohol for long periods of time.

The undesirables will often manipulate circumstances and situations against people who are of a better quality than they are in order to undermine and discredit them.

They inadvertently and intentionally lie, slander, scheme, and play games out of contempt and maliciousness. Aside from their mental sickness many of them are full of jealousies and envies-which is also a form of sickness.

Their involuntary and deliberate gestures and actions are plagued by genetically inherited factors. They are just born and constructed that way, naturally dysfunctional.


Now do not get me wrong. One can be related to a degenerate and not be anything of or like them. Yet their traits do pass through lineage.

It all depends on how strong certain peoples genes are because sometimes bloodline will even skip a generation. Many of us are blessed to not have picked up any of their mental, physical, or emotional flaws. We were born of our own within our own rights.

I did not take after any of the garbage that was within my family unit. The ones that I resemble and relate to in character come from way back, some even before my time. And I am so very proud of them as I am of myself. They were all strong, smart, dignified, and of pure substance.

Undesirable people have sabotaged the lives of many good and upstanding individuals. They have gotten away with doing so much dirt for so many years to innocent people that they expect their shenanigans to continue on.

They get surprised and dismayed when someone comes along who they cannot treacherously get over on or destroy.

These particular people do not and never have been able to scare me as they like to arouse fear upon individuals. They try to intimidate due to the reason that there are so many of them that exist all throughout the world.

There are more of their types that are around than anything else.

Cheap things, low quality, and junk always tend to flow in excess, abundantly made because of the easy and bad/poor manufacturing. More than what is actually needed left over unappealing matter that nobody wants. And the same goes for particular people within life. That is just a fact and observation that I made a long time ago.

Things that are of a great value are durable and hard to come by. And they sell out rather quickly because everyone wants to get a hand in the good stuff.

Yes, the people who are of substance may be outnumbered. However, none of us are outdone. It is the quality and not quantity that prevails.



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Automatic Writing



Writing is just one of my many talents, a gift that inspires me to create, an energy that supplies me with knowledge, a vehicle that allows me to express the truth.

It is one thing to think about what materializes upon the mind and another thing to write it down on a piece of paper or to type it up on a computer.

However, what about when the material that is contemplated inside of the mind decides to write you?

Well, this is the fantastic story of my life.

A life that leads me into the things that I mysteriously conjure, into the things that I see, feel, hear, taste, touch, smell, and know, it is the supernatural.

For many writing is a magical experience.

The way the hand and mind take control beyond what seems imaginable. Steady flowing with various streams of topics, information, structure, detail and styles.

I learned a very long time ago that my writings were more than just words and sentences. They were premonitions. Omens, warnings, messages, communications, modes of conjure, expressions of power an essence of my life.

When spirit leads me to write it is never in vain.

Even if others do not comprehend what I write or if what I write does not make any sense to them.

My writing is not essentially for the approval and acknowledgement of other people.

It is for the essential benefit of my purpose.

Mental and spiritual instruments to guide, teach, lead and advance with here on my journey.

As I connect to the universe on many spiritual levels I am a combination of the different things that are all wrapped up into one.

Nevertheless, being a writer is one major part of who I am.

Not by choice but by nature. And I will always continue to do what comes fluent and naturally to me.



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Gossip And Rumors

file0002052163230Ignorance is a sickness, as well as jealousy and envy. And there are a lot of sick people all through out the world.

People are always going to go around talking about other people especially when they do not know what they are talking about.

Lies and deceit have been going on ever since the beginning of time.

People lie and spread gossip for a number of reasons, most of the time it is due to the fact that they have idle minds or nothing else to do with their lives.

Rumors are often made up by certain people out of jealousy, ignorance, revenge, hatred, spite, fear and so on.

In most cases people are more ready to believe a lie than they are to believe a truth. A lie will spread faster than the truth. And that is so sad in this society that we live in.

A lot of people want to hear and believe the worst about other people.

Why do people who belong within this particular category even care? Why are they so worried and fascinated when it comes to the lives of other people? Why are they not more preoccupied and more concerned about what is actually taking place in the lives of their own?

I personally have always been a very confident and secure person who had something going on for herself and never cared or indulged in the involvement of false accusations or assumptions against other people.

I am a person who loves and lives by the truth.

If I ever thought or felt something about an individual I would not hesitate to tell them to their face. I am very straightforward and I speak my mind.

I do not and have never had any time to play any silly games.

Whatever I accurately perceive, observe, hear, or acknowledge behind someone’s back I can and will admit to their face. And I appreciate the same mode of conduct even though most people rarely have the dignity and courage to do so. Those who are upfront and not afraid would at least get my respect.

