Red Lobster Versus Home Cooking

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYears ago, I use to pay frequent visits to Red Lobster.

I loved to sit in the dim lit atmosphere of the restaurant, whether I sat at a table amongst a crowd, or singly up at the bar catching a view outside the large picture window at Times Square located in Manhattan, New York.

I loved eating the cheddar bay biscuits as I awaited for my first order of chicken finger appetizers.

When the main course would come I’d indulge in the consumption of the scrumptious rice pilaf and jumbo butterfly shrimp that I would always continue to order.

Especially when Red Lobster had constantly ran that two dish meal for twenty dollars. I had taken advantage of what I ate there for that price.

My bill never went all the way over thirty dollars.

As a young person I loved to go out to enjoy the scenery every now and then. I still do.

However, I am not as enthusiastic about eating out at my certain restaurants as I use to be.

It was a stage that I eventually grew out of. And it transpired naturally as I progressed within my lifestyle.

We all tend to change a bit here and there.

What had got me to begin to think when it came to Red Lobster though-because Red Lobster was my number one top favorite restaurant once upon a time-was how I could come out much cheaper by making a purchase at my local grocer, to then go home and cook my own rice and shrimp dinners.

It was a fabulous idea of mine that had actually worked out for the better.

I bought the vegetarian suitable “Near East” brand of rice pilaf. And a box of Gorton’s jumbo butterfly shrimp.

The Gorton’s popcorn shrimp would do just as well as an alternative.

By the way, Gorton’s fish sticks and breaded and battered fish fillets are also delicious and to die for. I have eaten those seafood products for years and with much delight.

Any way, to add an extra bonus to my discovery my rice and seafood dishes had tasted extremely better. And they were more wholesome than compared to whatever products that Red Lobster had used then served.

I would also have portions of my dinner left over that I could graciously eat at a more later or convenient time. Red Lobster was stingy when it came to supplying generous amounts of food per servings to a plate.

Ever since then, I have not visited the restaurant on a regular basis.

Now when I do go it is only on occasion. Like if I get hungry while I am out and about and, there is a Red Lobster somewhere near around.

I rarely eat out at restaurants now, period.

I prefer to prepare my own foods at home. I believe that I come out much safer and healthier that way because I am the one who is doing the cooking.

I know exactly what is being put into what I eat and I know for sure that everything that I consume is sanitary.

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