Amusing Spirit

the deadSpirits do, of course, have humor and in my case there is no exception.

The spiritual connection that I have around me is very loyal and caring and protective, I love their strong and fierce energy as we are in combination as well as communication with one another.

We are one in the same of and a part of one another that is why we all get along so harmoniously.

I remember one evening when I was lying in bed during some quiet time and a male spirit within my family circle came unto me. The vision began with a man whom I had known before he had passed away we had gotten into an argument years ago and he told me that I “wasn’t shit”.

Baron Samedi took care of  him: 

( “Baron appeared to me in modern form, though at the time I didn’t know exactly who he was. I took him for what I only knew as “the grim reaper”. He had a smooth skeleton face, he was dressed in a black suit, he wore a black hat, and he had a solid frame. I knew he was literally coming to collect but I didn’t get the feeling that he was coming after me.

Days later, I constantly had visions of cemeteries. I saw a concrete ground split slightly-in the form of a cross-forcefully pushing upward, trying to fully break open. The sight terrified me at the time because I was seeing people all around inside my visions die horribly.

And my mind made me think that baron was coming for me even though I initially sensed that he wasn’t.

I kept picturing him. He had an air of authority. He was keeper of the grave. He even impressed me as I was attracted to his demeanor. I contemplated what it would be like to hook up with this Loa, little did I know, we were already connected.

This Loa baron samedi who I am not threatened by genuinely has my respect. From the first instant I saw him I thought highly of him. I felt like he was family. That was the feeling that he gave to me, like I was a part of his brood. So there was no need for me to be intimidated. Baron was substance. He was something delightful, dangerous, and deadly.

Sometime at the beginning of this year, I came into contact with baron samedi again. Compared to his first visit the encounter was very brief yet evident.

In the following month or two a very disturbed enemy of mine passed away from a deadly disease (aids). He had passed his disease around to other people. And before he went he was ashamed to show his face around town as his decaying body was withering away. (And I had seen in a dream years ago the way this guy’s body was going to deteriorate upon his way out).

By sparing my life along with other loas, against those who have made numerous attempts to put me in the ground, baron occasionally comes by to update and show that he is always behind the scenes, and, for those who continue to do their dirt they will surely “get theirs”. )

And that is literally how the entire “spiritual scene” began but now within a whole new form. “You ain’t shit”, the guy said to me once again while looking up at me atop a level of area. He looked sort of strained and crazed, not too far away from the crazy way that he use to actually appear when he was alive here on the earth. After his heated words flowed from his mouth he was suddenly pulled.

The male spirit within my family circle showed me this guy being viciously and rapidly yanked straight down through mass layers of thick underground until he violently slid through a circle of long sharp thin metal blades.

All I saw after that was blood spurt and splatter up from the whole in the ground that swallowed him up and onto the blades, and the male spirit within my family circle uttered to me “He ain’t shit!” (Literally) and all that I could do was to holler out in complete laughter.



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