The Trials And Truths Of A Caulbearer

668793_red_carnation_on_table_1I get a lot of people contacting me claiming that they were born with a caul/veil. Of course, everyone is not being honest and there are ways of telling.

A true caulbearer knows another caulbearer. We as caulbearers all have our own different ranges of spiritual abilities, yet the truth will always eventually come out to the forefront.

I do believe certain people who have sought me out for help and I sincerely do have a regard for their circumstance because being born with a caul is a wonderful/beautiful thing.

As caulbearers, we all do have our personal thoughts and/or feelings about our own experiences. People have acknowledged to me that they have felt rejected and misunderstood, and so on.

To give a very short summary of myself, I have naturally been a loner and at the same time a very outgoing person.

I am also a very strong person who has never cared whether or not other people accepted me, or my ways of being, thinking and knowing.

I have much wisdom/knowledge that many others do not understand and that others will try to downplay. There is a whole lot of information that I could share throughout my life as being clairvoyant.

Seeing visions, communicating with spirits, and the many other abilities that I have has always served as a comfort and stability in my life. It is who I am.

So my experience with the caul is a very positive one. My problem is that people have always been very jealous of me and my life.

Caulbearers are often very lucky and prosperous in many ways of their life whether it is through finance, talent, material possessions, relationships etc…

And it can sometimes makes us spiritually vulnerable to those who may try to take our good luck away.

I’ve battled for years with people working all forms of santeria/brujeria on me to cause blockages in my pathways to the great success that I was destined to have.

True caulbearers that are endowed with “specific” purpose and ability will always become targeted by those who are sick, jealous, miserable, and demonic.

Now, I do not care who anyone chooses to follow (may it be the guidance of a particular individual or the spirituality of a particular deity) or how anyone chooses to live their life.

I however will not stay in silence when “spirit” moves me to stand up for the truth by bringing a corruption ( fraudulent or dishonest matter ) out into the forefront.

One thing that I have learned though, is that when I am inspired by “spirit” to reveal a message, or certain other things, not to question it. Especially when I am incisively seeing into the motives and instances of others.

Even when I am not fully aware of every detail right away I know that I can truly trust and go with what I am responsibly instructed to do.

I always find out either rather quickly or within the long run that my guidance was correct and beneficial to my state of existence and the universe as well as to certain others.


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  1. i just got to learn..after years of shocked luck from people..god is great.and im truely blessed..i know now.i thank all for th
    is blog is a guide to my real reason of existence

  2. This is really fascinating. Two weeks ago, we had a home birth and had a baby boy whose head came out covered in the amniotic sac. The sac ruptured after his head came out and unleashed a torrent of water.

    Before all this happened we spent months pondering a name. It took time because due to his heritage, we had to come up with a name that worked in Chinese and Japanese. We gave him a name that means the “opening of the floodgates” or flood or a new era. We gave him a corresponding English name, Noah. (No, we are not religious). We weren’t sure of his name until we saw the way he made his entrance, then he basically confirmed it himself.

    He seems very calm and self-assured. He cries very little and instead communicates to us, quite effectively, when he needs milk or has an uncomfortable tummy full of gas. For the past week I’ve been observing the way he sleeps. Now I don’t know if this is normal: he sleeps deeply, but in his sleep his eyes open and appears to show him in REM sleep. His eyeballs dart around and he’s quite expressive with smiles, whines, whimpers, fear, laughter, all while asleep. Sometimes his eyes even move in opposite directions, which is kind of creepy. Our other son didn’t do this at all. Seeing this at first was a little disturbing but now I’m fascinated watching him sleep.

    He’s only two weeks old now. From reading what I’ve read here, it sounds like his future has the potential to be wondrous or terrifying. Is he considered a caulbearer?

    • I’ll add that a couple days ago, while he was in his open-eyed trance-like sleep, my wife had leaned over him (I was holding him at the time) to give me a kiss. We looked down at him and he gave us a huge smile. We didn’t know if we should have been completely creeped out or what. Just a coincidence or something more than that??

    • A true caul birth is a baby that is born with the thin membrane enveloping the infants head and face which denotes that the child is born very special imparted with second-sight, luck and a strong connection to the spiritual realm.

      To be born with a caul which is also called a “veil” is a good thing. There are circumstances of experience that are sometimes alarming or frightening depending on encounters and how deep one’s celestial attributes are but it is all a part of a caulbearer’s nature it is what we are-a life anointed and appointed journey and adventure into the power of the particular.

