flamesWell, here we go again, two weeks after the candle burning ritual and invocations that had caused me an abnormal headache which completely stopped the next day has begun again.

It all started yesterday, subsided, and then returned more intense during the night as I was asleep. When I’d turn over in bed or get up to go to the bathroom I could feel the unnatural circumstances that was wickedly producing my pain not to mention the flashes of hidden light that I could see upon initially retreating (heading off to sleep) as I lied down to bed.

Upon waking up this morning the discomfort still remained, though, through out the day the ache would go in and out intermittently come and go as my energy simultaneously drowned out the duration of the rituals.

The last time this happened my adversaries were trying so hard to bring back the Brujeria I discovered the following Sunday on the 14th of February. It hadn’t crossed my mind because they had prior weeks before made an attempt that failed (just like many other times within the past) as I know for a fact that the Black Magic is unable to return no matter what measures they take or who they may inquire and acquire to help them out.

rose petalWhen will they learn that they cannot vanquish me?

Although they are already by their own self inflicted errors ruined, if anything, I am the one that has all of the power to utterly destroy them.


Shield Of Armors:(https://misslatoya.wordpress.com/2016/02/18/shield-of-armors/)



Lust Spell

come to me candleThere have been numerous attempts over the years to unnaturally make me desire and become attracted to certain guys that if I weren’t asexual still wouldn’t have given the time of day as they had totally repulsed me.

It has been over for a while now so far but about three years ago, give or take, there were these two particular assholes who had kept up their shenanigans for quite the longest out of anyone belonging to their cult or within the conspiracy that was set against me.

They prolonged their demonic activities for a good seven years straight until one gave up in February of 2014 (the light complexioned one) after realizing that his efforts were continuously being done in vain.

It took him seven years to find out? Wow, what a severe wacko!

The other guy (the dark complexioned one) proceeded a little more over the seven years here and there even though after getting embarrassed and humiliated once over an incident to the point of wanting to quit at performing the love and attraction spells due to the unsuccessful “voodoo-venture” that I was extremely resistant to.

He told me he liked me through telepathy although I had already known that the first night that he had approached me on the street back within the year of 2008 with a phony excuse to get my attention.

Also, through empathic vibration it had long before been made known unto me that he was attracted to me but that he was not going to approach me yet after some time had passed he eventually did, however, it was spiritually instead of physically (in person). This guy is so jealous of my life as the revelation had come to me so many times and on more than one occasion serving as another explanation as to why he desired to cause interference.

What was one of the most derogatory within all of the actions in regard to their spell work was when they found and had the nerve to actually tamper with my vagina. They tried to give me a sexual feeling by manipulating my genitalia. They wanted me to become aroused with the sensations of lust in order to get me to have intercourse with them and/or to go out and sleep around with men in general so that they could talk and gossip about it since they had no kind of dirt on me, absolutely nothing authentic.

genitalsNumber one, I personally didn’t even know these two guys aside from the both of them having had approached me and them knowing the people that was from my old neighborhood whom I may have been scarcely acquainted with at one time or another.

Of course, there endeavor resulted in the ultimate failure and they had never ever performed that ritual again other than that one time.

How in the world did their minds contemplate such an absurd skill of plan? It just went to show how sick in the mind the both of them were and still are people like that do not change, if anything, just as the dead they get worse.

I’d hate to be in the harsh reality of what they live and dwell within, and the type of women that they are limited to deal with obviously are too low for even the dogs to bite as they all fit into an equivalent mode of category.


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There are few more selection of post in relation to them as I chronicle many of my variety of experiences.


glassAside from the many negative of energies returning back to the sender black magic can also bounce off away from its target and unto inanimate objects.

Often when my adversaries would try to cross me or another family member up who were fortunately protected and spiritually resistant to the harsh effects of the demonic activity the energies would boomerang and go into specific parts of the house causing both minor and major temporary or permanent damage.

