cookie crunchMy favorite flavor is vanilla and french vanilla. My mother’s favorite was always chocolate.

I use to love and enjoy chocolate as a child but after a while it would make me sick with terrible stomach pain so the doctor advised me to stay away from it along with coca cola.

Certain chocolate desserts are often attractive to look at yet I do not at all desire to eat any of them. I haven’t messed with chocolate in over twenty years.

I do not like to eat junk I prefer foods that are healthy with a substantial amount of nutritional value. A lot of us get a taste for something sweet though once in a while and I just love those Royal Dansk Danish Cookie Selection.

snackI only see them available at Duane Reade so far.

I do not eat the butter ones and the selection does not contain any assorted chocolate variety.

The ingredients are suitable enough to me (they contain vanilla, coconut, oat flakes, palm kernel oil) and the texture of the cookies are just about right, not too hard. When I get the taste for them sometimes I can’t put them down.

I must say that the Denmark company where it is imported from has gotten cheap because as a child I remember these Dansk brands as having two piles of assorted rows, one that sat atop from the other, now there is only one row.

cookie treat


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