      • Thank you so much for your reply. After yesterday’s message things became more interesting with his sleep. It’s not great for us as parents but now his open-eyed dreams are becoming nightmares that have been disrupting his sleep all night and day. He starts “looking around” and I see a look of fear in his little face immediately before he wakes up. In fact, he’s on me now doing just this. It’s been quite tiring for everyone. Our other son had no such behaviour. Obviously being such a small child there’s little we can do but hold him close or give him a boob.

        I wasn’t sure he’s even considered a “caulbearer” or “en caul” — there appears to be much debate online. The midwives and I watched him come out with the sac around his head, still filled with fluid. It broke as soon as his entire head emerged in that bubble, a very interesting experience our midwives have never even seen, and I didn’t know the significance of until last week.

        We were going to dispose of the caul along with the placenta but seeing all the comments against throwing away the caul I’m having second thoughts, though still not sure what to do with it…

  3. My grandma told me when I was younger that I was born with a veil over my face. I never really knew what that meant until I tired to look it up. I never thought too much about it either but I’ve always been super interested in supernatural things. I always thought I just had an over active immagination but my mom told me I was younger I was scared of my own shadows & she couldn’t figure out why I was always so jumpy. I often have events of deja vu I feel like I relive certain events over & over. There was an incident where I took my dog out late at night & I could see people walking on a different plane like their ground was higher up than mine it was faded tho I told my dad about it & he said I’m in tune with my ancestors. He’s all about praising his ancestors & before god so I figured he was just pushing his religion. I have dreams about people I don’t know & I often get feelings that someone else is around even when I’m alone. I see things from the corners of my eyes but nothing is ever there. I tend to daydream a lot kinda like I zone out into a whole different scene but I’m not laying down or sleep & my eyes are wide open. I use to always fall asleep while watching shows like “a haunting” even tho I’d be wide awake. I never figured out why I couldn’t stay awake. I’m not sure if I have any special abilities or if my imagination is just off the wall. I’ve always wondered tho. I am easily like by many even tho I like to keep my circle small I’ve just always felt different like I’m in the wrong century or something. My mom always said your not suppose to be able to say your in a dream when your sleep but I do all the time. I’m really in tact with my emotions as well it’s like I feel way more than I should sometimes especially for other people like my family I always wanna help I’m not sure what to make of all this

    • You have strong ability, you are very spiritually inclined. You are drawn to the supernatural because that is your nature as you are in connection with the spiritual realm.

      Others are drawn to you and are fond of you due to the magnetism of your energy. You exude an intangible essence and one that attracts other energies.

      You are at a higher consciousness of awareness as your third eye is open and clear functioning within its own balance to your corresponding alignment with the universe.

      You absorb what is around you as you envelop and discern the weights of vibration and that is because people like us have multiple antennas that alert our extraordinary “radar”. That is all a part of your empathic nature, your inborn tendency.

      Just from me reading your writing I relate to what you have and from what I comprehend, feel and sense, you have something nice and special. It’s mystical and beautiful.

      You’re an old soul that is in touch with and visited by spirits and reminded of past events and the future and present events and
      circumstances of other individuals places and things along with the further unknown.

      Listen to your inner voice of spirit and pay close attention to your dreams and messages through visions.

      • I was born with a call and sometimes I feel as if it’s a curse. I seem to convey pain and sadness from others. I can be happy and enter a place where there is a person upset or sad and I immediately feel their pain. I chose nursing as a profession before I had actually figured out what was going on. I have had spirits come to me in my room at night asking for help but out of fear I asked them to go and they disappeared.i want to embrace this gift buy am unsure how to go about it. Can you please help me?

        • I can’t speak for everyone as some differ within personal capacity and experience, however, as a highly intuitive individual I absorb other people’s energy along with the dimensional energies of the universe. As very spiritual inclined people we sense and feel intensely and accurately we just sometimes have to find the correct interpretations of what we assess and process but we are indeed on point. So it is within our nature to feel as it is an attribute and advantage of our many gifts.

          On many occasion I have been helped by and have helped spirits, some were deceased relatives and some were of people I hadn’t known or met before but that were friendly and had important messages to convey and I was able to see visions of their lives and feel their past as well as present situation upon their materializations to me.

          Spirits are nothing to fear I feel and have connections to those that are within my circle. It is the negative evil spirits that will come and spread torment for their own specific purposes and they can give off terrifying vibes yet those scary sensations are just a warning and a testimony to be aware of what is around you and of what exist and is able to occur, and they are also learning experiences.

          We can protect ourselves against negative spirits and entities. The light is always more powerful and stronger than the darkness.