When we’d look at and observe all of the unexplainable sections of water stains, mildew, decay, cracked paint, dirt and dust, or problems with plumbing there was only one thing that added up and that was the manifestation of evil that had went into it.

Ever since her teenage years my mother had worn good quality sterling silver bracelets that she still wears till this day and whenever she’d get significantly ill her bracelets would turn very dull and dark, nearly black.

The same thing would happen to the bracelets when someone directed the workings of black magic toward her way and by the look of those bracelets along with the scenes of our home that occurrence just revealed how bad of a state the both of us would have been in if we had actually became vulnerable to all of the spells that were intended to inflict havoc upon our life.

I remember years ago how someone brought a business card into my home that was conjured, thinking that such a small item such as a thin piece of card stock wouldn’t raise up any type of suspicion, however, as one highly sensitive to vibration I had detected the negative energy within more ways than one as I watched the vileness as it sprung out from the business card and traveled within the atmosphere.

Immediately, I removed the business card from the house and threw it into the outside garbage can and three days later the guy that brought the card his car had broke down and eventually he had to get another vehicle. He was stopped dead in his tracks.

reflectionHis mother also had the nerve to get involved because among their kind they wanted to get in on the conspiracy and possibly be the ones responsible for having the ammunition to take me and my mother down in order to gain that street-trash credit that entertains the junkie mindset.

In another endeavor the silly bitch had sent her son back over to our home this time with some yarn that was conjured. As I was crocheting I felt the negative energy after it had left out of the acrylic threading enter into my leg, nothing happened though, when he left I threw the yarn away so he’d be non the wiser yet he knew that there was no desired result because, along with other failed attempts by many others, when he had gotten home he asked his mother, “Why can’t nothing happen to her?”

And his mother told him as she had to face the truth, “That is just the way that it is”.


A Ride In The Lincoln Town Car

strollThis is another excerpt from my book that “within idea” I conceived back when I was twelve then wrote in between 1999 to 2000, and published in 2003:

Dirty old man Earl spotted Kelly walking down the street. He was a dark-skinned man in his fifties with a medium build, wavy black hair, a big wide nose, thick mustache, yellow teeth and a pot-belly. He slowed down in his dark green Lincoln Town car to ride alongside her.

“Hey Kelly!” Earl called out.

Kelly turned to look at the man whose voice spoke her name.

“Hi Earl”, she said in return.

“Where are you going?” He asked, looking at her through his car window.

“To the check cashier”, she said, ducking her head down to meet his cold-blooded eyes.

Earl stopped his car. “Hop in; I’ll give you a lift”. Kelly didn’t waste any time getting inside of earl’s fancy car. When she shut the door to his vehicle, he lustfully gazed down at her thick long legs. Earl had admired Kelly’s voluptuous body for years. He drooled at the sight of her big breast, curvy hips, wide thighs and big behind. Her face wasn’t too bad to him either. Kelly had a pointy nose, high cheek bones and a full set of lips.

“Them thighs on you got me as hot as an oven”, uttered Earl.

Kelly blushed. “Earl, you need to cut your shit out”.

Earl started up his car and drove slowly. As his left hand steered the wheel, his right hand gently rubbed the skin of Kelly’s knee.

“When are you gonna give me some?” He boldly asked.

Kelly removed Earl’s hand from her knee and said, “I got a man”.

Earl got indignant. He wrinkled up his big wide nose uttering, “Who Daryl? He ain’t shit!”

Kelly was for some reason offended. Even though her man often mistreated her she still found it in her heart to take up for him. “You don’t know nothing about Daryl”, she said.

“Oh no?” Earl said, derisively. “I’ve known him since he was a baby. Shit, I use to fuck his mama!”

Kelly didn’t want to hear any more of what Earl had to say. She was sorry for accepting a ride in his car. “If you don’t like my man, that’s on you”.

Earl sneered at Kelly. Keeping a close eye on the road and then glancing back at her, he uttered, “You think you’re the only woman he’s been fucking? Well let me tell you, that man of yours is a player”.