When I once told someone a long time ago that I did not understand why some people cannot stay out of other peoples business because I do not worry or care about what is going on with anybody else but myself-I was told exactly “Well, you are rare”.


The same people who will go around gossiping and spreading rumors are the same type of people who cannot handle being talked about.

They are all quick and ready to run their mouths when it is in regards to what they feel or hear about another person but just let someone come along speaking ill about them. Especially when what is being said about them is the complete truth.

A lot of people cannot deal with the truth. The truth is powerful and way more effective than any lie.

Rumors and gossip does affect many people. It sometimes brings them down, whether the talk is true or false.

There are different situations and circumstances and everyone has their own perspectives on what bears significance within themselves, within their lives, and within this society.

I on the other hand consider gossip and rumors a bunch of pathetic nonsense that I am unaffected by. The lies, misconceptions, insinuations, and ignorance of others have absolutely no major impact on my life.

We all go through some kind of negativity some time or another within our lives and we will always continue to experience conflict with other people.

Insecure people and people who were not on my level mind-wise could not understand why I was never disturbed by the things that may have been said at and about me, and rumored around, at times when certain incidents had occurred in my life.

There were times when people were intentionally trying to bring me down by spreading malicious gossip on account of their jealousy and envy towards me. And some because they just did not like me.

I honestly did not care one bit. And my attitude showed within my actions.

I kept doing whatever it was in my life that I wanted to do. I did not change my ways or my personality. If anything I got even stronger and wiser within my mental and spiritual state of being.

The things that were being done to me and said about me was more of a reflection on the ones who were spreading, encouraging, and indulging in the rumors and gossip.

Those things did not actually have anything to do with me or my life.

Yet some even preferred to suggest that I was acting on pretense. Putting up a front regarding the situations, all a bunch of more crap that was a result from their jealousy and disappointment.


They were unable to take away my strength and confidence. And one cannot fake that. I have always been as genuine as they come, a person of substance.

People fear what they cannot scare, control, and understand.

I do not fall for or give into anyone’s illusion or delusion of what they want and consider me to be. And I will not be intimidated into yielding to anybody’s command.

Quite often people do and accuse other people of the things that they are themselves guilty of and that do or would bother them.

So what the situation all comes down to are troubled people.

Those in particular who have serious issues that are deeply rooted within themselves. Psychological problems and pressures that sometimes originate from childhood that they have failed to overcome.

And some people are just born a specific way.

There are all kinds and types of people and many different reasons behind why they are and act out the way that they do.

The most important thing is for one to take care of one’s own self and well being in life, keeping on, moving on. Going on, staying strong and staying healthy.

Never letting or allowing the disparages and negativity of others to define, misrepresent, and defeat who we really are. To do so would be very foolish.

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What People Think/What People Say


There are some people who are in a constant worry about what someone else says or thinks about them.

Indeed everybody does talk. And unfortunately most of the time what most people converse about is other people.

Yet does it really matter?

What other people say and think about us has absolutely nothing to do with who or what we actually are as human beings.

Other people cannot estimate our true value and worth or anything else based solely on opinion. Fact is what counts and what is relevant.

Many of us are able to judge others by perception, observation, and experience. However, those are not always definite measures in which to draw accurate conclusions by.

People speculate and misinterpret things all of the time especially if they are not too familiar with someone or something.

Some also make too many generalizations in regards to other people.

There are certain individuals who are just mean-spirited and spiteful. Judging another by their appearance, their financial status, or what they may have heard someone mention about that person.

A lot of people talk about and downgrade people due to their own circumstances and feelings of inadequacy. They are doing badly in some way, form, or fashion and wish to see others experience the same if they have not already.

Some people believe that they are better than other people and automatically assume the worst in others who do not measure up to their particular standards.

So no one can win with everyone and nobody should try to.

Continuously worrying over what other people say and think is a pure waste of time and energy. In my opinion, it is ridiculous. I never cared what anyone thought about me. All that ever mattered to me was how I truly felt about myself.

I have experienced people who would do things at my expense while I was not even thinking about them or what they were doing. My life, mind, and interests were completely at a different and higher level, and zone for that matter.

1379885_white_flowerTo them, things were going on that actually weren’t because of where their heads were at and the way their minds were programmed.

How could I honestly give attention to what I was not a part of but that was actually going on inside of someone else’s head.

People sometimes put things and situations where they are not. They make more out of things and circumstances than what they really are. And imagine things and instances that are not happening or going on.

It is a lesson that some need to learn and grow from. Even though it may make them feel silly. To some it can bring relief. Knowing that things are not always as bad or complex in the way that they thought it was.

When situations and circumstances do take a turn for the worse there is still no reason and need to be concerned about how others will respond or view the ordeal.