          To embrace any gift is to embrace one’s self. It is what you are. To push away any ability is to deny yourself why be afraid of who you are because of what you possess? Why be afraid to be unique and to celestially stand out? Be proud and learn how to use your special talents it is a blessing and one that is not meant for everyone if your destined for the right side of the podium (the correct path according to your own specific nature of existence unto infinity).

          The more open you are to yourself the more yourself will reveal to you.

  4. I was born en-caul. Totally immersed in my caul. And it wasn’t a premature birth. Am I A caul bearer?
    I sometimes see someone die in my dream, and when I wake up, i am told that someone has passed away. Sometimes before things happen, I see them in my dreams. Sometimes, major events in the community. Why am I sometimes aware that I am dreaming. I also got this strange ability. I can willfully leave my dream and come back to reality whenever I want to. I think its very strange, I really don’t understand this. I go to church, see people fall under the anointing, but I don’t fall. Why?. Sometime ago, I experienced something like a dream, The world(earth) was being destroyed, and people were running. Just beside the earth, another earth appeared. People began to move from the devastated earth into this new earth. I woke up immediately. Weeks and months before the attack on syria and the middle east and the mass movement of people into europe, I kept having daily dreams of a great number of people being pursued by men with arrows and guns. It was really very disturbing, because I dreamt about it almost everyday. I always feel I got this strange luck. I survive things people don’t usually get out of alive. Especially health issues. Sometimes, I feel a strange force trying to prevent me from waking up. Sometimes it does this desperately. Why is this?
    Why do I get this weird feeling that I am different and not like other people?

  5. Hi, I have always been told by my mother that I was born in a sac, and never thought to look into it until it came up on Facebook, when I found out that it is a thing being a caulbearer and has a name along with many qualities. I consider myself to be a spiritual person, and thinking about it now when Im writing this I feel as though Ive always had the connection to something and always been told how I make people feel when im around them and i find it super interesting, like my whole life is directed at this one thing that seems so insigifigant yet somewhere iny mind Know its not. Ive done research and Im just super curious about the whole thing and was wondering if you could tell me anymore about it, and how it impacts my life?

  6. Hey,uh… My parents told me that I was born with a veil and that when I was around 5 I can see ghosts. But I feel completely normal now and only sometimes I see stuffs from the corner of my eyes(but I feel like my eyes are playing tricks with me) That means I’m not special,right..? Since I don’t really have any talents..?

  7. My mom just told me that I was born with a veil. This explains a lot I have seen the spirits of my Maternal grandparents, my friend that was killed, I see visions in the clouds. I am a loner always have been. People don’t understand me

  8. A Caulbearer That Bears No Apology Unto Being “Unlike”
    Posted on August 29, 2016 by misslatoya(

    To others some of us unique individuals are considered strange or not normal and mainly because many of us that are within the rare category do not do the same things that everyone else does, nor do we think, feel or react within the same fashion as the ordinary.

    As we are very unlike the average and strongly linked to the supernatural we are found to be quite mysterious and interesting as people learn from us and then sometimes even try to copy/duplicate us I’ve experienced this all throughout life.

    I have never considered myself to be weird within any of my differences that were innate and that had come natural to me. To me, I was completely normal within my own right, and I was, and still am.

    I consistently felt secure and proud within my distinction.

    People often look at us as strange human beings because we do not fit into the usual mode of the majority yet what others never seemed to understand is that we may also often look at them as the ones who are ‘bizarre’ as they do not fit into the usual mode of our uncommon minority.

    • I was born with a twin Sister 1963 and i came out not breathing than of course mom said I started breathing and she told me at age 14 that i was born with a vail over my far head i never talked about it. I did discover at age 5 to present very clairvoyant unable to read and see passed loved ones even angels thank to be God and the Blessed angels today I want Arthur and A Spiritual Reader. Thank you for sharing this story. Love & Lite Jersey Shore Angel Maureen Lynch

  9. Us Caulbearers Never Walk Alone
    Posted on August 17, 2016 by misslatoya(

    Yes, by nature I have always been a very strong individual mentally, emotionally, and even physically. I have also always been a loner yet I have never been and have never actually walked alone.

    I have always been very well-liked by others and I was always able to make friends very easily yet never desired to associate with undesirables who became fond of me only those of my class or level would I choose to allow into my circle if I were amicable enough toward them or interested, however, I was never the type that wanted or needed to be around a crowd as I always found confidence and contentment within myself and within my surroundings no matter where I went.

    I held my own ground and had preferred the solitary style of my own nature.

    Those who I did become sociable with, depending on exactly who it was because different personalities can also bring about the innate variety that is within ourselves, we had stayed in touch but didn’t have to constantly make contact with one another, although, others do often tend to reach out more to me because they are attracted to my aura and find that they can communicate with me in many ways that they are unable to communicate within others in specific and because I am a fun person to be around but for the most part because I am genuine and unique.

