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Stay True

chillIt is true, the more you know the farther you can advance because knowledge is power and the mind is a very important and powerful tool if one is equip.

How one uses their knowledge is also a huge responsibility. Are they using their information as a hobby or a skill, to maneuver or deceive, to teach or to inspire?

The approach of how one expresses their knowledge is another interesting or challenging factor as what they often impart may not always be what is accepted and sometimes what is mostly rejected by those who are in a state of “unconsciousness”.

Should the ignorance of another or certain others drive you into a personal state of silence out of the fear of ridicule and scrutiny? If so, that is a bashing to one’s own self, a surrender to the very unconsciousness that you yourself are conscious of.

In no way whatsoever should one be driven into an area of self limitation, self deprivation. That is mental suicide.

Embrace those eccentric ideas they are original. Dare to be authentically extraordinary that courage is remarkable.

Be a leader not a follower, a believer not a dealer, and do not be a flunky that role is for a junky.

Stay true and ahead always learning something new and remember to stay on cue because there will never be another who is identical to you.

Miss LaToya Lawrence


Baby At Peace

baby at peaceI have literally and actually seen the other side (spiritual realm) in both vivid visions and within dreams. In dreams I have also visited and passed through the borders that in which are in between.

There is not just one specific spiritual realm there are many parts of eternal dwelling spaces and places. Unique sphere of dimensions, of area.

Years ago, I had the privilege of assisting my dearly beloved pet whom I had to put down after her legs gave out due to a spell that was put on her by evildoers into making the transition over into the afterlife.

She was a mixed breed collie/shepherd and, of course, I know that by nature the german shepherd breed generally or eventually will develop the arthritis and complications with the hind legs. However, in her case those weren’t the usual circumstances.

Black Magic was done on my dog in an attempt to get back at me out of envy and spite.

Black Magic is often used in an attempt to make a situation to appear to happen naturally so that the genuine cause would never be traced or detected.

It was a pleasure and great experience for me to see my dog of seventeen years move forward by entering into a place of peace where she would be surrounded by my other deceased relatives who were good and true and welcoming with profound love and loyalty. Especially after she had to spend a few years in between the certain spiritual borders while negative energy/evil would try to block her pathways.

Intuitive ability has allowed me to view bits and pieces of my pet in the midst of creating and entirely new experience that is completely set apart from the life that she once lived and had here on the earth.

Every now and then I feel my dog’s presence, share moments with her within dreams, and see visions of her as she is very much at rest.

The connection and communication are still there.

It is no different from a distant relative who may live across the world living a whole completely different life but who would never get so distracted to not keep in touch.

I remember those words that my dog spoke to me in her mind while she visited me in one of my dreams. “I want to be with you everywhere you go”.

Those words melted my heart coming from her, it was so sweet and sincere. Our animals often tend to give more love and loyalty to their owners than some of them actually deserve.

My dog was spoiled and treated so nicely by my mother and I, though. And I sincerely told her in return “I want you with me everywhere I go”.





Long Distance Calls From Voices Not So Far Away From Home

calmI have always been in extreme sincere connection and within deep communication with my good and true relatives over on the other side.

Whenever I talk they hear me and listen. Whenever I call they hear me and answer.

Whenever they talk to me I hear them and listen. Whenever they call out to me I hear them and I answer back.

I can feel their presence when they all motion to gather and surround me.

Just last night while I sat up in bed they came around with the mellow flow of my Orishas just to impart that they love me. As they visited then passed on by to bestow their approval and endearment I was forever enamoured in the beauty of their precious love and generous grace.



Unhappy Campers Don’t Spoil My Joy

styleI’ve come across a lot of people who are intimidated by me, especially in the workplace/field.

They are bothered by my strong sense of self and they are put off by my high self confidence and self sufficiency.

When I go to work and do my job I am a little too competent for them (my co workers and even managers) . I am too much in control of my surroundings and I can handle too many of my situations on my own without further assistance.

And they do not understand that because they do not have that type of energy or strength.

They often are stressed out bringing their problems to work then taking them out on other people. I have never done that. I had a heavy commute every day doing long overnight shifts and still kept my composure and upbeat spirit.

I didn’t speak illiterate (I kept being told how expressive and clearly that I spoke. They weren’t use to a educated american black on that job. Most of the workers there besides the Caucasians were Haitians, Jamaicans, Africans and a few Hispanics) I dressed nice, had a natural head of hair, bought my own food when necessary while most of them were dingy, hungry, and unable to come to work without wearing their weaves.

Other people’s insecurities often lead them to find the fault within others instead of dealing with the issues at hand that are actually causing and/or surrounding their own genuine flaws. And when you do not join in and go along with their program they are ready to gang up and attack.

I never apologize for having a good mind and a good head on my shoulders and for not compromising any of my standards just to get by.

I am tired of common folk getting over and doing dirt in the workplace while others are working hard while spending their precious time doing the right things.

“Am I going to have a problem everywhere I go and work?” I said, because that is surely the way that it seemed.

“Well if you can go find a job around good people who are confident like you and on your level” a lady had mentioned to me. “Those other people are too low for you”.

And inside I knew that (spirit always speaks truth).

I was told years ago both by a male and a female associate that I was not going to find too many people who were on my level and that it is hard to find those who are on my level, yet it is also generally not always easy to find and to be in positions that one truly deserves to be in, especially when you have certain people intentionally trying to hold you back.

The universe has changed though and there will always be opportunity and I will keep hanging in there undisturbed.




Feeling Disconnected Yet Connected?

art time

I am allergic to certain types of people and vicinities.

My spirit does not take to everyone or everything and as a caulbearer it is not supposed to.

Spiritual radar is a vital tool when it comes to a person of the caul/veil. That radar constitutes both a weapon and a shield.

As a person born with a caul/veil one is always going to be able to know and see what the average person will not. As a person born with a caul/veil one is always going to be very unique and significantly unlike the average human being.

The caul/veil itself is a sign of spiritual knowledge and development. An assurance of stability and progress.

In no way, shape, or form does being born with the caul/veil share a similarity to having been cursed. Having a gift has never felt like a curse to me. If anything it is the complete opposite.

A blessing gifts are indeed.

I’ve always had the feelings and a strong sense of not belonging and/or not wanting to be here in the world and to me that was not at all a bad or negative thing.

Those notions, inkling, and hunches had helped me to seek deeper into thought and into myself.

It is a very good sign when you are not able to completely adapt into this foreign physical world.The connection and yearning toward the universal/spiritual realms are a natural manifestation of our (those in particular) celestial identities as well as destinations.

As a person born of the caul/veil my problem has never been with the caul/veil itself or the special attributes that came along with it . My problems have always been with and had always come from other people.

The supernatural aspects have only continuously served as a crucial advantage, guide, protection and intermediate source of help.

When one exudes positive energy and/or generates great magnetism it can be a spark for negative people in general.  Adverse reactions to goodness and quality are morbid examples of what demonic channels and entities we are faced with today as well as what were in the past.