Kelly was startled and hurt by Earl’s blunt words. She felt stupid and angry both at the same time and she questioned him. “How do you know whether or not my man is cheating on me?”

place“I be out here”, Earl said. “I see everything”. Kelly looked Earl straight in his cold dark brown eyes when he parked in front of the check cashier. His facial expression was made clear and she could see that he was proud of himself for attempting to break her heart. He wanted and intended to make her feel bad and, in her case it worked. Most low-life was on the same level they only had a one track mind. And since Kelly and Earl were of the same class-ignorant, immoral and worthless-they both knew how to get the best of the other. Their kind was always playing stupid games on people. Their sick mentality made them all incapable of fitting in with those people in particular that were above them. “You ain’t shit”, Kelly told Earl.

“What did you think? That I would be so devastated and retaliate on Daryl by fucking you?! Well I wouldn’t give you the satisfaction of trying to dog me out some more”.

Earl sneered at Kelly again. “You played yourself; you did it on your own by letting all of these niggers dog you. I just want to pick up the scrap to show everybody that I’ve cleaned up the garbage!”

Kelly departed from Earl’s car in a fury and slammed his car door as hard as she could in an attempt to break it. He watched her enter into the check cashier, muttering a few derogatory words to himself. Then, he pulled off, searching for other women to screw.

Kelly finished her business rather quickly. There were barely any people occupying the place. When she left out of the check cashier, her first move was to the liquor store. Earl’s negativity had worked up her nerves. Kelly purchased a quart of rum along with a half a pint of vodka. She needed a couple of drinks to prepare her for the confrontation that she was going to have with Daryl later today.


PeacoT Club

discoThis is another excerpt from my book written in 1998 and then published in 2001:

When Rossi came to hang around with friends on the block sometimes he paid Emilia a visit. He still called her by her ex husband’s last name, Mrs. Tyler. Others also referred to her in that manner. They would sit and talk, drink, smoke marijuana, and who knows what else. Even before Emilia’s stepdaughter Colleen died Emilia liked Rossi and wanted to be with him. Finding out Penny was seeing him deeply bothered her to a point where she couldn’t help but interfere. Emilia barely knew Penny. They use to see one another years ago, and would greet one another, but now, out of jealousy for a man, Emilia spoke ill of Penny.

At first, the game she tried to play wasn’t noticed. It was the second play that tipped off Penny that she was being set up. Emilia started by constantly insisting that Jasper invite Penny out for a night at the PeacoT CluB, a place to mingle, have drinks, eat and dance.

“Mrs. Tyler keeps buggin’ me to ask you if you would like to go out. She wants the three of us to hang at the PeacoT cluB”, Jasper told Penny. “I don’t know why she keeps on persuading me to tell you, she don’t even know you”.

“I don’t understand it either”, Penny said.

“Emilia said you look real good for your age, and that you have a nice shape”.

Penny didn’t comment. She just figured maybe the jet black, fat, out of shape, ugly bitch envied her some. Curiosity tempted Penny to take Emilia up on the offer. Penny just wanted to find out where she was coming from, and what she was up to.

One Friday night Jasper and Penny went with Mrs. Tyler to the PeacoT CluB. Jasper wore a black tuxedo; Penny wore a spandex dress that came above her knees, stockings and high-heeled shoes; Emilia wore some multicolored, glittering, sequined shit that most women wouldn’t be caught dead wearing. Jasper’s sister Sally and her admirer Sherman decided to come along and share a table with them.

night outHosting at the PeacoT Club was a fifty-something-year-old man named Mr. Bellamy, who also happened to be a tenant in the home where Mrs. Tyler lived.

Mrs. Tyler and Mr. Bellamy were suppose to chip in and buy some liquor, but he left her hanging, and she ended up paying for a whole fifth of Absolute vodka.

After Jasper, Penny, Sally, Sherman, Mrs. Tyler, and Mr. Bellamy digested a taste of liquor, they danced.