    I appreciate people who think ‘big’ and that are able to exchange significant and challenging ideas with me, individuals that are not afraid to climb that ‘higher ladder’ unto infinity, reaching that anomalous spectrum unbounded by restriction, those that have that natural drive and enthusiasm because I am not just a talker or a thinker but I am a doer, a person who makes and demands change.

    Like I have said before, I’ve always had people who truly cared for me and that had looked out for me other than family and some who have even went out of their way for me because I was indeed worth it yet the majority of them who weren’t on the level never really knew me for the individual that I actually was as I was never one that was average or ordinary.

    Just because people spend time hanging around our presence does not at all mean that they exactly know us all that well.

    Insecure individuals as well as those lacking within particular knowledge would rather define us for who they want us to be instead of accepting us for who we authentically are as human beings personality that distinguishes character, ability and all.

    Some if not most people in general take for granted and assume what others are like under certain circumstances due to their own limited view of perception and experience within the inner or outer scope of things.

    Nothing counts more than self awareness and discovery, the realization of the reality that is around the very structure of one’s very own foundation and direct source of information.

    First hand experience is the best hand to learn from, not only to undergo but to properly interpret what we come to know.

    As children born of the caul or children that are very spiritually inclined and “in tune” with the universe around us we have a radar that is very well within and beyond the range of frequency, allowing our ‘spiritual antennas’ to receive and transmit energy to the highest and magnificent of degree.

    Except for ourselves, other individuals looking at us from the outside cannot see what we are surrounded by around ourselves.

    I’ll say it again, I have never been and have never walked alone even when I did not know it, my ancestors and spirit guides have always been there beside me watching over me and providing for me through fashions of arcane communication and relation.

    I can recall so many accounts of occurrence, times when I was in the midst of danger and they had come to save my life and/or had prevented serious injury and harm from being done unto me.

    One that I’ll end with, though, pertains to the night my dining room was filled with the presence of a large group of my deceased relatives (the place where I had kept one of my altars at the time) and the strong bond that was felt there between us all along with the love and the security. They were all there gathered together in my home all able to visit and to spend moments of vital family union. Only the good members of the brood were allowed to come through.

    Later on that night, after they all had left, one of my other deceased relatives had arrived to an empty setting and I was able to see him clearly and a voice had said to me “That’s Uncle Lee”.

    I had said to myself, “Oh maybe that’s just a made up reference”, because sometimes foreign entities will come through or those that I am not familiar with to say things that I can’t put together or that just have no purpose that I am not immediately cognizant of, however, this was no foreign spirit messaging me that night I later found out.

    I happened to mention the incident to my mother, what I had heard, and the description of the apparition that I saw, and she acknowledged to me that the man’s name was indeed “Lee” (a name that I’ll use instead of his real name because I am very protective and respectful toward my ancestors and I don’t share certain things that are sacred between us), he was her uncle, her mother’s brother and that he would always arrive to gatherings late after everything was over and after everyone had already gone.

    Everything that my mother had described to me about my great uncle from his physical demeanor down to his character traits in which I had visioned and had felt within him through my own sight had astonishingly coincided with what my mother had told me and I had never seen this man before and we had never discussed him.

    One thing that I know is that I am so proud to have him as a part of the family along with the others who are around me and who all will never let me ever walk here on this earth alone or without their love, guidance and protection.

  10. My great grandmother was a calibrated, I remember when I was a little girl listening to her tell me stories about seeing spirits in her basement slaves chained up is one I can remember. My mom was very scared around her. She said she had seen her make a table rise without touching it. She also told my mother when she was pregnant with my brother that she saw his casket. My mom rarely talked her after that. I on the other hand couldn’t hear enough. I was 5 or 6 when she first started telling me things and I remember them all.

