So cute that fellow creative individuals shared their inspirations as we love our artistic visions and experiences!

A lot of my writings have longevity and one of my popular posts titled “Solitude” is still getting notice on a site that I use to publish articles on years ago and here are a few comments from some readers:


this is true for anyone but especially for those who write poetry. We must be truly ourselves before we can share ourselves with others. Great depth, love the poem.

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Solitude is my buddy. good article.

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My opinion exactly. I also like my solitude. Love your poem.

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"My Voice" Weblog By Miss LaToya Lawrence

1416564_stairs_bergen_aan_zeeTime is precious. Before we know it our valuable moments quickly pass us by.

I cannot express enough how important it is to cherish the significant periods within our lifetime.

We will never get them back.

There are lots of wonderful memories to reminisce and to look back on. Times of love, times of bonding, times of epiphanies, times of change.

Yet there is the here and now.

As we grow older we look back to make examinations about the past and the present. Whether some of the experiences that we may have had were of a negative or of a positive nature-for those who are mature we’ve learned, we’ve grown, and we’ve maintained from them.

Now using our knowledge, strength, and confidence we are to partially serve to influence our futures.

Life is way too short to spend time being unhappy and wasting time on things that are not…

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