An older man came over to Penny and wanted her to boogie with him; she accepted. Sally and Sherman did their “thang”. Jasper tried his best to groove with Mrs. Tyler, but it just wasn’t happening. They looked more like a sideshow in the circus. Mr. Bellamy didn’t bother to dance, he just observed everyone else.

After time passed, Mrs. Tyler sat at the table. Her eyes were fixated on Penny. She continued to watch as a few different men came and offered Penny a dance. Even Mr. Bellamy took Penny on the dance floor. Not one man at the club asked Emilia Tyler for a dance.


109th Street Walton Road

empty streetThis is an excerpt from a book that I published in 2003:

“It’s a shame for you to have to see your sister in that condition”, Ronnie said, with sincere compassion within his heart. And his eyes were filled with sorrow.

“I know”, said Danielle. Then she looked Ronnie in his brown eyes and gravely uttered, “He’s gotta pay”.

Ronnie was a bit startled. “You know who hurt Courtney”, he asked his young niece.

Danielle paused for a second because out of anger those words had slipped out. Then she decided to welcome the courage that she had deep down inside of her body and boldly conveyed, “Yes. I think it was Bruce”.

As he was startled and proud of Danielle for being so keenly perceptive regarding the situation he was so pleased at her for confirming what he was very sure to be true. “I believe so too”, he told his niece. Ronnie looked Danielle in her sad big brown pretty eyes and said, “I want you to tell me the truth. Has Bruce ever hurt you?”

Danielle bowed her head down and began to cry then looked back up at her uncle and into his eyes. “Three times”, she said.

Ronnie tenderly kissed his niece goodbye. Danielle didn’t have to say any more because he had a positive idea of how she’d been hurt. And when Ronnie made it home to his place he dranked a whole small bottle of liquor. All sorts of things were running through his angry mind and, killing Bruce was one of them. After an hour went by, Ronnie didn’t want to waste any more of his time. He decided to put the plan he’d came up with into action. And his scheme was to have someone beep Bruce and meet with him over on Walton Road by 109th street at eleven p.m. A False drug buy seemed like the perfect bait for Bruce to take.

When Bruce did arrive on Walton Road he was very surprised to see Ronnie there. “What are you doing here?” he asked him.

“I’m here to take your ass out”, said Ronnie. “You’ll never touch my nieces again”.

Bruce used a moment to think to himself. “You set me up”. He said, shocked.

Ronnie sneered at the ruthless drug dealer and snidely uttered, “In the worst way”. And he was ready to carve a very sharp blade deep into the layers of his rotten flesh.

When Bruce saw the box-cutter gripped tightly in the palm of Ronnie’s ready hand he reached into the inside pocket of his black and navy blue suede jacket and pulled out his gun and aimed it at him.

“Don’t make me shoot you, man”, Bruce warned. “We can walk away and pretend this never happened”.

Ronnie was outraged by Bruce’s pomposity because to him he wasn’t shit! “What about Courtney?” Ronnie asked. “Am I supposed to forget what you’ve done to her? And what about Danielle, you’ve raped her haven’t you? You think I’m gonna let you get away with those things. My nieces are just babies. Good children. And you hurt them. And it’s time for you to be hurt”.

Coldly, Bruce uttered, “Well I tried to make a truce”. Then he pulled the trigger. A bullet pierced Ronnie’s throat, killing him instantly. Bruce fled the scene immediately.

city nightsEight year old Eric had accurately caught the incident in his dream as he lay asleep in his bedroom. He was horrified at what he saw and didn’t want to believe that it was something real. He turned on his lamp that stood on the end table beside his bed the moment after he witnessed his Uncle Ronnie falling to the ground. He stared at his reddish-brown bedroom walls that were trimmed in white, trying to get the location of the murder out of his head. Walton Road kept on flashing before his dark brown eyes along with 109th street. Right then and there he knew there was no turning back. He had too much information. And the murderer would soon be returning back to his apartment. Eric didn’t want Bruce to get away with Killing Ronnie but if he opened up his mouth at the wrong time Bruce surely wouldn’t hesitate to kill him too. So for the time being Eric planned on carrying the burden of truth around with him for as long as it was necessary.