  11. Hello my name is omega I am almost 29 Yrs old, I am a daughter of a caulbearer. Ever since I was a child the ancient world or history always seemed familiar and comfortable to me. I never could puzzle fit in with everyone just my family, I always envy/bullied by boys and girls in my school days. I always loved animals,the sun,storms and different sent of the seasons. I was born October 30,1987. I would always see ghosts, hear things other couldn’t, strong sense in people intentions,have dreams that would come to future life,I’m good guessing 9/10 I’m always right. People always tell me that I have very warm hands even in the winter. My mother always said I was just like her I even carried one of her talents drawing art,sometimes when we would go to church people would be so drawn to her she’s been ordained 3 times I’ve always seen her cast demons out of people bit that what other get for peeking lol. She tells me I carry a gift of prophecy and that I’m not like other people,I never felt Iikebana i belonged here. I’ve been married once and about to get married again my mother has been married three times all of her husband’s are dead including my father he died three years ago due to cancer I’ve always been weird about her past life stories she don’t really like to talk muchneither does my grandmother. when I was 12 years old I cast a spell for protection I’ve always played with mirrors to look into my own soul every since then there’s always been something haunting me and my sister who is 3 years apart it likes to come day or night and Hold Us Down in the bed a week ago it came back again it was Daylight this time and had a weird smell of death do anybody know what this is? I’ve heard of Incubus and succubus. Women and men are very drawn to me, sometimes I tell people about there life’s before they even tell me.I have multiple birthmarks one of my arm and one on my back when I had both of my sons they both had complication births one of my sons came out with the deformed head the other one he almost died and now there is a chance that he might be autistic.a lot of people find it to be uneasy around my mom they say that she makes them kind of nervous although she is very nice in certain way she likes to buy a lot of people GIFts. Can anyone help me I’m lost with my identity?

  12. Hello my name is omega I am almost 29 Yrs old, I am a daughter of a caulbearer. Ever since I was a child the ancient world or history always seemed familiar and comfortable to me. I never could puzzle fit in with everyone just my family, I always envy/bullied by boys and girls in my school days. I always loved animals,the sun,storms and different sent of the seasons. I was born October 30,1987. I would always see ghosts, hear things other couldn’t, strong sense in people intentions,have dreams that would come to future life,I’m good guessing 9/10 I’m always right. People always tell me that I have very warm hands even in the winter. My mother always said I was just like her I even carried one of her talents drawing art,sometimes when we would go to church people would be so drawn to her she’s been ordained 3 times I’ve always seen her cast demons out of people bit that what other get for peeking lol. She tells me I carry a gift of prophecy and that I’m not like other people,I never felt Iikebana i belonged here. I’ve been married once and about to get married again my mother has been married three times all of her husband’s are dead including my father he died three years ago due to cancer I’ve always been weird about her past life stories she don’t really like to talk muchneither does my grandmother. when I was 12 years old I cast a spell for protection I’ve always played with mirrors to look into my own soul every since then there’s always been something haunting me and my sister who is 3 years apart it likes to come day or night and Hold Us Down in the bed a week ago it came back again it was Daylight this time and had a weird smell of death do anybody know what this is? I’ve heard of Incubus and succubus. Women and men are very drawn to me, sometimes I tell people about there life’s before they even tell me.I have multiple birthmarks one of my arm and one on my back when I had both of my sons they both had complication births one of my sons came out with the deformed head the other one he almost died and now there is a chance that he might be autistic.a lot of people find it to be uneasy around my mom they say that she makes them kind of nervous although she is very nice in certain way she likes to buy a lot of people GIFts. Can anyone help me I’m lost with my identity?

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  14. Hi i recently found out ive been born with a veil that explains why Baphomet is always watching me and i have been blocked all my life by my sister who i found out is a witch also my do we get out of the hand of the enemy

    • If one is truly of the light then you are never actually within the hand of any spiritual or physical enemy you are just within a battle that you will have to overcome by conquering the negativity (and negative energy) that may be around or surrounding you (you should never consider yourself as a victim/the word victim should only be used as a figure of speech).

      If you actually consider yourself a helpless victim then you will be. Having someone attack you should instantly make you want to fight back (that is just my nature and my perspective).

      Even if at first or for most of your life you have not been aware of having been born with a veil there should be a significant indication of preternatural occurrences depending on the levels of strengths that are developed upon within your talents through experience.

      So what I am saying is whether or not you were aware of being born with a veil, and if you were paying attention, (how could anyone not as that is what one is as a gifted person you have to notice the things about yourself especially when those things differ greatly from within others) there had to be a connection as well as recognition even if you were unable to put your finger on it.

      So through out all of what you have picked up about and within yourself and have been able to interpret, use that, and add that on to what you have come to know now (being born with the “knowing power” because that is what it means to be born with the veil it is the gift of second-sight imparting one with luck and a link to the spirit realm there are all kind of special things that go along with being born in that fashion and I know this for a fact as I was born with the caul from the head and face all the way down to the nape of the neck my caul was perfectly intact due to my mother having had a cesarean section and I came out with the perfect head I was asked as I got older if I had chewed the caul because it is said that if you swallow the remnants of the caul or through a solution from it that it will protect one from seeing bad spirits only good ones one would be able to see.

