Non Gmo Vegan Treats

I consistently read the ingredients to everything that I buy I’ve done this ever since I was a youngster since I eat healthy and vegetarian and as I get older I have been even more particular as to what I eat it is just a natural propensity and a spiritual harmony within myself.

I mostly do my own fresh cooking with vegetables, grains and starches as I love my rice, breads and pasta but every once in a while just like everyone else I get tired of cooking, especially when I’ve been working all day I just want to eat quick, chill out, then get winks of sleep.

When I come across new and appealing items to heat up in the oven or to snack on I give it a try and a while ago I purchased these in my opinion good tasting veggie onion rings and broccoli fries.

The ingredients are Potatoes, Broccoli, White Beans, Rice Flour, Expeller Pressed Canola Oil, Water, Potato Starch, Corn Starch. Contains less than %2 of: Sea Salt, Tapioca Starch, Locust Bean Gum, Garlic, Xanthan Gum, Tapioca Dextrin for the fries.

Cauliflower, Cooked Navy Beans, Onions, Rice Flour, Expeller Pressed Non-GMO Canola Oil, Yellow Corn Flour, Water, Corn Starch, Rice Starch, Modified Corn Starch, Sugar, Salt, Blackstrap Molasses, Dextrose, Yeast, Xanthan Gum, Sodium Alginate, Low Sodium Sea Salt (Natural Sea Salt, Magnesium, Trace Minerals), Dried Garlic, Spice Extractives (Including Paprika), Citric Acid for the rings and I enjoyed them.

I love onion rings and french fries!

I rarely eat sweets and when I do it also has to be natural or organic and I had found these delicious wheat coated cinnamon apple fig bars that I couldn’t stop eating (so yummy, yummy!).

All of these are vegan certified non gmo products.

Pure Rinse

pure fruit drinksFreshly peeled firm bananas are so tasty and produce a high volume of nutritious potassium. On some days I can eat an entire bunch of them as they come five in a bag, “Dole” is my favorite brand.

I’d love a pure and natural cool banana drink the only negative thing about that idea is fresh bananas yield no juice. In order to get that sweet rich banana texture and flavor one would have to chop and mush up the fruit with a fork or blenderize and combine those bananas with another beverage or consistency.

Every banana drink or mix that I’ve ever come across upon the market was always artificially flavored. Not to fret though, there are plenty of other delicious fruit that are able to be turned directly into satisfyingly healthy addictive drinks.

During the early 1990’s I came upon the “Juiceman” watching those infomercials that came on around the wee hours of the night and not so long after I went and purchased my own “Hamilton Beach” brand and tried that famous fresh carrot juice and it was well worth all of the hype at that time.

apple and orange juiceI enjoyed a variety of juiced fresh fruits and vegetables, however, my days at juicing was very short-lived back then due to the fact that meticulously cleaning the blade of the juicer and the remaining contents left over served as a very tiresome inconvenience.

Nevertheless, one cannot deny the pleasures of consuming the health benefits of a freshly designed drink along with it’s reinvigorating taste and cleansing effects because that is all that our bodies do anyhow, and that is extract and absorb the liquid matter from the things that we internalize while we excrete the rest.


fruit and vegetableI promote and am extremely fond of particular fruits and vegetables, and not only do many of them taste real good they are so very nutritious for us to regularly consume.

They are all excellent for the digestive tract/system and aide in natural healing, cleansing and proper bowel elimination.

My grandmother use to plant and grow her own vegetables in our backyard years ago during the eighties when I was a little girl. When the crops were ripe and fit to eat I’d go out and pick then gather up the extra large healthy sized cucumbers, tomatoes and green peppers.

My grandmother also grew cabbage and some other type of vegetables on our property I have nothing but lovely memories of a childhood experience with plant food. I was not the sort of kid that complained or gave their parent a hard time about eating their vegetables at mealtime.

My dog and I use to sit up and eat cold fresh raw carrots together she’d hold the stalk between her paws and chop away. In addition she ate fresh apples, grapes, raisins, seeds and even on occasion the grass that had grown in the front yard.

To some, many kinds of vegetables are not pleasant within flavor and that is true but sometimes it is in the way a dish is seasoned and prepared, because I did not like yellow squash though I had loved the green variety as I had a delicious zucchini and rice mixed platter dazzled with spices once, until I tasted a cousin’s version of the vegetable. From then on I had seen the yellow squash in an entirely different light, a yummy one!

I had eaten canned pineapples since childhood on up yet when I had become a teen I had my very first carves into a fresh one and the flavor was both tart and sweet depending on the variation of how juicy or dry the fruit was.  Afterward, I’d continuously buy fresh pineapples as it had become my favorite fruit out of all the other variety of great fleshy edibles.

Fruit and vegetablesFruits and vegetables also taste good mixed together within a meal whether hot or cold.

I also love sunflower seeds and certain types of nuts but I never cared for almonds, and I do not enjoy seeds or nuts within any food preparation except for sesame seeds on bread or butter pecans within ice cream otherwise I prefer those bits in separate form.

Turn Me Inside Out


My healthy and vegetarian lifestyle:

I became a vegetarian at the age of fourteen. And back then when I started out I was a very strict one, only eating fruits, vegetables and grains and just drinking water.

At the age of nineteen I began to return back only to fish/shrimp, poultry and dairy products. I absolutely sustained from any type of red meat or pork.

I am thirty seven-years old now and am still happily carrying on with my extremely healthy lifestyle.

I don’t eat just anything. I refuse to put any sort of garbage inside of my body. In attaining certain foods I always examine the product and check out the ingredients. I’ll even do some research on the company in which particular items are processed from.