People are going to talk about other people whether they do good or bad. And there is much truth to the old saying “I’ll worry about when people stop talking about me”.

When people do stop talking about certain other people it is because that person no longer serves them any importance or value. Even if one does not care in one way or another it is a reflection of the other person’s inferiority.





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The Restless Spirit


One black magic technique that individuals use involves the interference within one’s sleep.

I was born with a caul (veil) and as a person born with clairvoyant abilities and occult power I have had many encounters and experiences with voodoo, hoodoo, and black/white magic.

I am quite often targeted by jealous, envious, and malicious people who constantly endeavor to steal away all of my good luck and positive energies.

I am a voodoo priestess and I do know how to protect myself from the dangers of evil/negative forces.

Nevertheless, that will not stop any of my enemies and those alike from continuing on with their attempts to cause me harm and misfortune.

As I definitely know, all of their works are in vain.

People have been after me for thirty years now trying to destroy me and my life through the mechanisms of black magic/Brujeria. They have all failed miserably.

I am a thirty seven year old African American/Native American female with a little bit of European bloodline. I have an extremely strong spiritual connection and foundation with my ancestors and orishas.

Last night on February 21, 2013 I went to sleep with ease and at comfort while the tunes of good music played from my radio at a medium volume.

I usually sleep beautifully and undisturbed. Unless I am abruptly awaken by a grave or natural spiritual alert.

At about a few minutes to two thirty a.m. on the morning of February 22, 2013 I woke up to a few of my well-known enemy’s attacks. When this normally happens from time to time, I sometimes have to get up to go to the bathroom to urinate then return unto bed unable to get back to sleep right away.

There are incidents where I just retaliate instantly with my mind and meditations so that I can proceed with enjoying my rest.

On other occasions I am stuck listening to the taunts of numerous telepathic illusions and delusions that my particular enemies desperately want me to fall for and believe in.

They try to put deceptive thoughts inside of my head in order to try to control me.

I am extremely strong within mind and spirit.

I have always been strong-willed, unwavering in purpose. So they want to break me because they are very jealous of my character, the good life that I have, and the pleasant future that I have set ahead before me.

A lot of the black magic techniques that many people use involve the tactics of maneuvering.

That is exactly what black magic and negative voodoo is “a manipulation”, an attempt to do a “switcheroo” whether it be with the altering of another person’s mind or their circumstances.

There are various types of different black magic and voodoo practices, rituals, and spells. And there are also combinations of the practices that are used together-including with other cultures, and so on.



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Misery Loves Company


I have always been a very strong minded and happy individual, very intelligent, determined, and positive. When I set my mind to something I usually succeed.

Writing is one of my strongest passions aside from my spirituality.

I was born with a caul. Which is also referred to as a “veil”, a thin membrane that sometimes envelopes the entire head of a newborn baby at birth.

The caul represents and is a sign of psychic or clairvoyant ability, special spiritual abilities such as Telepathy, Empathy, and so on.

As a person of many talents and gifts I see things, smell things, hear things, feel things, taste things, and know things.

I know pretty much of everything that goes on around me at all times.

And one thing that has been going on for quite some time within my life is the jealousy toward me from many other negative people. Those in particular who do not want to continue to see me get anywhere in life.

Those who would prefer to see me suffering, down on my luck, penniless, and out on the street with nowhere to live.

However, thanks to spirit-which is my “love and light” (my spiritual family/connection, orishas and ancestors, good luck, and alignment and balance with the universe), these unfortunate things will never happen or come into existence.

Those circumstances will never come to be for me. My energies are way too strong.

Positivity is always much stronger than any form of negativity when one is genuinely “in tune” and maintains a healthy and solid-mental and spiritual foundation.

I have never been the type of person to let anything or anyone intimidate or discourage me. I am a fighter, a survivor, a conqueror.

If an obstacle is set before me and obstinately adheres to stand in my way I knock it down with extreme perseverance.

There are a lot of people in the world who are unable to do that effectively. They give up too easily just at the slightest indication of a difficulty.

Negative energies and negative people love to feed off of the weaknesses and fears of unsteady people.

Likewise, Negativity continuously loves to aggravate, challenge, and battle the strengths of the resolute always endeavoring strategies in order to break them down.

The people who are steadfast in purpose stand up for what they believe in. They fight for what they want and will not back down at any cost, unless they decide to explore and venture out into other avenues and areas of interest.

Individuals grow and change just as the many things of the world often do.

The Irresolute, nevertheless, will give their bullies and abusers the permission to tamper with their lives by surrendering and submitting to coerce.

They allow themselves to be controlled due to blackmail, insecurity, and so on. The list can extend according to what motivates or is directed upon a person. Each individual is different. And each individual is apt to get involved in different situations. There is no set standard in becoming a flunky, a doormat, or a “maytag”.