      I know all about these things my doctor and a few of the nurses knew what the caul birth meant too, anyway, that was back in the 70’s) and as you discover and evolve you will automatically find the answers and the correct judgment within the next route to take, however, ahead of anything, you must face truth and then live within your own truth and not let anyone discourage you (no one will be able to cause discouragement as long as there is strong foundation within yourself) as you can follow nobody else’s path but your very own.

      You will be able to conquer whatever comes your way if you are “properly” aligned and in balanced with the universe in a “favorable” mode yet that only comes through particular destiny.

  15. hello my name is Tshepo which means Hope i am too a caul/vail or mantle bearer, i was born on the 26th of october 1991 on a saturday at precisely 11:11 on a sabbath day, i have went to consult seers and i have found out that most of them have now become my deciples instead of being that for God, they torment me and i’m now in spiritual danger of being a witch because of affiliating with anti-christians.
    when i went to one particular seers she stopped a young pregnant girl from entering her place because she saw me near her consulting hut/rondavel and immediately welcomed me, gave me three candles yellow, white and blue and she asked me where is my garment and at first i was confused and thought she was refering to my church gown but rather that she was refering to the caul.
    as i sat obliviously i felt something touching my feet, hands and finally making its way to my loins and i started to cry spiritually and uttered you are holy yes lord you are the holy spirit but my spirit was tricked by a hot spiritual serpent that this lady uses to steal strength from people’s guides but i won against the women and the same night as i slept in a dream i heard my name being uttered and i went where i heard it and i found my Grandma in a dream being strangled by what looked like a mirage on a hot road and i touched it and felt an electricity and my physical body shook that was my caul and off it went with all my luck!

  16. hi i’m one of the people out of 7 billion worldly population whose born with a double vail/caul, i find it intriguing that the are people very much similar to me.
    i am a person who was fortunate in my life but lately i’ve run out of my luck, it all started to change when i was in varsity that things span out of control when suddenly i discovered i was born with a calling to become a prophet, when my life started to change i went to different seer’s or rather mediums to find out what is the problem with me, some told my mom to keep an eye on me as their consulting bones showed that i was powered up extremely to a point of having a ministry for God.

    i’m not one who likes to gloat even though might seem like that, i’m very humble and honest but if someone tries to harm me in anyway i fight back no matter how huge or enormous a person is.
    i started having a negative energy when i went to a certain church i was told to go to so that i could be activated there with the anointing of the holy spirit, apparently the seer there saw this vail immediately and stopped a young pregnant girl and told her to wait, which in a dream i saw this women glowing with a radiance so convincing and true that she mananged in a dream to lure me to her hut where she consults, she told me in a sleep that God wanted to give me something, something he had already given me long before,
    i entered the hut and sat down on a wood chair and she started devining and told me that my Grandfathers mother had seen this vail took it and gave it to a sangoma so that some dark art of some sort would affect my life, but apparently the women too had a trick up her sleeve, as i sat there i felt something hot touching my hands and moving up to my loins so hot hot hot that without my launching the spirit within me that the spirit itself cried out loud and said amen amen you are holy you that i was awake and suprised but somehow lost control of my body as this hot serpent of the spirit was suppose to swallow me forever and inside my loins felt like amageddon with swords of war against me, i could go on and on about a lot of things that i have experienced and it would take forever, like when people wanted to attack me how the lord stood for me after all of those ordeal and told me to apologise but i refused to until somehow he subdued me and i ended up writting a letter to someone who wanted to hit me only to discover after a month the person died for no reason just that he wanted to lay a hand on me!!!!

  17. I was born in 1984 completely enveloped in the amniotic sac. Although nurses attempted to poke it and rip it several times it would not break. I seem to have a profound connection with the planet/universe both spiritually and physically. I find it difficult to assimilate into this artificial society and my soul craves a more natural/honest lifestyle. To me I have clearly been blessed, but sometimes it feels like a curse.

    • Having a gift has never felt like a curse to me. If anything it is the complete opposite. A blessing gifts are indeed. It is a very good sign when you are not able to completely adapt into this foreign world. The connection and yearning toward the universal/spiritual realms are a natural manifestation of our (those in particular) celestial identities as well as destinations.

    • My name is Thandi and was also born inside my amniotic casing. I struggle to assimilate into normal society even though people call me extremely kind and considerate and a calming person to be around, I still find myself a loner and long for deep meaningful friendships.

  18. Hi
    My name is Deborah I recently found out that I’m a caulbearer, unfortunately my sac was stolen by nurses at the hospital. I was very fortunate in everything, recently everything has turned sour nothing of mine is good I have turned to be very unlucky even prayer seems not to help. Please advise how do I bring back my luck.