I am very careful about the cheeses that I eat as some are made with pig enzymes. The “boar’s head” brand cheeses are suitable for vegetarians and are high in quality. I love the American and Swiss flavors. I also love and eat their pepper turkey and roasted chicken.

“Perdue” is another quality source product. I like that the chicken is packed pretty clean as there is not much messy slime to rinse and wash off. And their chickens are fed vegetarian diets and proteins. So not only after cooking does Perdue make for a delicious meal but an honest one. You don’t have to worry about no animal by-products hormones or steroids.

When it comes to my ice cream “haagen dazs” definitely does it for me. Vanilla and butter pecan are my favorite flavors. Not only does the brand have such a delicious distinct taste compared to other ice creams out on the market but the ingredients are to die for-purely natural.

I love “near east” and “uncle ben’s” brand rices. They are both very vegetarian suitable, very high in quality and are also delicious in taste.

I do not eat any type of breads which contain mono diglycerides. My one and only favorite purely natural bread is made by “nature’s pride”, specifically the honey wheat and whole wheat flavors.

I could sit here all day acknowledging and explaining my favorite brands of foods and why I like them so much since I am so particular about a lot of things, however, I will move on now with all of the benefits that comes along from watching what we eat.

Lemonade is one of my favorite drinks and fresh pineapples are one of my favorite fruits. I only drink juices that are 100% natural and fruits that are fresh. And I love salads, and so on.

I also take the finest quality vitamins.

A lot does have to do with our genetic make up and metabolism but I am in the best of health and shape.

I am very youthful in appearance. I have the body of a young teenager, and I feel just great.

By eating right we constantly and continuously rejuvenate ourselves. Our cells function more properly, we heal better and faster, and we look better.

How we treat ourselves on the inside compliments us on the outside.

The vitamins and minerals that we consume actually can and do cure certain body ailments if we maintain excellent eating habits.

We are still able to enjoy and love our sweets. Just make sure that they are healthy wholesome and beneficial sweets. “nature’s valley” brand has great crunchy granola bars. I love the maple and peanut butter flavors. I eat oatmeal raisin cookies and yellow cakes and coffee cakes, I just make sure that the ingredients coincide with what I prefer to intake.

Chocolate and coca cola is something the doctor told me to stay away from as a very young child due to the fact that they gave me terrible unbearable stomach aches, so no chocolate cakes cookies or candy bars for me! And I haven’t drunk a soda in years; there is no real nutritional value in them any way.

So to wrap it up, living healthy attributes to being wealthy incredibly rich with the excellent rewards of a lifestyle that is dedicated to loving one self and treating oneself right with the ultimate respect.


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Fruits Of Life


“Good eating” pertains to more than just a physical nourishment and source of energy that contributes to good health and longevity.

A healthy constitution involves and caters to the mind and spirit as well as the body when one is living a salutary lifestyle.

I have a natural course of drive and determination that has followed me all through out my life. And my innate hunger for liberty, selection, and flourishing-is non stop and inevitable.

I love to eat food. Not just any kind of food but good food. I was brought up on eating the best of things from a very young age.

I tend to eat things that are delicious yet at the same time very healthy. It is said that the things that taste the nastiest are the best things for us health wise, and that is very true. However, there are plenty of edibles that we can consume that attribute great taste along with essential benefits.

Let’s take fresh fruits for one. The “granny smith” green apples, watermelons (also honey dew and cantaloupe), pineapples, oranges, grapes, cherries, strawberries, plums, peaches, pears and bananas are great tasting and very nutritious.

Eating good also makes you feel and look good. I have tremendous energy, and my body glows with youth.

When one constantly intakes vital nutrients the body returns the favor by cleansing and detoxifying, resulting in regularity and better circulation and rejuvenation of cells.

Nothing is perfect, though; excellent lifestyle choices are the definite starts to building satisfying eating habits, and ones that will always bring back great rewards.

And all of those examples work out just the same when it comes to maintaining the proper functionality of one’s mind and spirit.

In my particular case, environment is vital. The “body” cover in which holds mind and spirit:

Having a clean and peaceful surrounding free from contamination (negativity, polluted people and etc.) and disturbance (energy disrupts, social commotions and etc.).

The internal “flesh” that engulf mind and spirit when it is and becomes nourished:

Having the things that I want and things that go my way for significant reasons one does not necessarily have to go through nasty and distasteful ordeals in order to gain strength or to further build character.

Sweet and delightful modes of pleasure can be just as effective an intense in means of fortifying resilience and structure of disposition.

In fact, happiness is the key and serves a far more greater purpose than what comes along to make us unhappy. I for a very long time have noticed that if there is something in life that I do not want or do not want to do, then it absolutely will not work out favorably.

There is nothing wrong with getting everything that one wants if it is in their best interest and they are able to get it. There is a big difference between being “properly spoiled” and having an arrogant sense of “entitlement”.

The love and spoiling in which I received contributed to my self confidence (self sufficiency, security within myself) and independence. I am very stubborn to do for myself and to work for what I want on my own rather than to get and take from others. However, I can accept a gift (token of appreciation or nice gesture) of kindness from someone yet it does not bring me a needed gratification.

When mind and spirit is attentively and thoroughly taken care of through the special quality natural nutrients (ingredients including earth, water, fire and air) that it deserves and needs they consistently revitalize and in return sustain us altogether within any and all ailments and affliction.

The ultimate rewards promote the enjoyment of salutary habits, again igniting the cycle of continuity and ultimately extinguishing the causes of impediments.


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