My Life Written Journals

classic memoriesI am by nature inspired to write and not only as a hobby but also as a profession. I write about whatever spirit inclines me to as well as what may interest me or what I may have experienced.

I never lacked in confidence I always believed in myself and within my abilities I knew that I had a natural born talent as I often write automatically. It is not arrogant or boastful for one to be aware of what they are capable of doing or achieving.

I genuinely do love my own writings, my natural type of style and my creativity.

If everyone was to like my writing techniques and/or presentations and subject matter, and I did not, I would not be happy with that at all. If no one liked anything about my writing, yet I did, then I’d be absolutely fine with that.

(I honestly and logically do not expect everyone to like or to agree with everything that I write about. If I don’t like a particular creation or form of literature of some one else I won’t just knock it solely for that purpose.

It does not necessarily mean that the item is of bad or poor quality it just may not be of my interest. I may not relate to it, or so on.

In my opinion it is nothing to take to heart. That is just my perspective.

Nevertheless, there are undoubtedly incidents where many do produce work of substandard or mediocre quality.

One should never fear to express their words, their literature, or their feelings no matter what the consequence. Whether it be in profession or within personal life one should also never fear to be in the midst of criticism.

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. What is something to one is nothing to another.

What some can see others cannot. When one is exceptional no one can tell them any different.

It is better to stand out than to stand in with what is common.)

kitchen studySo for the most part what I am saying is writing should in my opinion be about self fulfillment and self satisfaction and if there are others who come along who happen to be fond of or have an appreciation for a piece of literature of one’s personal own then that can be nice, beneficial and complimentary however it should not be the main or ultimate goal that motivates or inspires one.

Writing is a part of my comfort zone an expression of my “outside of the box way of thinking” and also a part of my spiritual connection to the universe that inevitably propels me into action and in no way whatsoever are my literary activities done in vain.

Me writing this also took me back to when I once wrote this particular post:


Warrior In The Midst (A Caulbearer’s Power)

goddessI remember in the early part of the year 2000 when I had gotten one of my occasional spiritual readings from a Yoruba priestess that I would consult with once in a while and how she had stated to me that I had envious, jealous people in my neighborhood but that I had a “Strong Spirit” and she was very accurate and correct about the things that she revealed.

She confirmed everything that I could supernaturally “see” and “sense” that was indeed going on around me.

The Yoruba priestess explained to me that the people’s envy and jealousy was at the root of them spreading their gossip about me at the time and this also happened to be around the same time that my foes were in the middle of working their Brujeria on me to make me succumb to the rumors along with the other malicious intents that they all had wanted me to fall under and come down from.

Nevertheless, I was totally unaffected by any of the lies and gossip that circulated around the neighborhood and slightly beyond, and I victoriously survived and conquered all of the black magic without any damage having been done to my state of well-being.

There was a lot of damage done though as far as to the manifestation and hindrance of my destined success/prosperity but career was an option that was always able to be rebuilt as it was and still is available for me now and for my future prospects.

My talents, ability and fate is something that my enemies could never take away from me as I am too steadfast and determined, and my celestial purpose is far too strong for that anyway.

It is ridiculous and sick when people stay on the same entire thing constantly year after year and decade after decade, especially without having any reasonable merit yet that is what cults do as they are predominately out to steal one’s soul and power, preferably a caulbearer.

Caulbearers have psychic ability and pose a threat to such evil sects and demonic activity in general, and if there is a good caulbearer with a substantial amount of ability or a serious depth of special talents and they are unwilling to join in for unity or so that their energy could be stolen and drained, these cults would endeavor to a lifetime of continuous torture and follow.



As Life Changes Some Things Remain The Same

supernaturalIt is very important for an individual to know one’s past to know where one comes from and to learn from one’s own past through the experiences, discoveries, and advancements of life.

Those are vital necessities and acknowledgements for us to take into consideration, when we are properly equip within our own identity then we have a strong sense of self and security. I am a person who constantly evolves I never stay the same in specific areas of grasping as those spaces within me are significant places of growth and further development.

And while levelheaded people such as myself will consistently seek out to achieve and to progress throughout their lifetime there will always be those in particular who will forever continue to persist on with their, prying, meddling and hassling as they remain stagnant.

tree magicThe smarter or more intellectual that one is, the more good or better that one is and/or the more unique that one is often will result in the hardships that one is usually going to have to endure sometime within their life of interacting with the average people. And if one is a “magical” person then they are headed and are in for an even more dangerous “roller coaster ride” throughout their journey.