“What chama call it?!”

beer and barrelMy late grandmother (My mother’s mother) loved herself some beer preferably Miller High Life before she graduated on to Budweiser. She drank beer all the way up until the time that she passed away and here is an excerpt from my book that was written back in 1998 and then published in 2001 in a chapter about an incident involving my grandmother:

“Ass” was Charlene’s favorite word. Everybody was an ass as far as she was concerned. Her second cousin Francine came from the Bronx to visit one spring. She brought her nephew Mack along. Even though Charlene had known Francine all her life she was just now meeting Mack.

While Penny accompanied her mother’s cousin to the store Charlene was scheming.

“Hey, come get this for me”.

“Get what?” Mack asked.

“My can of beer”, she pointed toward the dining room. “Hurry up before they come back”.

Mack left the living room puzzled. He wasn’t aware of Charlene’s plot. Because of her illness she wasn’t allowed to drink alcoholic beverages. Their effects could result in another stroke. Regardless of the risk Charlene continued drinking. If someone came to the house she wanted them to buy her a beer. Many found this annoying.

A few friends of Penny’s complained, “Every time I come here she asks for a beer!” If Charlene couldn’t get it from a visitor Terri would go buy one.

beerOn this particular day, a can of Miller High Life was hidden somewhere in the dining room. She often did this hoping Penny wouldn’t catch her.

“Where is it?” Mack asked.

“It’s under the What chama cal it!” Due to frequent memory loss Charlene was at times unable to express words, often uttering “What chama cal it”.

Mack was even more puzzled and asked, “What’s that?”

Charlene pointed again and said, “Under the What chama cal it!”

Mack’s bewilderment was obvious by his facial expression. He went over to where she was pointing and knelt down.

Charlene sighed, expressing impatience. Hearing the sound of her breath expelling, Mack knew it was a sure sign of disappointment.

Rudely Charlene exclaimed, “It’s over there asshole!”


Love Letter

canine readOur precious little babies, our furry little friends and our delightful little canine companion of creatures they can do everything but talk within our own human verbal language they are so darn smart.

They’d love to talk and speak out our words if they actually could I’ve had a real live dream within my sleep years ago in which my deceased dog spoke to me as she had uttered to me my name. “Toya” she had said, her voice was so cute and sweet yes it was such a treat to hear.

She remembered how everyone around within our home and even within our neighborhood had never called me by my full name (LaToya) but by my popular nicknames (Toy or Toya).

enjoying natureThe sparkle in their eye sometimes makes me want to cry as they are extremely loving and sincere that those of us who are literally worthy prove to come quite rare.

I think about my little pooch all of the time our spiritual connection that never lacks of any affection and our special bond that continues to go beyond.

As I soar she proceeds to roar, and as she sends me all of her love I constantly thank what is surrounded by us from above.


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cheese and wineIt has indeed been a while since I’ve consumed any straight up dairy products such as milk, cheese and butter although there may have once in a while been a product that I’ve eaten that may have included a small ingredient or two that I had carefully examined and that didn’t hurt to indulge within.

It is alright from time to time depending on how the consistency is derived and manufactured, however, I strictly do not any longer since within a little over two years now drink the fluids of cows milk. I am fascinated with soy milk.

I also hadn’t eaten any cheese within the past entire two years it wasn’t until January of this year that I helped myself to two slices of a tasty cheesy pizza other than that I’ve been dairy free. I do not even remember the last time that I’ve cooked or ate with butter.

I have found a very good brand of cheese that does not contain any animal rennet but I’d really prefer to try a non dairy product such as “GO Veggie” cheese alternatives before I actually even think to go back to ordinary cheese simply because I have not come into contact with a more better or healthier option that is more suitable to me and my taste.