    • Hi Deborah,
      Am glad i found this site of ours,just like you am also a caulbearer which i found out in my late 40s.My parents don’t have knowledge in keeping my sac,literally it was then lost somewhere but then even its not in our kept we are the one protected by it,so were the lucky onces.
      Just like any normal persons,our life is not a smooth roads,mine has lots of up and downs but i like you to keep in mind we are chosen onces and God is listening to us all the time all you need to do is to keep yourself in prayer,no matter how successful you are give credit to God.Believe me everything will be properly in place.

      Best regards,

    • I was born under the same circumstances as you Deborah, I was covered with a veil & according to my wonderful mother, once it was removed a nurse dropped it in the trash & oddly enough I have never experienced anything paranormal in my life like every caulbearer here…

  19. Hi

    I am a caulbearer, I have been reading up on articles like this for a while.

    I on the other hand, thought I was cursed. I grew up with spirits around me, I cried a lot and hated my life. As they were always around me. The good spirits I didn’t mind, it’s the others I didn’t.

    I was able to warn my mother about a few things, lucky or always won things. Funny enough I hardly enter. Do not gamble, this never ever had my att. Regardless of it all.

    Be it dead relatives visiting, asking me to wake someone. Without them remembering any of it, the next day. Felt like a crazy person.

    be it someone in our house, breaking in taking things. Screaming like crazy, not knowing that person was never really there. But in fact in a different house.

    I feel I can be honest as, all here I am sure have been. I prayed for curse to be taken away. As I thought it was.

    When it rains here, I get a red mark on my forehead. Family know it as a sign to stay clear of me. “Bad mood”
    When certain days the same mark, veil was on is blue. It’s like it is fading or so I think.
    I had a dream about nuns taking me to a chapel, there was a man waiting for me. Sorry from jumping from one topic to the next, can’t believe there so many of us out there.

    Back to dream: nuns took me in this chapel, saying he is waiting for me.
    There was a man, did not see his face. He touched my forehead and from that day. I was unable to see ghosts or spirits.

    Now I see things in dreams, warnings and other. Had a bad dream for a long time, asking that I choose between. God and the other.

    I believe in God. Period.

    A lot more happened. My family didn’t understand, yet they accepted it. They always listened when I warned them, they seemed to have believed me. As they were not born with the veil. Yet other things they could see.

    Feels like I am venting. First or no second time, I could relate in my life.
    Wish I understood all of it. Hope those who understand, will not mock me.
    Also I hope someone replies, as I always come across these pages years later.


  20. Hi Latoya

    I too, am a caulbearer. I’m also a loner, yet quite an extrovert. I feel quite misunderstood and detached, but never lonely. I’m fortunate enough to have my “veil”, and have been looking for a special locket for it. I’m not religious, however, I do follow the teachings of the Buddha, and practice compassion. I am vegan through compassion for the animals, and caring for our environment. I do transendetal meditation, and am a primary school teacher at a school of philosophy.
    It’s always great to know that there are people out there are like me in some way or another.

    Love and light to you. X

  21. Hi I was apparently born with a sac over my head and face as per my now deceased mother, Born in Scotland 1962 , I always had weird dreams but truly began having very vivid dreams since I was forty which I now write down when I wake up, to date I now know when I’m not alone and also feel things, and hear odd words shouts whisper not talking , just a word ,best way I can describe it is I know the difference between nothing and something, I became very interested in finding out more about the “caul bearer” once my mother told me, it was like now things make sense, I hate the dark always have since I was a kid still not a fan of it even todate. Nice to find a site were people can talk about some of things they’ve experienced

    • Wow we have the exact same gifts. My dreams come seldom but when they do I be alive in them. Jump up and start writing. And the sounds n voices. I hear dogs bark as a serious warning. Alarms and whispers. P. S. You can do what ever you want in those dreams

  22. I have recently found out I was born with a caul. My mom confirms this is true.looking for info of the meaning of this. Have not been feeling myself lately, even tho there has always been strange things on the go, lately my feelings and emotions are much more intense.

  23. Hi latoya
    My name is Donnie and I too am a caulbearer. I know this because all my life I was told by my grandmother the aspects of my birth and that I was born like her with what she called a veil on my face and that they didn’t keep it wish they did tho lol. But, anyways I read your post and I know also that I was suppose to have a “specific” purpose and I was also blocked by an unknown power bringing me bad luck and stopping my natural blessings. I don’t know I ran into this power or how they found me but if u have any advice on how to stop this power and to live out my true destiny I would appreciate it. Thanks and God bless you latoya

    • I secound that. I feel the power blocking me. And when it is going to strike. Tries to kill me. I’ve predicted the threat times over. Last time I lost everything. Before that I woke up in hospital. I have warnings and protection for some reason. Insight on this.?

