Devious Contemplation

Devious Contemplation

chantI often get spiritual messages upon waking up in the morning insights and pieces of puzzles that are going on around me and behind the scenes.

Today was no different it came to me very clearly that there are a gathering of people in particular who can literally see that I am going somewhere within my life and since they know that they themselves are not going anywhere at all they are banding together in prayer and/or deep meditation in an attempt to spiritually bind me up to make sure that I definitely do not go anywhere further at all in life also.

3 thoughts on “Devious Contemplation

  1. Hi my name is princess Noxolo Ndita, I have a problem when my parents past away I had to stay with my Aunt but she’s bewitching me and can’t get help anywhere. Please advise or help please

    1. You have to spiritually block her.

      And, if you choose to you may reverse the negativity to repay her for her misdeeds, however, there are also ways to influence her behavior in a more positive fashion as to bring within harmony between the both of you so that you can have both peace and protection during the remainder of your stay in the domain with your aunt, considering the fact that you may have to share a home-life with her for the present time being.

      You can influence her to your own liking if you are not at some fault yourself for her actions-meaning that you’ve caused her no form of unjust tribulation that would make her resort to this type of length.

      If this woman is purely doing this out of evilness and a mean-spirited heart, or out of spite and jealousy, or out of abusing the ability to utilize spiritual power and etc… then you have every right to by any means successfully retaliate and get the results that you want even if you just acquire to completely change her attitude and prevent her from causing any harm against you.

      If you need further assistance let me know.

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