Most negative people themselves deal with their own bouts of insecurity and inadequacy.

Dominating others who may be or appear weaker than they are gives them a sense of power and authority to compensate for the strength and respect that they actually do not have.

For the negative people to target the strong (the ones of true substance) lies a competition, a jealousy.

The insidious need arising from nothing more than an inferiority to prove who is really better or more capable over the other.

Some people are unable to accept their shortcomings. They cannot deal with being at a disadvantage when it comes or pertains to specific things.

By knocking someone else down who does have all of the luck and advantages to succeed in whatever the matter may be brings a sense of accomplishment.

A satisfying achievement of punishing another person for possessing the abilities or things that they wish they themselves had.

Misery does indeed love company. A lot of people like to see other people doing bad and in the same negative predicament that they are in. It just kills them to see people living within harmony, happy, and at peace.

I know. I’ve been through this. And I have constantly prevailed. I never let any negativity affect or influence my life. I am a bold and courageous person. I always was and I always will be.

The best way to handle these sick and negative people and the circumstances that involve or surround them is to just stay completely away from them all.

It may seem impossible because people in their category are inhabited all over the world and everywhere.

They’re our neighbors, co workers, classmates, and sometimes even our relatives. Yet they do not have to have a personal place in our lives.

Keep at a distance.

Negative people stay disappointed, frustrated and infuriated. And they get annoyed by us living out our normal, usual, healthy, entertaining, and successful day to day plans and routines.

What is normal, usual, healthy, entertaining and successful-whether it is planned for the future or just routine-means different things to different people. And whatever one considers or defines as their mode of pleasure and enjoyment should adhere to make it their own and not let anyone destroy or take that away.

No one has any type of genuine power or control over us unless we allow them to or give it to them.

People who continue to drown in their sorrows sulk in their anger and hatred-and who seek to cause turmoil to others, will slowly and surely continue to destroy their own selves. They won’t find the peace and contentment that would deliver them from their hurt or the knowledge and logic to discern what is grave. They will never know the true meaning of happiness as long as they try to tarnish what is fortunate and positive.



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My Customer Support At Keebler/Kellogg’s


I like Keebler Town House crackers. As a vegetarian I am very particular about the certain things that I consume. I do not eat foods that contain any beef or pork derivatives.

When I am concerned about a product that I am not totally sure about I will call up the company to where the item is manufactured from.

So I phoned up the Keebler crackers eight hundred number requesting information regarding their ingredients.

I was told by one of the operators at customer service that the item I was inquiring about was not listed under “vegetarian suitable”. And that they did not have any further knowledge other than what was included on the label.

I am very aware that some products have hidden ingredients that are not listed on the contents label. Usually a company will have more detailed information that they are able to look up or acquire.

When I did not get a satisfied answer I went to the Keebler website and sent a “contact us” email, it took about a week before I got back a response and that was understandable.

I believe that was a reasonable amount of time for me to have waited, considering how busy their schedules may have been and considering the other consumer inquiries that they may have had to answer.

Upon receiving my email I was extremely pleased with the outcome. I was sent a professional well thought out message that specifically gave me the answers that I had wanted and more.

This was how everything went:



We are so glad you took the time to connect with us. Your interest in Keebler® Town House® Original Crackers is appreciated and we are happy to share more information about animal derived ingredients and beef flavoring with you.

This product does not contain any animal derived ingredients. Our ingredient listings on packages and our websites are the best place to check for animal-derived ingredients. Some of the recognizable animal-derived ingredients in our products include milk; milk ingredients such as whey, casein, and cheese; egg and egg ingredients like egg whites and albumin. There are other ingredients that may be less obvious like gelatin, Vitamin D, glycerin and some enzymes. Please note, the enzymes and glycerin we use in our products are not from an animal source.

Kellogg’s® uses only vegetable shortenings. No lard or other animal fat is used either as an ingredient or in the preparation of equipment. All of our suppliers of vegetable oil have certified that the oil supplied to us is free of animal fat and is prepared on equipment where no animal products are processed.

For any remaining ingredients not listed above, we are often unable to provide detailed information regarding processing and sourcing since many different suppliers are used. However, if you have a question about a certain ingredient, feel free to contact us further.

Thank you again for reaching out to us. We hope this information answers your question completely. If there is anything else we can help you with, please contact us again by calling 1-877-453-5837. You can also visit us online at http://www.keebler.com to learn more about our foods and determine which ones would work best for you and your family.


Ruby G.
Consumer Specialist
Consumer Affairs

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Latoya wrote:
I’d like to know if this product contains any animal derivatives such as Lard (pig/shortening)or any beef flavoring.