The Go Veggie brand has quite a few variety and selection of cheeses including Parmesan, Swiss, Mozzarella, American, Cheddar, White cheddar, Cream cheese and a few more.

cheeseI’ll look for it at one of my local supermarkets and maybe test it out, according to the zip code that I entered within the “Where To Buy” section that is represented on their website quite a few of my nearby groceries do supposedly carry the item.

I have found in the past though that the information on websites are not always accurate as far as to what store may actually have the item within stock. It is absolutely nothing that I will fret about or even drive myself crazy with it is not a life or death situation for me it is just a preference.


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black skull candleWitchcraft causes abnormal headaches.

As of right now as I speak I am in the midst of adversaries who are burning candles on me I have a headache from the malevolent procedure but that is just about it and nothing more.

They are not getting the reactions from me or the results that they want as their spells are in the process of backfiring as they usually do.

I can now and again feel a soft heat from the candle rise up from behind my eyes and around the sides of my head and temples along with the vibrations of the flickering of the flames motioning within my skull due to the fact that I am extremely sensitive spiritually.

white skull candleMy head also throbs mildly as the ache is not normal.

It is a strangely miserable type of headache that is unable to reach into a severe or thorough mode as my energy automatically attacks it by fighting back so I do not feel the full effects of the ordeal just enough to let me know that I am being sieged upon.

red skull candleMy mind is absolutely clear except for the normal intuitive messages that I receive through extra sensory perception, however, nothing out of the ordinary no unwanted or unnatural thoughts just the physical discomfort.

No Alteration Through My Gratification

quietAs I continue to consistently by the operation of natural spiritual energy (intangible stimulation) chronicle the pages of my life and experiences I often come upon the repercussion of the ill nature of individuals, and ill minded adversaries who are absolutely “done in” (completely finished) yet through their injudicious desperate pattern that is constantly brought on by the spiteful urge to pointlessly hold onto the need for my “designated desolation” (their never-ending “one last chance” at a possible victory within their own area of circle) adhere to still conspire through the attempts of ineffective supernatural manipulation.

Aside from another unrelated post in particular, about two or three days ago I wrote and mentioned how good I felt about my self, and honestly, why shouldn’t I have? If spirit had stirred up enough within me to reference that wonderful sentiment out of the truth and out of pure inspiration where is it documented that I should be punished for it?

Go figure.

The same day after I wrote “Elated” I could feel adversaries channeling negative energy over toward my direction. They strived to “unnaturally” make me feel down and out by trying to make me preferably feel lousy about my self, and for me to have groundless doubts about and within myself.

They also wanted me to have fear through the hatred that they all entertain for me through my own disregard and detestation of their own total states of existence and for the advantageous life that I grew up with and that I still have and maintain till this day.

silentYes, I do have a lot of enemies I definitely do know that, I have always been aware of them as they have accumulated through my indifference toward them, and toward their shortcomings and inadequacies, along with a combination of the other things that weigh out on both sides of the perspective and within our dislikes of one another and I am rather grateful for the enmity as I have never set out to acquire a unification among their kind.

I did not appreciate in the past before they actually knew of the extent as to how I viewed them and felt about them how they would generalize me into their company, taking for granted that I even considered any of them to be of any worth or within my own league or category, I never wanted to socialize and have a genuine friendly association with them their solicitude for me at the time went unvalued, it wasn’t my fault that I came upon them, we cannot choose in life what we are born into but we do have the ability and option to not follow that undesirable route.

No matter what I will never cease to feel good about myself and I have no sound reason to and no form of evil will initiate that change of self love and self esteem I can’t help that adversaries of mine are not in the position to fully enjoy their lives or even themselves within a significant mode of fashion as they have to get “high” in order to cope and in order to face their own harsh battles with reality, regret and regression.