  24. Hi latoya i need help or guidance from someone who can actually help and explain what’s going on, my mum always told me i was born with a veil covering me but it didn’t really matter to me at the time and i thought it was a normal thing but after researching it wasalot of things in my life started to make sense like my thoughts and ideas and how i can predict things but still don’t understand what’s going on and need guidance please help.

  25. Hi! Im born en-caul” birth, occurs when the infant is born inside the entire amniotic sac. The sac balloons out at birth, with the amniotic fluid and I still remaining inside the unbroken or partially broken membrane. I was so amaze how every details of experiences of caulbearers relate on my personal experience aswell, I have gifts in nature, love to paint, I tamed animals love nature a good cooked, always been choose to be a leader but If given a chance to as much possible I want to be simple avoiding lime light and want to spend alone or very often with my selected friends or family, I just love hiking with my dog. I have very strong personality sometimes i never felt physical pain thats when i felt when i was a child looking straight the person eyes. I can sometimes see what will happen in a splash seconds before it happen, I can ease body pain when I touch, I can sometimes see future of a person, Im very likeable person but sometimes negative people and energy find me threat to them. I can easily grows plants I give happy environment when Im around. Just its hard when people feel different over you. I experience drowning when i was 5 years old but manage to swim (i dont know how to swim) but everything is amazingly happen just I felt the lift going up. So many things to share but as of now this will be my share.

  26. Hi My name is Lusanda, everything you guyz have said i relate to… i’ve always believed in miracles since i was a child and everyday a miracle takes place in my life, sometimes i don’t share it with people because its always something out of this world. It’s thrilling though… however there’s a lot of moments of loneliness and all i can do is pray

  27. I am a caulbearer there has been so many things that have happen to me in my journey/life that I just don’t understand or know the meaning behind & now as I’m getting older I would like to at least try to figure some of them out.My mother told me I was born with a caul. At around age 5 I saw a spirit of a man who had passed away on a couch my mom was given.At around age 7 I didn’t know how to swim I almost drown in a pool at a Hotel. I was taken all the way to the bottom of the pool floor by my GOD sister I can still visualize everything as if it happened yesterday the sided of the pool & the color of the water I was down there for what seemed like a a long time.While at the bottom of pool I can see what’s going on above me.My GOD mother is freaking out. The next thing I know I’m pushed through the water up out above the pool I truly believe my angels where with me.I dream in color.Way before my mom passed I had a warning dream letting me know she was going to pass away.I could go on & on I just don’t want to take up to much of your time.I am looking to get to know others who are gifted like myself.I have created a support group on Facebook BEAUTIFUL SOUL CAULBEARERS BORN BEHIND THE VEIL please check it out I look forward to hearing from you. As Caulbearers we should stick together we have tremendous difficulties in life.BLESSINGS TO YOU ALL ♡

  28. Im a cawlbearer . When I was born they said I came with a spiritua purpose. I knew this. as an adult. But all my life I knew I was different. Im Caribbean. , Im happy to know that Im not alone, I will love to conect with others cawlbearers. So that way I will not feel so lonely. RGR 313

  29. Hello, I would love to talk or meet someone who was born with a caul like myself. As a child I didn’t understand why I saw things in the future and why when someone in my family was going to pass away they would visit me first then pass then visit me again after their funeral. I could see spirits all the time never knew why. Until my mother informed me as a teenager I was born a veil. She knew what I was dealing with but she waited until I was older to inform me. I always thought she didn’t believe I saw spirits. Hope I hear from you soon.

  30. hey I am from India and my father is a caulbearer but he has never confronted any supernatural element …….I am confused ! but he does get scared of darkness does that have anything to do with being born with a En Caul

  31. I was born in the sac. I’m not positive on whether or not I have abilities but I’ve always felt a sense that i can feel spirits and tell the “short term” future such as things that will happen in the next day or couple hours.. So nothing huge. I don’t know much about being born in the caul other than what’s online but I’m not satisfied with the information. I have problems sleeping relatable to insomnia and I have extreme anxiety. I also suffer from random spurts of depression & throughout my whole life I have not necessarily been a “loner” but VERY close people seem to die such as my grandpa cousin and ex boyfriend etc. I’m not saying I’m bad luck but I don’t know if that had any significance. I’ve talked to a clairvoyant and she sensed that I had a lot of Energy that she insisted I “controlled” but I don’t know how to do that either. If anyone can give me more information or help I’m glad to listen.

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