There will always be bad people who will downplay good people and who are going to cause and/or bring about problems toward them.

The most important thing to remember throughout the whole ordeal is that those particular people are in a dark place and while they may cause hindrance within others in order to move up for themselves or to keep one down low along with them they are not happy.

They will never be able to undo their self-inflicted predicament.

wellFor those in particular, we have love inside, no regrets, self respect, intellect, knowledge and strength, peace of mind, true contentment and a deep spiritual fulfillment and foundation.

So while the opposition has their struggles with their own selves we have our pleasantness from within our own that no one can ever take away.



Satanic Measures

mystic craftRegarding spiritual battle there are people who by nature are born demonic and there are people by nature who are born incorruptible and they are by nature defined as “upright”.

I do not like to use the term angel when I describe the opposite of demonic it is more appropriate, more accurate and more aligned within my own spirituality to use the word “sublime” ( of high intellectual, spiritual and/or moral worth)”.

Once one has become demonic there is no coming back from that permanent and morbid sentence.

Demonic people consistently seek out good people to devour it is a mission to them an evil that is a sickness. I have on many occasions been the object of intentional demonic demise.

(Last year, sometime in the spring while I was at my job I received a deep vision. The vision showed me and my enemies in spirit form. We were all separated from one another and neither one of us were allowed or permitted to cross over to the other one’s side.

My enemies were located on the left hand side all grouped together agitated and vibrating. I was situated on the right hand side alone or with one other person partially beside me and I or we were standing still, calm cool and collected.

Through black magic, one agitated and vibrating soul was being extracted from the tortured bunch, slowly being lured towards me in an attempt to try to destroy me. And that is exactly what was going on in my life at that particular time.)

Demonic people know where they have been they know where they are at and they know where they are going and they would be ecstatic to take a positive soul straight down into the depths of their hell.

They do and work their black magic in an attempt to cause one to lose their own spiritual protection (preservation and/or deliverance from loss, harm and ruin). And I know this for a fact because I have personally already went through it and prevailed.

When one of the individuals in my particular situation had failed within his own aim he, of course, was very disappointed.

He and I were never friends or even personal acquaintances just like the majority of my foes. He knew of me had approached me on the street eight years ago, pretending to look for directions and had hounded me spiritually ever since.

It does not make any difference whether it is a male or a female whether one knows them personally or not when specific people envy another for their characteristics and spiritual properties that is enough motives within itself to initiate an attack.

I’ve had neighbors on my old block who’ve used satanic mechanisms in order to overcome my good and powerful nature.

(My enemies trespassed in my house and came upon my powerful altar. They had the nerve to try to use satanic measures to destroy my protection every morning around 3am this past summer and failed miserably. The orishas laughed at them. My ancestors said:” we had you since you was a baby”. That is all that need be say.)

spirit workDemonic people will even work black magic through other people who are close to one when they are unable to succeed in other areas, especially through family members, in order to bring their target down.

I have a relative now who is still vulnerable and under the influence of an evil black magic “mind manipulation” attack/spell yet I am unaffected but alert and very observant (And it would not have affected my relative in this way if they were of a specific caliber).

It is not healthy when one is good to be around these people or any other type of people with demonic tamper (people who have been tampered with through black magic or witchcraft) and/or affiliation.

Even though the evil may not touch one directly it can sometimes or partially affect ones surroundings and prospects of separating oneself from the undesirables due to temporary inopportunity (maybe one is not in a complete position to move right away and/or so on) brought on by spiritual interference.

I can often feel the negativity within and around my relative and when the negativity comes out to rear its ugly head through her body language and verbal utterances its is so sad and so utterly revolting and erroneous to my logic and reality.

My relative is alright though nowhere near as bad as she use to be a few years ago we get along because I know just how to handle the situation under the circumstances and that serves as another disappointment to our foes, she also knows their endeavors even though she is complicatedly so to speak trapped.

The bottom line is that demonic people desire to turn us good people into one of them they hate us for all of the sublimity that we represent and possess and they would just love to disgracefully tarnish it all away.