Harmonic Tunes

musicMusic is so beautiful as it has therapeutic benefits to the mind and soul as well as to the senses.

Nothing sends “waves” of “enchanted” stimulation more other than song, and do not talk about gorgeous instrumental versions of song such as Stanley Clarke’s “Hideaway”.

Music serves as a resource for overall well-being as life would be terribly dull without it especially when it comes to any type of entertainment; music is everywhere as it balances out other mode of effect.

There was always music played within my home growing up as a child and into adulthood that is something that our entire family had within common, enjoying the sounds of smooth melody to the sounds of up-tempo beat whatever catered to each one of our preferences.

During my childhood era everyone was into Michael Jackson he was many of my peers favorite top super stars and he was a very talented singer and great performer but back at that time it was Boy George and Culture Club, and Madonna who were my top favorite singers and performers, of course, I loved many other artists and various types of music from pop, rock to jazz and rhythm&blues yet they were my “top pops” (popular favorite).

As I am extremely versatile an old soul “chile” I also loved the old tunes from the Impressions, Four Tops, Sam Cook and so many more fabulous acts.

One of my aunts had a natural talent for playing the drums and she developed an all female band and they use to perform within clubs back in the seventies. My mother use to write music, blow on the saxophone, dance and teach her friends the new “groove” steps and I use to experiment with my organ keyboard.

Till this day music shares the same delight within our lives just as within the lives of many others I have never been to a musical concert (my relatives have)  I have seen a theater show though.

We’ve had our radios, stereo sets, boom boxes, cassette tapes, compact discs and jumbo headsets to keep us tuned up to the glorious mood.


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