A specific group or amount of people that are or that would be against me, in fact, does not scare me at all as I do not see the logic within the conception that it should. If anything the opposition serves to me as a great advancement tool. Other than it being a reminder of an anomalous origin it forebodes to conveniently display how I am strictly not of them and that I am absolutely no part of their conflicting state of being.

Not having those types of individuals around and within my life and within their approval is me literally taking in wholesome sustaining breaths of “fresher air”.




A Spell On Valentine That I Had To Decline

bearing giftsAbout five or six years ago when this one guy in particular was continuously trying to work numerous type of spells on me he would here and there send certain people up to me on the street to say trivial things at me or they would come up to me so that I could get a look at them.

By me catching a view or glimpse of them he and other perpetrators in general who also were involved within the situation felt that they had a better chance at putting their image into my thoughts to make me think of them through the manipulations of evil black magic.

In reality, whether I saw them in person or not and just through my “third eye” it still had brought within a repulsion inside of me that instantly would tremendously help to work against the negative energy right along with my other spiritual protections, just because I was well aware of what was going on through empathy and telepathic communication with my adversaries did not mean that I was at all under any influence or under any type of persuasion by the spells, that was just my “antennas” keeping me “in tune” and ahead as usual in the midst of trouble and/or danger.

Some ignorant people do not consider “love” or “attraction” spells an act of “black magic” they may try to pass it off as a form of “white magic” insinuating love and attraction as a positive aspect yet it definitely is not especially when the feelings are not mutual and it is not in any other excuse for an instance.

If love or attraction is forced upon someone without their knowledge or consent how is that derived from a good source? Even if intentions are harmless the way of going about it through supernatural means is totally wrong. Why want anyone who does not reciprocate in any factor?

edible heartWhen an individual does actually fall into the grips of a spell the circumstance is never originated under a natural course of operation it is just a falsely designed illusion set by the hands of vile tactless maneuvering.

As a strong-minded person who happened to be asexual by nature there was no way in the world any type of witchcraft or black magic could had pulled me out of one of my ” innately fixed states of being”.

These love and attraction spells are not all purely about gathering then maintaining innocent “love” and “attraction” it mainly is about control many people’s motives are to get someone else to desire them in order to render them docile in an attempt to use, abuse and even at times destroy them depending on whatever it is under the circumstances but I guarantee that all effort behind these situations are obviously and absolutely demonic.

One night as I was at a bus stop on my way home from work an old man was sent to do the “dirty deed” as he stared and stared at me, before he made his eyes attentively glued on to me, though, I had already instantly and automatically knew that he was “dispatched” I know that he was dropped off to await until my arrival (such assholes). Once we were on the bus he caught wind that I was on to him and displayed embarrassment as his body language became disconcerted.

This old man who looked like a drunk (because that is what most flunkies and maytags are drunks and drug addicts and people who are down on their luck lower than their handlers) was carelessly disrespected by those who had sent him as they did not even have the decency to tell him how to correctly get off at his stop where they could meet him and pick him up at once he planned to follow me off of the bus.

We were riding on a limited bus, something I could tell the man was not familiar with and something that he was not counting on that night, and I laughed inside when the old man became further disconcerted and thrown out of countenance as he mumbled to himself. “What’s going on, you don’t stop?” he addressed something to that effect speaking at the ignore and disregard of the vehicle as the driver kept steering the bus load of people down the street of hillside avenue after he had previously ranged the bell.

bear heartTwo weeks after the incident exactly on Valentine’s Day I lay in bed during the night already home from my day job when I see the same old man materialize paranormally straight in front of my eyes I was looking directly at him with my third eye I refused to stare back at him as he had wanted me to. He was there to try to hypnotize me and to bring the spell of the other particular guy into fruition.

I pushed him out of my pineal view through the power of my mind twice before he let a small amount of time pass to then again return as he this time attempted to sneak in an abrupt reappearance while I on cue swiftly pushed him out with my mind even harder and finally.

A few days after, I saw a vision of the old man and the guy and telepathically heard them both discussing there Valentine’s Day defeat.

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